33 Weeks + Ready to Pop Baby Shower

BY Wita | 17/02/2016 | Creative Life
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33 Weeks + Ready to Pop Theme Baby Shower | DESIGN IS YAY!

I enjoy planning parties. I planned my own bridal shower, wedding (it was fairly small, so it wasn’t that difficult), my best girlfriends’ bridal showers and I recently planned and designed my own baby shower. Planning a baby shower, as it turns out, is not as easy as the other parties I’ve planned in the past. One of the main reason is because my strength and stamina isn’t at their very best. I have to remind myself to keep it simple and not tire myself.

33 Weeks + Ready to Pop Theme Baby Shower | DESIGN IS YAY!

Even though I’m not exactly ready to pop yet, but I choose Ready to Pop baby shower as the theme, because I like the idea of having things that “pop” in my baby shower. There were POP Balloons as decoration, baby boy pop cakes, champagne with customised label, and each guest gets to bring home a box of popcorn. The popcorn was packaged in these popcorn snack box printable that I designed for this blog! I purchased most of my party decorations from Lark Store, and some of them were from Coles and Top Bargain. The centrepiece was simply a long line of honeycomb balls that I bought from Top Bargain in mint, baby blue and yellow, and jars of baby breaths.

33 Weeks + Ready to Pop Theme Baby Shower | DESIGN IS YAY!

33 Weeks + Ready to Pop Theme Baby Shower | DESIGN IS YAY!

I never wanted to have a baby shower in my own home because it would be quite troublesome to make ready and clean up afterwards. I also did not want to have it in a cafe or restaurant because I wanted my guests to do a craft activity! I finally found the perfect venue to host my baby shower crafternoon that is The Makers Hub at Macquarie, ACT.

Just as the name suggests, The Makers’ Hub is a space for makers and crafters, but they also take bookings for parties and events. I think it is such a good idea. Other than the fact that it’s a cute little space enough for small party of around 10-15 people (adults or kids), the natural light during day time makes The Makers’ Hub an even more perfect venue for party photographs. You know how important it is for your party pictures to look good!

The craft activity that I chose to do was onesie and tote bag applique. I never knew how easy it is to do, even my 10-years-old niece had so much fun doing them.

33 Weeks + Ready to Pop Theme Baby Shower | DESIGN IS YAY!


33 Weeks pregnant

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant (how time flies!), and it’s true what they say. Once you’ve hit the 30 weeks mark, you won’t know where the days have gone. I thought it was only a few months ago when I found out about my pregnancy, and suddenly I’m almost there.

As my third trimester progressed, I actually feel a lot better. My energy level is somehow back to normal, my heartburn is gone, joint pains are more manageable and even though I’m one of those pregnant women who suffer from itchiness, I found the cream that kinda works and ways to ignore the itches. There are days when I feel 100% normal, and don’t even remember that I’m pregnant. I don’t really stress over my pregnancy or having the baby, and I’ve never even think about what it’s going to be. I don’t really read or listen to other people’s experiences in having a baby, because everyone is different. In fact, I actually cannot wait to have my baby and start a new adventure that is having a child, and new opportunities and ideas that comes with it.

The nursery, aka my old workspace, has been painted and cleaned. I’m currently waiting for the furnitures to arrive, which unfortunately have taken longer than expected. Good thing we ordered them since late December! Once everything has been set up, I can’t wait to show you photos of the nursery.

  • Ruth

    Your shower looked like so much fun. Love those onesies! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you! Having onesie applique activity is such a good idea, because I get to bring home a lot of custom personalised onesies for my baby-to be :) And the guests get to bring home their tote bags too

  • Lily Lonigan

    Haha this is so cool. So exited for you! My cousin threw a party with the same theme last year. It was a blast. Hope you have the same experience!