Coffee time is probably my favourite time of the day. I usually have my coffee in the afternoon when I’m about to dozed off. My husband and I love going for coffee dates. Since new cafes seems to be popping up everywhere around Canberra, we often spend the weekends trying out new coffee places.

Kissy Kissy Printable Cup Cozies | Valentine's Day Printable | DESIGN IS YAY!

Since Valentine’s day falls on a Saturday this year, I have created a couple of kissy kissy printable cup cozies to make our Valentine’s Day coffee date more special. Don’t you think they are cute?

Kissy Kissy Printable Cup Cozies | Valentine's Day Printable | DESIGN IS YAY!

Kissy Kissy Printable Cup Cozies | Valentine's Day Printable | DESIGN IS YAY!

Kissy Kissy Printable Cup Cozies | Valentine's Day Printable | DESIGN IS YAY!

All you need to do is download the template from the download link at the bottom of this post, print it on thick matte card stock, carefully cut the template, wrap it around your cup and use adhesive to hold the ends together. I am using the smallest coffee cup size here, but you can definitely use it for larger cups.

What are your favourite thing to do with your loved ones? Any special plans for Valentine’s Day?

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Kissy Kissy Printable Cup Cozies | Valentine's Day Printable | DESIGN IS YAY!

Download Here | DESIGN IS YAY!

Please read before you download

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Kikki.K Planner Giveaway + Personalised Planner Kit | DESIGN IS YAY!January is actually Design is Yay’s birthday month. Since I started blogging under Design is Yay on the 1st of January two years ago, it makes it difficult to host a birthday giveaway right before/after the actual birthday because of the holidays. So I thought, it doesn’t matter when I start the giveaway, as long as it’s still in the month of January. We are cutting it short here with only 3 days left of January (how time flies!). But I just want to make sure that I’m giving away the best stuff.


I’m very excited to announce that Personalised Printable Planner Kits are now available from my Etsy shop! I have created three design themes for you to choose from; Elegant Floral, Cute Watermelon and Adorable Owl. They are available for all three Filofax/Kikki.K planner sizes.

One lucky winner will receive:
1x Brand New Kikki.K Mint Leather Pocket Planner (with all the original inserts)
1x Pocket-sized personalised planner kit of your choice
1x Pack of 6 sheets stickers

Two lucky winners will receive:
2x Personalised Planner Kit in the size and design of your choice.

The personalised planner kits will be printed, cut & hole-punched by me!

This Giveaway is open to all residents worldwide.

PLANNER GIVEAWAY - Floral Personalised Planner Kit | DESIGN IS YAY!

Floral Personalised Planner Kit

PLANNER GIVEAWAY - Owl Personalised Planner Kit | DESIGN IS YAY!

Owl Personalised Planner Kit

PLANNER GIVEAWAY - Watermelon Personalised Planner Kit | DESIGN IS YAY!

Watermelon Personalised Planner Kit

Ready for the giveaway?

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Live Creatively Print and iPod & iPhone wallpaper INSTANT DOWNLOAD - sign up to our BFF Club | DESIGN IS YAY!

Live Creatively – that’s what this blog is all about. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a designer, artist, photographer or working in the creative field at all, it is still important to keep being creative in getting what you’ve always wanted in life. Being creative isn’t always about drawing, making or creating something. It’s about finding ways to achieve what you really want in life, and finding more alternative ways just in case the first one doesn’t work.

I’ve created an A5 print and wallpapers for your iPad, iPhone & iPhone 6 to remind you to live creatively. These freebies are available free as an instant download when you subscribe to Design is Yay’s BFF club newsletter. If you’ve subscribed, you should have received the latest newsletter with the download link.


Live Creatively Print and iPod & iPhone wallpaper INSTANT DOWNLOAD - sign up to our BFF Club | DESIGN IS YAY!


Design is Yay will never share your details to a third party, and the only spam I love is the one I buy in the supermarket to eat with my sandwich!


Kikki K has always been my go-to shop for weekly diaries over the years. This year, I decided to go with their famous leather planner in personal size (A5 size). I bought the pink one because I really like the saffiano textured leather and the grey and white slanted stripes on the inside. The planner came in a cute box with multi-colour polkadots. I’ve always loved the way Kikki K packaged their products, it’s like they really think about how the buyers should feel when opening them. I have no regrets in buying this planner, because I just realised how fun it is to have a planner that’s totally customisable. It’s fun to see how other #planneraddict setup theirs too!

My Kikki K Pink Personal Planner Setup | DESIGN IS YAY

As I’ve mentioned before, this year I am also using Day Designer planner for my day-to-day planning. Therefore, I’m using this Kikki K planner for my business and personal planning. The first thing I did when setting up this planner was to design the dividers. The planner came with colourful dividers. They are beautiful, but I prefer to design them to suit my preferences. I have dividers for Pippa Paper (my custom portrait illustration business), Design is Yay’s blog book, Personal planning, Cash Flow, and Food & Health.

My Kikki K Pink Personal Planner Setup | DESIGN IS YAY

This is how I design my cover. It has my name, email and the year. Just in case I leave it somewhere (which I really hope that I won’t), I hope that whoever finds it would be kind enough to email me. On the left compartment, I have some adhesive notes from Kikki K’s cute collection, Bunny page markers, cat paper clips from Officeworks, mini cutout Rifle Paper Co calendar and some stickers.

My Kikki K Pink Personal Planner Setup | DESIGN IS YAY

I also have more page markers and sticky notes on the planner dashboard. On the right side you can see some “daily habit reminders” of mine.

My Kikki K Pink Personal Planner Setup | DESIGN IS YAY

For the Cash Flow tab, I bought some pages from Mockeri. I use them to keep track of my earnings and expenses for both of my etsy shops. Mockeri has a lot of cute pages to complete your planner. So if you are in the process of setting up your planner, you should check out their shop and blog.

My Kikki K Pink Personal Planner Setup | DESIGN IS YAY

Last but not least, I replaced Kikki K’s notepad with this Busy B**** notepad from Julie Ann Art. I fell in love with this notepad straight away when I saw it. I also love the fact that the colour of this notepad really compliments the planner’s colour scheme.

So, what do you think of my Kikki K personal planner setup?

Do you have one of Kikki K’s planner, and how do you set them up?

If you like this post, you should check out the post where I share about all the planners I am using in 2015.

Also, follow my instagram for snapshots of my daily planning doodles and other planner setup updates.

This post is not sponsored by Kikki K at all. I  write good things about Kikki K a lot because I really, really, really, really love them. And I do think they are that great :)

Wallpaper the toy house | DESIGN IS YAY
I am 28 years old woman who still play with toys. If you don’t think I’m weird, then we should be friends :)

I have been collecting vinyl toys (or in their younger years people call them “designer toys”) ever since I was in my first year uni. I bought my first vinyl toys at the Semi Permanent 2004 in Sydney. Ever since then, I’m kinda addicted to opening blind boxes. My friends often buy me blind boxes for my birthday too.

One evening not too long ago, I went to Kmart and found this wooden dollhouse.

Wallpaper the toy house | DESIGN IS YAY

So I had a great idea to buy a home for some of my vinyl toys. However, as you can see the design is quite plain and there’s that very cheesy quote….

Anyway, I decided to put wallpaper inside the toy house and make it more stylish. As you all know, I love simple DIYs. This DIY is very suitable for kids too (a school holiday project maybe?). And of course, kids would love to have a house for all their favourite toys! Here is how I did it in 3 simple steps:

Wallpaper the toy house | DESIGN IS YAY

1. For this project, you need: a plain wooden doll house or toy house, tracing paper, scissors, mod podge or super glue and the toy house wallpaper patterns.
2. Trace the shape and size of the toy house that you want to put wallpapers on with the tracing paper.
3. Cut the lines that you have drawn on tracing paper on top of the pattern paper of your choice. Adhere the pattern paper to the toy house background using Mod Podge or Super Glue. Easy!

Now, where can I get the toy house wallpaper from, you ask? There are a lot of options to choose from, depending on your pattern/colour preferences. You can use:

Do you like easy DIY projects like this? What other easy DIY projects have you done?

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Wallpaper the toy house | DESIGN IS YAY

This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned above. But there affiliated links throughout this website, which means we will earn commission if you decided to make a purchase from those businesses. 

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