5 Tips For Getting Back to Work After A Vacation

BY Wita | 03/07/2015 | Girlboss
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Getting Back to Work After A Vacation | My Freelance Life series post by Design is Yay

In the month of April and May I pretty much took the time off work and blogging. I scheduled a lot of posts in March for the months when I’ll be away. It was hard work, but I will do anything to have a relaxing vacation.

Early April, my parents came to visit me in Canberra. Whenever my parents come to visit or I go to visit them, I definitely won’t be able to do any work. We will spend the time to catch up, gossip (yes, my parents and I are gossips. But we only tell each other :) ), taking my dad to home improvement shops, taking my mum to see the countrysides, and many other things.

Since we booked our Europe flights very close to the date when they fly back to Indonesia, I decided to fly back with them as well. After 10 days in Jakarta, we fly to Europe where we spent 21 amazing days, fly back to Indonesia, I stayed for 5 days, and on the 31st of May, I finally fly back home to Australia.

Just so you know, the word exhausted won’t even begin to describe how I felt when I arrived in Canberra. I was really, really sick. I have never had that kind of cough before, the cough lasted for about a month, my chest and back hurts, and I even had a ‘going deaf’ period because of all the phlegm and the flights. I was so paranoid I decided to get an X-ray screening after seeing a “Check in with your Lungs” ad on TV.

But Europe, you are worth it.

I planned to start blogging again in June, but since I’m the Khaleesi of  procrastinators, I decided to sleep, be a couch potato and catch up on Game of Thrones instead. As much as I wanted to, I wouldn’t let myself stay that way forever. I want to feel passionate and awesome again! Working make me feel that way. So I started with buying a new sketch book (it’s an old habit of mine. Fresh stationery, fresh start), start doodling, taking photos on instagram… and before I know it, here I am now, full of ideas that I cannot wait to share with you.

When you’re working from home, getting back to work after a vacation could be hard to start. Here are 5 tips that you can do to lift your spirit up from that comfy couch, sit in front of your desk, and start creating and making again.

Give yourself time to rest, but set an expiry date.
You can set a reminder on your phone or in your planner. But no snoozing! 

While you’re resting, read inspiring magazines (or books, if that’s more your thing).
My favourite inspirational reads are 
Extracurricular & Uppercase magazine. 

Create simple projects
Start with simple projects that you can do in bed or your comfy couch. Make sure that it’s something that you enjoy doing. I’ve always enjoyed doodling cute animals, so I did that. There are a lot of other things that you can do from the comfort of your own bed. Crocheting, sewing, quilting, origami, planning, scrapbooking and so many more! That way, you’re actually 
doing something even though you don’t feel like doing anything. Know what I mean? 

Grab your planner and start planningwith pretty stationery, of course! 

Dream about your success rewards. I love going on vacations, so the only way for me to get motivated, is to remind myself that the sooner I start doing something and earning money, the sooner I’ll be able to go on another holiday. YAY!

Have you caught yourself in a similar situation like mine? How did you motivate yourself to get back to work? Share your tips with me in the comment section.

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