Print n' Plan: Bright Ideas Notepaper | DESIGN IS YAY

I always have my planner handy, just in case I have a lightbulb moment and need a space to jot down my ideas. I designed this Bright Ideas notepaper as a canvas for my ideas, and you can download them too!

Available in two planner sizes – A5/large and Personal/medium, because your big ideas need a lot of space to write on.

This is how the personal sized Bright Ideas notepaper look like in my dark aqua original Filofax.

Print n' Plan: Bright Ideas Notepaper | DESIGN IS YAY

All you need to do is download the PDF from the link below, print, cut and, holes on the pages, and enjoy!

Download Here | DESIGN IS YAY!

Roomie February Picks | DESIGN IS YAY!

Happy New Year!
This month’s picks are selected a little differently, instead of random musings of products we are loving, we have based them on an image we are loving right now.
so we have taken it, and shopped the look, resulting in our February Picks. Viola!
1. This gorgeous apartment was recently featured on Domain Home – you can snoop around the rest of the home here
2. There is always a place for Midcentury German Pottery in an eclectic home. We love everything at Mr Bigglesworthy, and this Scheurich Inka patterned vase is no exception.
​3. ​Urban Outfitters  is awash with typography prints, but this one by Matthew Taylor Wilson was our pick of the bunch.
4. Midcentury furniture is getting hard-to-come-by, so this sleek little number from Freedom Furniture is a great alternative
5. Baby Head Ceramics. Need we say more?
Tina Stephen is an interior designer based in New Zealand. After over a decade both teaching and working in commercial settings, Tina started ROOMIE, a smart, client-led service which brings all the elements of interior decorating together.


BFF Freebies: March 2015 Wallpaper Calendar Planner | DESIGN IS YAY!

Your March 2015 freebies are ready! You know what you gotta do, sign up to our BFF (Best Freebie Friends) club before the first send-out. There will be weekly re-sends every week. If you’ve already subscribed, thank you very much.

These freebies will be hit your inboxes on February 26th, just in time for you to change current month’s wallpapers and planners. Just like the previous freebies, you will be able to download these sizes: desktop (with or without calendar), retina desktop (with or without calendar), iPhone (without calendar), iPhone 6 & 6+ (without calendar), iPad (without calendar), and also printable planner monthly organiser for A5, Personal and Pocket filofaxes (Large, Medium & Small for Kikki K planners). 

BFF Freebies: March 2015 Wallpaper Calendar Planner | DESIGN IS YAY!

BFF Freebies: March 2015 Wallpaper Calendar Planner | DESIGN IS YAY!

I recently did a planner swap with a lovely lady in UK and received this beautiful teal (or dark aqua) Filofax personal original planner. This planner is absolutely beautiful. I love Kikki.K planners, but I sometimes think that they are too heavy and bulky. Filofax is very light, and I love the smooth leather, as opposed to Kikki.K’s pebble grain and saffiano leather ones.

Now I really want the personal sized filofax in yellow too!

I am very excited to receive this planner today, because I’m leaving for a holiday to Europe soon, and I don’t feel like bringing my Kikki.K as they are too heavy, and my Kikki.K pocket planner is too small to write anything on, it’s practically my wallet-slash-shopping list and meal planner now.

BFF Freebies: March 2015 Wallpaper Calendar Planner | DESIGN IS YAY!

Isn’t she a beauty (the teal colour is a bit lighter in real life. The stitching makes it even more beautiful.

So, about my Europe trip, I’m cannot tell you when it is yet, but it’s definitely pretty soon. I need your tips on where to go, especially in Holland, Switzerland and Belgium. I am so excited. And I am surely gonna buy some goodies for giveaway and for myself over there. I heard HEMA is amazing!

What is Design is Yay BFFs?

Introducing BEST FREEBIE FRIENDS. This is my way to thank all the lovely and loyal readers who have been supporting and reading this blog, as well as new readers who just discovered and love Design is Yay. Without all of you, Design is Yay will not come this far.

All you need to do (and this is open to everyone, including you) is to join our BFF club here and you will receive an instant download link to our “Live Creatively” print & wallpapers, and also monthly freebies for your desktop, gadgets and planners just like what you’ve seen in this post before the end of each month. I will also throw in a few freebie surprises every now and then, so you will get a lot more freebies from Design is Yay if you join the BFF club!

January 2015 BFF Sign up Freebies - Wallpaper calendar for desktop, iphone & ipad and filofax planner | DESIGN IS YAY!




DIY Scratchie Fortune Cards | DESIGN IS YAY!

This year, Chinese New Year falls on February 19th (3 days away!). Since this is such a last minute printable, I thought I’ll keep it neutral so that you can use this all year round. Plus, you may learn something cool if you don’t know how to do it yet – your own DIY scratchie cards.

Making your own scratchies, or scratch-off cards is actually really simple. First, you need to print out your cards (download link is at the end of this post), and write your fortune/wishes/message on it.

DIY Scratchie Fortune Cards | DESIGN IS YAY!

These cards would be very cool as a pre-surprise message (i.e, write “you will get your dream car” just before you reveal that you’re actually getting someone a car. Woot!), or just to wish them luck on something they’ve been working on.

And then, prepare your mixture of two parts acrylic paint for every one part dish washing detergent. You may use any acrylic paint colour. But since we’re on the Chinese New Year luck & fortune theme, I decided to go with my gold acrylic paint.

Mix them slowly until well combined. Don’t stir too vigorously as you don’t want them to get lots of air bubbles.

DIY Scratchie Fortune Cards | DESIGN IS YAY!

Cover the area where you write your message with clear packing tape.

DIY Scratchie Fortune Cards | DESIGN IS YAY!

Paint on the coin/message area using thin and even layer, allowing to dry between coats. Continue painting until they are all covered. Make sure they are really dry. I actually left them overnight.

DIY Scratchie Fortune Cards | DESIGN IS YAY!

DIY Scratchie Fortune Cards | DESIGN IS YAY!

When your scratchie fortune cards are ready, put them inside red packets or mini envelopes, such as these printable CNY Red Packets I did for 2013, or the pretty Shabby Chic CNY packets I did for 2014.

Maneki Neko and Daruma are two symbols of good luck. Maneki Neko (Beckoning cats) is a very popular fortune and good luck symbol in Chinese and Japanese tradition, while the Daruma is a symbol of perseverance and good luck. So even if you’re not celebrating Chinese New Year, you can always give them out to someone who’s in need for some encouragement.

Here’s the link to download your DIY Scratchie Fortune Cards

Download Here | DESIGN IS YAY!

DIY Scratchie Fortune Cards | DESIGN IS YAY!

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Pair-up Memory Cards Game | DESIGN IS YAY

Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day (i.e I don’t think it’s a day more special than any others), but I do like to match things up… like eating milk with cookies, dunkin’ my donut into my latte, and I love seeing bees hovering around flowers. Si I had an idea to make a Pair-Up Memory Game cards for you to play with. With cute illustrations on them, you can play them with the little ones.

Pair-up Memory Cards Game | DESIGN IS YAY

Pair-up Memory Cards Game | DESIGN IS YAY

And when you’re done playing, you can cut out the illustrations and turn them into these lovely gift tags!

Pair-up Memory Cards Game | DESIGN IS YAY

I hope you are all having a lovely day today, regardless whether you celebrate the day of “love” or not. Here is the link to download your Pair-Up Memory Game.

Download Here | DESIGN IS YAY!

Pair-up Memory Cards Game | DESIGN IS YAY

What is your favourite food pairing?

My favourite is boiled egg with fried shallot and drizzled with Indonesian Kecap sauce (Sweet Soy Sauce). Yum!

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As a small business owner, I understand the importance in finding new ways to sell online. Nowadays, we have endless options to do that, and with all their strengths and weaknesses, how do we find one that stands out?

I like a selling platform that enables a small business owner to tell our story, not just what we are about, but also the stories behind the products and craftsmanship that we take pride in.

Introducing: Pitchi

Pitchi is a new selling platform website that enables us to tell the story about our business and products and connect sellers and buyers through videos. It is a new company based in Melbourne, Australia.

You no longer need to use thousands of words to explain your innovative product and how to use them to your potential customers, because your 60-seconds video will say it all.

Even though Pitchi is a relatively new business, it has attracted a lot of really cool businesses and customers. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest product videos from their website:

Jukecase Mini from | DESIGN IS YAY!
Jukecase Mini, a portable audio system to play music from any audio devices that allows bluetooth or wire connection, in the shape of mini suitcases!
Sawdust Bureau -|DESIGN IS YAY!

Pinch Bench by Sawdast Bureau, a really cool and functional bench that’s different from the regular bench you see in the furniture store

We wanted people to be able to sell as they would at a local market or if they had their own bricks and mortar store, forming a connection with each customer they encountered. This personal connection allows buyers to form a genuine appreciation for what’s on sale, which then inspires purchase.

Last but not least, here is my favourite video, because I love colours, and I find that it could be very useful for designers!

Swatchmate Capture Colour - | DESIGN IS YAY!

There are so many more products and businesses that you can discover from Pitchi. The best thing of all, signing up to Pitchi and putting your listing and videos up are 100% FREE. That is how much they support innovative small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

If you are a small business owner, would you be interested in joining Pitchi? And if you’re simply browsing, what is your favourite product on Pitchi?
Tell me more in the comments section. Don’t forget to follow Pitchi on all of their social media platforms to find updates on their new products!
facebook | twitter | google+ | instagram

This post was written in collaboration with Pitchi

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