The Goal Digger Planner by Mi Goals on Kickstarter

BY Wita | 08/09/2017 | Plan & Organise

The Goal Digger Planner by Migoals | DESIGN IS YAY


Goal setting, for me, is the first step of a planning activity. Our goals will determine the action steps and projects that we are going to do for the rest of the year. Whenever I think about goal planning, I’ll think about Mi Goals. Mi Goals is a Melbourne-based company founded by Adam Jelic and Alex Kach, that has taken the world with their structured and beautifully designed journals, notebooks and planners to help you unlock your potential and live a life of purpose.

This year, we did a review or Mi Goals 2017 Goals Diary. To summarise what I thought about the diary, it was a very well-made and exclusive looking planner. I really liked how it taps into the current states of our life in different aspect, and utilise it as a foundation for our goal setting activities for the coming year. However, what I didn’t quite like about the planner was the lack of continuity throughout the diary as a goal setting and action steps guidance.

Mi Goals is certainly a company who listens to their customer’s voices and concerns. On September 7th this year, they are launching Kickstarter campaign for their new diary, The Goal Digger Planner. The new planner will continue to combine Mi Goals bold, aesthetic and purposeful design that we all know and love, with more guidance throughout the planner to help us with the aspects of our lives that we would sometimes find frustrating and overwhelming. In a way, The Goal Digger planner is almost like your own personal life coach.

Setting goals is the easy part, but consistently working towards achieving them each day is the hard part, which is why we focus on keeping users accountable, by reviewing their progress from the previous month and helping them plan the month ahead like a life coach would. We’ve also incorporated extra space for weekends and compiled the most motivating and inspiring quotes to help people stay on track every day

Adam Jelic, Founder

Continuing with their exclusive minimalism approach when it comes to design, the planner will have a premium, stylish and bold design that will available in black and grey with colour painted edges. With its B5 size (260mm x 130mm), this planner would be spacious enough to be a hybrid of Mi Goals modern stationery loved by many people around the world.

The Goal Digger Planner by Migoals | DESIGN IS YAY

I personally love a weekly planner, and I’m excited to learn that The Goal Digger planner will have sections within their weekly spreads for goal setting and reflections. On the weekly page, we will be able to create new habits, set weekly goals, to do list, notes section and spaces to practice gratitude and weekly wins. At the beginning of the planner, a toolkit is provided to help gain self-awareness and recap the wins and lessons learned in the previous year, as well as a space to mind map our visions for the next year.

What’s more, Mi Goals is donating $1 for every pledge in their Kickstarter campaign to the Reach Foundation. Reach creates workshops to empower and support young people to get the most out of life and helps them develop the self-belief they need to fulfil their potential and dare to dream.

Are you excited about this new diary by Mi Goals? Check out their Kickstarter campaign and start pledging for your 2018 diary.

The Goal Digger Planner by Migoals | DESIGN IS YAY

Mi Goals is a sponsor of our Creative Planning Workshop event in Canberra by The Planner Academy at September 9th 2017






Foxy Fix Micro TN First Flipthrough

BY Wita | 14/08/2017 | Plan & Organise

I received my first Foxy Fix Notebook cover last week, and I’m so excited to show you the first flip through! This is a Sugar Icing Foxy Fix no 0 (Micro), with white stitching, mint elastics and wide spine. I hope you enjoy the video!



How to Flatlay | Colour grouping

BY Wita | 22/02/2017 | Blog Biz

How to Flatlay: Colour Grouping | DEISGN IS YAY!

Flatlay is all the rage in the creative, inspiring, colourful or monochromatic insta world, and looks like it’s here to stay. I believe that everyone can flatlay, because there is no right or wrong in the rules of flatlay styling. My flatlay reflects the two things that I love: stationery and colours. But how do you make a flatlay that looks easy on the eyes? The answer is balance and harmony. Even if you are into messy flatlays, you still need to have balance. I will give you some tips on how to flatlay, and this time it’s about colour-grouping.



Planner Face-Off: MiGoals 2017 Diary vs Passion Planner

BY Wita | 15/02/2017 | Plan & Organise

Planner Face-Off: MiGoals 2017 Diary vs Passion Planner | DESIGN IS YAY!At the beginning of this year, my focus is to find a goal planner to help me achieve my 2017 goals. I like planners that are systematic and functional, and I prefer the layout to be simple and non-distracting. I came across two planners that caught my attention: MiGoals 2017 A5 hardcover Diary in mint and undated compact Passion Planner with Paradise Blue cover.

I have heard so many good things about both of these planner brands. It seems like each brand has their own cult of followers. I’ve had friends telling me that Passion Planner is the planner that actually works for them, and MiGoals is the go-to brand for planners and notebooks in Australia.

I purchased MiGoals 2017 A5 Diary from Notemaker for AU$32.81 including discounted shipping (I’m a loyalty member) and Passion Planner directly from their online store during a 50% off SALE for US$26.99 including shipping. It took almost one month for my Passion Planner to arrive.

Planner Face-Off: MiGoals 2017 Diary vs Passion Planner | DESIGN IS YAY!



Budgeting Bullet Journal Setup

BY Wita | 09/02/2017 | Plan & Organise

Budgeting Bullet Journal Setup | DESIGN IS YAY!

One of my goals for this year is to make more money and spend less. To make that happen, I need to keep track of my spending and income, and that’s when a budgeting journal is needed. The planner that I’m using this year doesn’t come with a budgeting pages, and I haven’t been able to find any budgeting journal that’s right for me. I’ve decided to create my own budgeting bullet journal layouts.

Last year, I tried to get into bullet journaling as a weekly planner. It did not go well because I find that a lot of my time was wasted by trying to create the perfect layout for the week. So my Rhodia A5 Webnotebook was abandoned, even though I actually loved that notebook. The paper is buttery soft, and I love the fact that they’re dotted. It certainly is one of the best journals I’ve ever used.

I’ve decided to dusted off the ol’ Rhodia journal and put it into good use. For my budgetting journal, I’ve decided to do monthly layouts so that I only need to create new layout once a month.

Pages in my budgeting bullet journal:

  • Index page (not pictured)
  • Monthly Bills
  • Subscriptions
  • Investment property book keeping (not pictured)
  • Ways to Save & Bad Habits
  • Monthly Income Stream
  • Monthly budgeting layout which includes a calendar, cash flow boxes, no spend habit tracker, budget tracker, weekly income/outcome notes

For certain ‘big’ things like investment property, I need to have a few pages just for itself to keep track on rent income, mortgage outcome and any other cashflow happening for the property. It’s important to lay out pages for monthly bills and subscriptions, so that you know how much you will definitely spend in a month/year, and you can make adjustments to your spending or income.

For my monthly budgeting layout, I use a lot of colour-coding using my Kikki K felt tip pens and Tombow dual brush pen to create a more organised and clear view of my budgets.

Hope you like my budgeting bullet journal setup! If you are a bujo addict, feel free to share your budgeting layout in the comments.





Love Notes Printable Notebook Covers

BY Wita | 02/02/2017 | Holidays

Love Notes Printable Notebook Covers | DESIGN IS YAY!

I always thought that giving the gift of chocolates and sweets on Valentine’s day is a bit overrated. This set of Love Notes notebook covers could be an alternative to traditional Valentine’s day gifts. Because let’s face it, stationery is better than chocolate!

Love Notes Printable Notebook Covers | DESIGN IS YAY!

Love Notes Printable Notebook Covers | DESIGN IS YAY!

What you’ll need: Adobe reader (FREE DOWNLOAD), colour printer, 3 A4 printing paper, a stack of plain paper, cutting tools, long stapler or other binding material

  • Download Love Notes Printable Notebook Covers template here
  • Open using Adobe Reader (file won’t open with any other softwares)
  • Print using colour printer on 3 A4 paper, low to mid weight only
  • Cut them to size
  • Cut the stack of plain paper to the same size as the covers
  • Fold them together
  • Staple the middle part to bind

P.S: if you are not keen on making a notebook, simple print them on thicker card stock, and give them out as greeting cards!