Hello, and welcome to Design is Yay! It is so sweet of you to want to know more about us! If you happen to be here, chances are you’re a creative individual who loves visually awesome things. Being creative doesn’t always mean working in the creative field. Being creative also means using ideas and imaginations to create the things that you want. Design is Yay is a blog that celebrates creative lifestyle. It is created by me, Wita Puspita, an illustrator who is currently staying in the capital city of Australia. I love sharing about inspiring design I stumbled upon, my free printables and craft projects, inspirations for your next soiree, and showing you the places I’ve been to or would love to go in the future! If you’re a freelancer, here’s my recurring topic about my experiences and tips on being a freelancer: My Freelance Life. Occasionally, you can find updates on projects that I’m currently doing. The blog was first created in 2012 as a note-to-self inspiration blog, before finally started engaging readers in 2013.  We were featured as Nuffnang Blogger of the Month August 2013, one of the 6 Blogs to Bookmark in Inside Out magazine March 2014 issue, and a Top 40 Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger in Kidspot Voice of 2014. Check out the Design is Yay Fohr Card listing for social media and pageview stats. Overall, Design is Yay! has been getting a lot of loves from readers and bloggers alike all over the world. Thank you for visiting Design is Yay! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Wita Puspita blogger of Design is Yay! | DESIGNISYAY.COM Wita Puspita design portfolio Pippa Paper, custom portrait illustration Wita Puspita’s etsy shop I’m a freelance graphic designer & illustrator based in the capital city of Australia. Throughout my life, I have been living in 6 different cities and 3 different countries before I finally set foot on this city called Canberra. Here are a few facts about me in bullet points! Bullet points are fun! -

I’m an Indonesian 20-something years old who’s been living in Australia since 2003
- I always have this urge to travel, and get really sad when I can’t.
- Love cats, but doesn’t own one.
- A Graphic designer, graduated from RMIT University Melbourne in 2006,
- I have been freelancing throughout my career life. If you’re a freelancer or thinking about freelancing, you can read about my honest opinions and experiences here.
- I create custom portrait illustrations which many people seems to love - click here for my shop, Pippa Paper
- Other than design & illustrations, I’m also helping out my parents managing our hotel in Indonesia – Hotel KoeningRead my post about it.
- I can’t stop buying stationery, and have a closet full of it. On the other hand, I only own one pair of shoes at a time.
- I love coffee and cannot function well without it. When I go travelling, I would rather search for the city’s best coffee/cafes than seeing tourist attractions.
- I’m an instagram-addict. You can follow me here.



- Inside Out Magazine 6 blogs to bookmark – March 2014 issue – Top 40 Beauty & Lifestyle blog in Kidspot Voices of 2014 – A Nuffnang featured blogger – August 2013 – Craft Superstar on Cut Out + Keep – Designer Insights on Terrysblinds


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