Why “Design is Yay?”

The name Design is Yay came across when I realised that design is a source of my happiness. I have drawers of treasured paper goods, I buy snacks just because they’re beautifully packaged and my happy place is a room full of delicious stationery. I cannot imagine how bland my life would be without having creativity and design around me. So to sum up, Design is Yay!

My name is Wita, an Indonesian-born designer who have lived in Singapore, Melbourne and currently Canberra. When I was 18, I moved to Melbourne to study graphic design in RMIT University (Communication design – class of 2006!). Upon graduating, I did a number of unsuccessful job interviews and decided to struggle my way through freelancing. I spent 4 years designing branding for businesses, but I always know that my true passion lies in paper goods and illustrations. Being in Canberra, those kind of jobs don’t come around very often. That doesn’t stop me from pursuing my passion, because when your dream job doesn’t exist, you should go ahead and create one! I decided to launch my own line of greeting cards and art prints, and after a few trial-and-errors, I finally landed on Pippa Paper, creating custom portrait illustrations for keepsake prints, party or personal stationery.

I created Design is Yay in 2012 as a visual diary to contain all my inspirations. I spent a lot of my time reading other blogs and pinning images on pinterest (I lost hours of my days on pinterest!). I enjoy the fact that I was able to connect with like-minded people with similar interests as mine. That was when I decided that blogging is so much fun!

I create and share printables that are much-loved by my readers around the world. I enjoy sharing tips and resources for those who wish to embark on their own creative journey. I encourage my readers to live creatively, because being creative doesn’t only mean being a designer or working in the creative field. It also means being able to follow your passion and find ways to achieve your dreams.

Wita Puspita blogger of Design is Yay! | DESIGNISYAY.COM

Design is Yay

Design is Yay was created in 2012 by Wita Puspita, a Canberra-based illustrator, as her own scrapbook of colourful design inspiration. Wita collects stationery, loves beautifully-packaged goods and make lists about basically everything in her life. Other than appreciating the fine works of her favourite stationery designers, Wita also designs her own printable items and share them for Design is Yay readers to download. Wita lives by the motto, “when your dream job doesn’t exist, create one.” She loves to share her experiences in being a freelancer and creative entrepreneur, and hope to encourage fellow designers to follow their passion. As someone whose happy place is a room full of stationery, she hopes to run her own stationery boutique in the future.

Today, Design is Yay attracts over 20,000 readers monthly and have been featured on Inside Out Magazine as one of the 6 blogs to bookmark in their March 2014 issue. Design is Yay was also Nuffnang’s (Southeast Asia’s biggest blogging community) featured blogger in August 2013 and a Top 40 Beauty & Lifestyle blog of Kidspot Voices of 2014

When Wita is not blogging, drawing or taking photos for her instagram account, you can find her sitting in a coffee shop drinking soy flat white, listening to mellow music while dreaming about travelling to big cities or somewhere with beautiful snow-capped mountain views.

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