5 Reasons Why Creatives Should Blog

BY Wita | 05/03/2015 | Blog Biz
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Blogging for Creatives | Why Creatives Should Blog | DESIGN IS YAY!

After blogging for over 2 years, I am most certain that blogging is the best decision I’ve made for my design career. Not only because blogging is really fun, it also opens up a lot of doors for opportunities and being connected to other creatives and communities around the world. When I first started blogging, just like many other bloggers, I picked up books and attend online or offline classes about blogging. Some of them are really great, but none of them seem to cover the important blogging aspects for creatives. That is why I have decided to share with you guys some tips and tricks in creative blogging, based on my own experiences.

Why Creatives Should Blog?

Imagine visiting a shop selling products that you really like, and the lovely shop owner who attends the shop clicks with your personality and sounds passionate about the things that he/she is selling, won’t you keep coming back? Even though you might be able to find those stuff online, but you’d prefer to make the trip just because you love being there. But how about online businesses? That’s where your blog comes in. Blogging is a way to win your potential customers’ hearts with your online presence, personality and passion.

Here are some of my favourite things about creative blogging:

1. Most people don’t visit your blog to read. Well, okay, sometimes they do, such as this post you’re reading now. But as a creative person myself, I wouldn’t regularly check into a blog that contains all words and very little images. It is okay to have a blog with only images of your work and other work that inspires you (just make sure you credit the images!). But if you suddenly feel inspired to write a specific topic about your industry, that’s great too. Don’t be afraid to experiment on how to deliver your posts, and never post about a topic that you are reluctant to do.

2. Creative/Design blogs are happy blogs. Even though trolls are inevitable for all kinds of blogs, there aren’t a lot of people out there who are so sad that they have to leave troll-ish comments on stationery and illustrations. If they don’t like what you’ve created, most of them will move on. You also don’t need controversial topics in order to spike your blog traffic (in fact, don’t). As long as your images are original and beautiful (or try to get better as you blog), readers will definitely find you. It’s also a good thing to sometimes do a round up of other designers or design bloggers’ work that you adore. If you show your support for other bloggers, chances are other bloggers will support you too. The rules are simple: be nice, be original, and don’t forget to link.

3. You get to share about other things you’re passionate about. Other than stationery and illustrations, I also love planning systems and travelling. That is why I like to share about my travels and the type of planners that I use and how I set them up. There are also blogs that combine their passion of design and food, beauty products or party organising. That way, you can reach out to readers who have those hobbies too.

4. Showing your readers behind the scene of your workspace is a good idea to show them that the products that they are buying are made with skills and passion, and they can’t get that from factory-made goods.

5. Giving little extras for your potential customers or readers. Such as printable freebies, free recipes, giveaways or craft tutorials they can make themselves. Freebies help you gain traffic to your blog (with extra effort in promoting them, of course, which I’m going to cover in future posts) and since no one else is briefing you on how you should create your freebies, you can do whatever you like!

So, have I convinced you enough about starting a blog for your creative business?

If you are already blogging for your business, share what you like about it and how it benefits you and your business in the comments section below.


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  • “Blogging is a way to win your potential customers’ hearts with your online presence, personality and passion.” I love how you put this. Exactly!

    I especially like that with blogging, people can get to know the artist behind the art. That makes a potentially faceless purchase into a personal connection.

  • Angela

    Ok I’m officially convinced! I’m a designer trying to build my business and have been thinking a blog might be a good idea. They are all very good points! Great blog by the way :) Keep it up! A link to my etsy shop if you feel like having a peek —> http://www.etsy.com/au/shop/AngelaMaroskeDesign

  • Chanelita

    I love this! I recently created a blog (chanelita.com), but I haven’t figured out how to add my creative side to it. I’ve only just posted recipes that my family has asked for and that’s all I have planned for now, but I’d love to add my real passion, creating things, traveling, fashion, etc.! I wanted to learn how to setup my blog and make it all pretty before I start adding a lot of posts that no one will see. How does your website look so pretty? It’s so easy to use. Mine needs a lot of work! Once I start posting more, I also want people to see my blog, but I’m not really sure how to make that happen. I’m a pretty quiet person, so I don’t like to scream out HEY GO READ MY BLOG…hehehehehe. So how did you start getting people to your blog? I’m pretty sure I first saw your blog after I found one of your freebies. Then later I found another freebie from your blog and I was like wait, I have visited this blog before….omg I have downloaded like 3 of her freebies, I gotta follow this girl! hahaha! Other than freebies, I’m not really sure how to get people interested in my blog! I love your advice and creative insight on blogging for creatives! Thank you for sparking my desire to post more creative content on my blog! I know once I can express myself in art form again, I know I will feel more at ease. Art was always such a form of relaxation for me, but since transitioning to blogging, I haven’t yet found how to get the same form of relaxation and creativity into my blog! Anyway, thank you for your post! :D

  • Loved this, I was thinking about blogging, but I’m not a very good writer, so it’s something I’ve always put off. Might really have to start thinking about it again!

  • Sunni Tinajero1

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