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Welcome to Design is Yay!

If you happen to be here, chances are you’re a creative individual who loves visually awesome things. You might not be working in the creative field, but you appreciate the beautiful pattern on your cushion, that cute illustration you have on your mug, or the beautiful design on the collar of your dress. You can find design anywhere, in fact they are what makes our lives more beautiful.

Design is Yay! is a blog that celebrates the visually awesome things in everyday life. It is created by me, Wita Puspita, an illustrator who is currently staying in the capital city of Australia. In this blog, I’ll show you all the inspiring design I stumbled upon, freebies I’ve created for yourself to download and use, picks and mix of my favourite things, and occasional photos of my activities – whether it’s an art show that I recently went to or an exciting country I travelled to.

Design is Yay! was created in 2012 as a hobby and note-to-self inspiration blog, before finally started engaging readers in 2013.  We currently received 500 unique pageviews per day in average, over 2000 likes on Facebook and 536 followers on BlogLovin. We were featured as Nuffnang Blogger of the Month August 2013, one of the 6 Blogs to Bookmark in Inside Out magazine March 2014 issue, and a Top 40 Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger in Kidspot Voice of 2014. Overall, Design is Yay! has been getting great responses from readers and bloggers alike all over the world.

Thank you for visiting Design is Yay! I hope you enjoy your stay :)


Wita Puspita Design Portfolio Website
Pippa Paper custom portrait website
From My Desk – Updates about my work on the blog
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About myself

- I’m an Indonesian 20-something years old who’s been living in Australia since 2003
- Love cats, but doesn’t own one. I don’t own any pets because I dislike having a responsibility over other creature’s life.
- Married, with no kids. Probably because of the same reason above, but I might have to get over that someday.
- A Graphic designer who prefers to call myself an Illustrator, because of the fact that I use Adobe Illustrator 90% of the time, and dislike using other Adobe programs.
- I create custom portrait illustrations which many people seems to love – click here for my shop, Pippa Paper
- I can’t stop buying stationery, and have a closet full of it. On the other hand, I only own one pair of shoes at a time.
- I love coffee and cannot function well without it. When I go travelling, I would rather search for the city’s best coffee/cafes than seeing tourist attractions.
- I’m an instagram-addict. You can follow me here.
- I have a love-and-hate relationship with cameras. I love taking photos and I love it when they turn out great, but for some reason cameras hate me.
- I love to cook, and always TRY to be healthy. The operative word here being TRY. Because who could say no to bbq baby back ribs with deep fried onion rings and potato wedges? Oh yum!

Gotta go and have ribs now. Toodles :P

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