Highlights of 2014

BY Wita | 29/12/2014 | Blog Biz
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I love highlight posts! It gives me the change to reflect (and brag) about my achievements over the year and remember all the fun things I have done and learn in 2014.

5 exciting things in 2014…

Design is Yay in Inside Out Magazine "6 Blogs to Bookmark" | DESIGN IS YAY!

1. Design is Yay was featured in Inside Out Magazine as one of the 6 blogs to bookmark! Yay!

Design is Yay Goes to U.S.A | DESIGN IS YAY!

2. I went to U.S.A, most importantly, New York City, the city I’ve always been dreamt of going but never thought that I would. Ever since then I believe that anything is possible.

Officeworks Master Your Workspace & Giveaway | DESIGN IS YAY!

3. I got my first sponsored post gig, and it’s an awesome one. Score!

Featured Product: Moo Luxe Business Card | DESIGN IS YAY!

4. I finally decided to make a proper (and good quality) business card for Design is Yay, and call myself a blogger :)

Christmas Gift Tags on Hooray Magazine | DESIGN IS YAY!

5. I created some christmas gift tags for Hooray blog! There goes one of my goal for 2014 – collaborating with one of my favourite magazines.


5 readers’ favourite posts…

"Year of Colour" Printable Calendar 2014 | DESIGN IS YAY!

1. “Year of Colour” 2014 printable calendar. You guys love it so much that I’ve decided to update it for 2015!

Moustache and Bow Printable Wrappers by Design is Yay!

2. Moustache & Bows Wrapping Paper.

D.I.Y Pocket Book with Printable Covers | DESIGN IS YAY!

3. DIY Pocket Book. This is one of my fave too!

Valentine's Day Printable Animal Card | DESIGN IS YAY!

4. Valentine’s day Animal Card. Can’t blame you, these are too cute not to download.

Printable Spoon Soldiers | DESIGN IS YAY

5. My personal favourite: Printable Spoon Soldiers.


Things I’ve learnt in 2014:

This is a year of inconsistency, which is bad. But this is also a year of learning, which is a good! I tried a lot of different topics this year, and failed to post regularly due to work commitment and personal events. Next year, I’ve decided to let go of my freelance graphic design business. I realised that the reason why I did graphic design (by “graphic design” I mean designing logo & branding for businesses) was because I was fresh out of uni and didn’t know what else to do. Being “the world’s best logo designer” has never been my dream. I know that sometimes we gotta do what’s available for us. But I’ve done that for 4 years, so it’s time to move on and focus more on things that I actually enjoy, such as this blog and creating custom portrait illustrations for Pippa Paper. After experimenting with different kind of topics for this blog, I realised that I should stick with what I love the most – cute & functional stationery, printables and illustrations. You’ll definitely see more of those next year!

Expanding Design is Yay to a full time blog has always been something that I’m scared of, as it is out of my comfort zone. I realised that if I want to take this blog to the next level, I need to network, approach magazines/brands/other bloggers for collaborations, get rejected, not getting replied, realising that the magazine/blog that I’ve always loved doesn’t love me back and many more. I need to kick those doubts in the ass and start believing in this blog. After all, if I were to look back to 2012 and compare Design is Yay with how it is presently, the improvement is massive and some of the things that I didn’t even dare to dream has come true.

This year I also learn that practice makes perfect. Take my photography skills for example. I’m not saying I’m a pro yet, but when I first started blogging, photography was my main difficulty. I looked at other blogs and got green with envy looking at their beautiful photos. But photography is one of the things that bloggers (or at least design bloggers) must do in order to keep our posts original, so even with my “auto” knowledge in point-and-shoot photography, it has got to do. Thanks to my dad who lend me his Canon 60D and a 50mm lens indefinitely, I am now shooting on Manual. And, I’ve heard people complimenting me on my photography!

One last thing, I should stop comparing my success and the quality of my work with other bloggers and illustrators. It is my worst habit and it won’t do anything good for me. Luckily, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs that write an article about this topic. Now I know that I’m not the only one :)

What are your achievements in 2014 and what have you learnt so far? Here’s to 2015, hope it’s going to be the best year yet for all of us!


  • Celi

    I’ve only been following Design is Yay for a while so it’s very nice to see the highlights of 2014 :) Looking forward to to your posts in 2015!

    • I’m glad you’ve started following Design is Yay, Celi :) Have a Happy New Year!

  • SaveWhenYouSpend

    Hi! I’ve only just stumbled across your site but I have to say it’s the most original and gorgeous site I’ve seen in ages. You have something special here so I don’t think you need to worry about comparing IT to any others, I love it.
    Janice x

    • Thank you for your kind words Janice. I agree, we are special in our own ways. Have a Happy New Year!

  • Thank you Em :) Can’t wait to see products that you’re going to add to your shop!

  • Hi, I have only recently discovered your lovely blog and Etsy store! I have to agree with you, we are our own worst critique! Sometimes I think about competition and it overwhelms me and I kind of freeze up. But we can’t let the competition get in the way of our dreams and must continue on with our own personal journey. I also come from a graphic design background and own an Etsy store selling planner related goods.

    I would love to have a buddy to discuss design and Etsy in general let me know if you are interested. This is my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/pipspalette

    I hope this year will be even better! =)

    Pip =)

  • I love looking back at what happened in a year. The years go so fast but when you look back a lot really great things happen. I have just found you blog and I can’t stop reading. A quick question, how did you get featured in a magazine? It’s one of my dreams, but I don’t really know where to start to make it happen.

    • Hi!
      The magazine content editor actually contact me and asked if I’d like to get featured :) It was a huge surprise for me. I have to admit that I’m not good in promoting my blog to the media. I haven’t really done that at all. But if you keep on updating your blog with exciting contents and pinning your images, it will definitely put you on the internet “map”.
      I hope you can achieve your dreams in blogging soon!