Why “Design is Yay?”

The name Design is Yay came across when I realised that my happiness comes in the form of pretty paper goods, packaging, design books & magazines and stationery that are both beautiful and functional. I cannot imagine how bland life would be without having creativity and design. So to sum up, Design is Yay!


Design is Yay hopes that you can find inspiration to bring happiness into your life
through design and get motivated to plan and organise your creative dreams!


Wita Puspita blogger of Design is Yay! | DESIGNISYAY.COMHi, my Name is Wita. Welcome to my creative blog!

I’m an illustrator and freelance graphic designer who loves to draw cats. I created Design is Yay in 2012 to put all my design inspiration in one website, and post the design that I’ve created for readers to get inspired from. I love to encourage readers to live creatively.

I have been a full-time graphic design freelancer my whole life, but I always feel like there’s something more in design businesses other than creating branding and brochures. As of now, I prefer to call my self a creative entrepreneur. I love the energy and happiness that design has given me. I enjoy looking at the success of other designers as well as encouraging creative-minded people to start something of their own. I also believe that having pretty “designed” things don’t have to cost a fortune. That is why I create printables for you to download, print and use in your everyday life, and easy DIY ideas for your make.

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