Smitten Mitten DIY Bookmark | DESIGN IS YAY

This wintery printable might not make sense for those on the other side of the world, but for us in Australia (& New Zealand), it is perfect. This is going to be a short but sweet post, as I have a million errands to run before leaving the country this weekend (I’m going to my sunny Indonesia & spring-y Europe! Goodbye Canberra’s harsh winter!). But I hope you guys enjoy this cute printable I’ve created for you, wherever you are! Download the Smitten Mitten DIY Bookmark template at the end of this post, and instructions will be provided on the printable sheet.

Smitten Mitten DIY Bookmark | DESIGN IS YAY

Smitten Mitten DIY Bookmark | DESIGN IS YAY

Smitten Mitten DIY Bookmark | DESIGN IS YAY

Download Here | DESIGN IS YAY!If you prefer a Spring-y bookmark, check out this post: Printable “Spring Blooms” Bookmark.


Fruit n Veg Printable Recipe Cards | DESIGN IS YAY!

One of my resolutions for this year is to eat healthier. Ever since I found out that a person with my blood type will react better to Vegetarian diet, I have been eating less red meat (baby steps!). I could never say no to seafood, especially fish dishes, and I still need my occasional chicken Banh Mi. I am also trying to eat as many fresh foods as possible and stay away from junk food, anything with too much sugar, and eat more things that are actually beneficial for my body. One thing that I find really hard to cut back is Pasta. Pasta is my favourite go-to meal, and I find that it’s very easy to whip up a great pasta dish. All I need is a few cloves of garlic, dashes of olive oil, some herbs and mushrooms or cherry tomatoes. Pasta is not exactly unhealthy, but for someone who’s also trying to cut back on carbs, it is not exactly the kind of food I could eat everyday. Thankfully, I found recipes for zucchini pasta or “zoodles”, and loving it!

To help me find ideas on what to cook everyday, I have been collecting Vegetarian or Pescetarian recipes on pinterest! Even though it’s okay to keep recipes on Pinterest and other recipe apps, it was hard to tell the difference between the ones that I’ve tried and liked and the ones that I have not yet tried or tried and dislike. I like to write recipes that I like on printable recipe cards and keep them inside my Kikki-K recipe box.

Fruit n Veg Printable Recipe Cards | DESIGN IS YAY!

I have created these fruit and veg printable recipe cards for you, and me, to download and keep our favourite recipes! I know, the world’s debating on whether tomato is a fruit or vegetable. So if you’re asking “where’s the veg?”, you’ll know which side of the debate I’m on :P

Fruit n Veg Printable Recipe Cards | DESIGN IS YAY!


Download Here | DESIGN IS YAY!Enjoy your recipe cards, and if you like this post, check out this Free Printable Recipe Cards (Retro) to add to your collection of recipe cards.


Bunny Lollipop Covers for A Subtle Revelry by Design is Yay

Dairy-intolerant kids (or adults who love being kids) no longer have to miss out on the Easter chocolate egg fun, because they can have these bunny-covered lollipops instead! Download this printable Bunnies Lollipop Covers that I have created for A Subtle Revelry.

Go over to their website now to download your printable Bunnies Lollipop Covers!


BFF Freebies: APRIL 2015 Wallpaper Calendar Planner | DESIGN IS YAY!

If you have signed up to our BFF Club, you should receive your April 2015 freebies soon!

The good news is, ever since I moved my newsletter service provider to MadMimi, I’m now able to send Welcome Email to new subscribers that contains download links to current as well as previous freebies I’ve ever sent to all new subscribes. There’s no more waiting time for you, and I don’t need to schedule freebies re-send every week! WIN-WIN!

Since I love drawing animals, especially bunnies and cats, I have decided to design and illustration of a hoppy bunny for this month’s freebies! I hope all of you are having a nice Easter Break, and stay well during the change of seasons.

Just like the previous freebies, you will be able to download these sizes: desktop (with or without calendar), retina desktop (with or without calendar), iPhone (without calendar), iPhone 6 & 6+ (without calendar), iPad (without calendar), and also printable planner monthly organiser for A5, Personal and Pocket filofaxes (Large, Medium & Small for Kikki K planners). 

BFF Freebies: APRIL 2015 Wallpaper Calendar Planner | DESIGN IS YAY! BFF Freebies: APRIL 2015 Wallpaper Calendar Planner | DESIGN IS YAY!

What is Design is Yay BFFs?

Introducing BEST FREEBIE FRIENDS. This is my way to thank all the lovely and loyal readers who have been supporting and reading this blog, as well as new readers who just discovered and love Design is Yay. Without all of you, Design is Yay will not come this far.

All you need to do (and this is open to everyone, including you) is to join our BFF club here and you will receive a welcome message with a link to download our “Live Creatively” print & wallpapers as well as current and previous months’ freebies. You will then receive monthly freebies for your desktop, gadgets and planners just like what you’ve seen in this post before the end of each month. I will also throw in a few freebie surprises every now and then, so you will get a lot more freebies from Design is Yay if you join the BFF club!

January 2015 BFF Sign up Freebies - Wallpaper calendar for desktop, iphone & ipad and filofax planner | DESIGN IS YAY!


 *This post contains affiliated link


Bunny & Bow Printable Goodie Bags  for Hello Wonderful | Design is Yay

I have created printable goodie bags with Bunny & Bow on it for Hello Wonderful. They are perfect for your Easter egg gifts and other sweets.

Go over to their website now to download your Bunny & Bow Printable Goodie Bags!

Bunny & Bow Printable Goodie Bags  for Hello Wonderful | Design is Yay


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