I love the idea of stocking stuffers. They may not be as meaningful and expensive as your main gift, but they still bring little bits of cheer to the christmas morning gift-unwrapping ritual. Or if you’re short on the gift budget this year, these 5 printable stocking stuffers won’t cost you any money (except maybe paper and printer ink), and they are a lot of fun!

5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1. Reindeer Colouring Cards
This would be perfect for the little ones. It can also be an activity to do after your christmas feast!

2. Instagram Photo Gift Box
If your friend is an insta-addict, he/she is going to appreciate having their instagram photos printed and packaged in this cute instagram-inspired gift box. Printing instagram photos are easier than you think! You can also set a theme: wedding photos, he and she photos, pet photos, children photos, food photos, and many more.

3. Matryoshka Memory Game
They are so cheerful and fun, makes these matryoshka cards the perfect stocking stuffer!

4. Pocket Books
With three covers to print, all you need is some paper for the insert and stapler or just tie them up with twine to bind, just like what I did.

5. Retro Recipe Cards
For the cooks with a lot of secret recipes, they can finally write them down and have them as keepsake.

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Printable House Boxes (Christmas and no occasion) | DESIGN IS YAY

I like to get creative with my gift packaging, especially for christmas. Who wouldn’t love gift boxes that can be used as decorations afterwards? I have for you here three printable house boxes, and one of them is a christmas theme! Use them to wrap up stocking stuffers and candies, or simply hang them on your christmas tree! Download them after the jump, as well as folding and adhering points.

Printable House Boxes (Christmas and no occasion) | DESIGN IS YAY

Printable House Boxes (Christmas and no occasion) | DESIGN IS YAY

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Freelancing - Working From Home | DESIGN IS YAY!

A lot of people seems to be interested to know more about what is it like to work from home; whether I get lonely, do I actually get work done and other questions. If “working from home” is one of your goals in the future, or if you’ve just started doing it, here are some things you need to know, and tips to overcome the problems that it may brings.

1. Being Alone
I am personally okay with being alone. As an only child with super busy parents, being alone is in my nature, so I’m very much used to it. Depending on the situation of your home, you might feel “trapped” to be in that same space day and night. Lucky for me, I have a dedicated room for working. If you don’t have an extra room in your house, you can have a dedicated space or nook or corner where you can have your desk. Decorate your space/room with the things that inspires you. If possible, decorate that corner/room differently from the rest of your home. Put on music when you work and lit a scented candle. Basically, make sure to differentiate your working environment with your living environment.

Remember, never ever work in your bed, and if possible, don’t work in your bedroom.

2. Getting work done
When you’re at home, it’s hard to push away distractions because there are too many loopholes for procrastination. The distractions might not come from someone or something else, it might be coming from yourself! There are times when I suddenly crave for corn bread in the middle of the day, and I just have bake corn bread right then and there. That won’t be possible if I was working in an office, but since my oven is only a few steps away, corn bread here I bake!

To overcome this, I have a list of things to do today, this week and also a list of all the projects that I need to do. Make them visible all the time from where you’re working. Don’t forget to write the “do or die date” for each project. Highlight the projects that needs to be done urgently so that you know which one should be done first, and which ones you can push aside and do later. Remember that even though there is no boss who would fire you if you don’t do your job, you do have clients who expect to get what they’ve paid for and you have a business and reputation to maintain. And that gives you a bigger responsibility to finish your work in the timely manner.

Sometimes you take on more jobs than you can handle, it happens. Communicate that with your clients, let them know that you need more time to work on the project. Let them know that it is important for you to have this extra time to deliver good quality work for them, and stick to what you’ve promised. A lot of clients would be happy to give you the extra time you need if it means that they’re getting the best of you, not the overworked, tired and uninspired you.

For more tips on project organising, read my previous post.

3. Workwear
I read an article somewhere that suggests people who work from home should dress as how they would when working in the office. That person must have never experienced a near-40 degrees celsius summer in Australia with no air con at home. I say, wear whatever is comfortable for you. If you feel like dressing up helps you to be more focus in your work, go ahead! I love wearing something that makes me feel as comfortable as when I’m lazing around the house on a Sunday afternoon. When you’re passionate about something, you will still be passionate about it even when you’re naked.

4. Change of scenery
This is probably the best thing about working from home, you are mobile. I get bored of my workspace sometimes, so I grab my MacBook and sketchbooks, and work in my living room. Sometimes I go to my favourite cafe and do some work there. Changing scenery is also great when you’re stuck with inspiration. Check out my previous post on finding inspirations.

5. Don’t take your freedom for granted
Working from home means that you have no one to tell you what to do and answer to, and there’s no reason why you should take that opportunity for granted. Always remember that if you’re working as a freelancer or a blogger, you are your business. So if you didn’t take your office job for granted, why should you now? There are so many opportunities for you to grow and expand what you are doing into a real business (Gosh, I hate that word. We one-man/woman freelancers and bloggers are real businesses too, you know!). That gives me an idea… I might write about growing your creative freelance business next ;) !

So there you go, I hope that answers most of your questions about what working from home is like. It’s not as relaxing as it may seems, and if you think that working from home means that you have less responsibility, you are so wrong. You have the responsibility in giving your clients/customers the best of you 24/7 (although some clients don’t deserve that. Stay away from those clients!).

However, I have to admit that the challenges I face in starting and growing my own small business and being able to dream about making it something bigger and better is so amazing and I wouldn’t trade that for any office jobs!

Is it too early to do a Christmas-themed DIY? Oh well, Christmas is 6 weeks away, and better start now than be too late, right? Let’s bring the first sign of christmas into our homes with these DIY Christmas Baubles!

Get Creative Christmas Baubles DIY | DESIGN IS YAY!

Get Creative Christmas Baubles DIY | DESIGN IS YAY!

Get Creative Christmas Baubles DIY | DESIGN IS YAY!

I purchased a pack of 5 Baubles in different sizes from my favourite packaging seller on ebay, Packitin. They came in 5 different sizes and are made of Acrylic. I decided to get creative using some paints this time. These baubles have such great quality, you can use them for many things, even as packaging for sweets or little toys. Click through for instructions…

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5 Creative workspace inspirations | DESIGN IS YAY!

I cannot wait for December holidays this year, because I already have a few projects lined up. With my husband being at home as well, I could get him to help me out with the heavy things!

I have had this workspace for the past 1,5 years, and I think it’s time to make some changes. What could be better than starting off the new year with new inspiring space to work at? After all, this is the space I spend most of my time of the day. It should be special.

Looking at this inspiration board I created in 2013, I realised how my interior style has changed evolved. At the moment, I am really into pegboards. They are so stylish! I am also loving pastel colours  on white walls. Next year, I aim to have a creative workspace that’s stylish, colourful but also functional. With my design work focusing on print stuff (invitation, prints and stationery), I need a dedicated space for my printers and for me to cut and assemble. I am also planning to create a mini photo studio using simple items such as table , roll of white paper and foam board, just like what Remove the Background did in this post.

I will surely post updates on what I do with my workspace, especially because this time requires a bit more DIY than the last. For now, have a look at my Creative Workspace board on Pinterest to get some inspirations for yours!

Fabric Paper Glue | Cush & Nooks  | Peter Fehrentz | Decor8 Blog |  Daria Daria
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