Baby Essentials: Choosing a Stroller

BY Wita | 18/03/2016 | Baby Stuff
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Choosing a Stroller | DESIGN IS YAY!

illustration by Wita Puspita

I’m 3 weeks away from my due date! By now, I have prepared all the essential things that I think I will need. Shopping for baby stuff is FUN. Things for baby are so cute and colourful, I don’t even know what to pick.

I divided my shopping list into two sections – big and small items. Big items consist of car seat, cot, mattress change table, breastfeeding chair and of course stroller. The smaller ones are baby carrier, breastfeeding pillow, sleeping bags and/or swaddles, linens, blanket, clothes, diapers and many many more. I did not buy most of the smaller stuff, as they were given to me by my parents, friends, and some hand-me-downs. I don’t mind hand-me-downs, in fact I’m very thankful for them, as long as they’re not smelly or torn. Newborns grew out of their clothes really fast, and I don’t want to buy too many clothes that he’s only going to wear once or twice. Plus, I’d rather splurge on clothes for when he’s able to go out more often.

In Australia, we have safety standards when it comes to certain baby stuff, like car seats and cots, and it actually makes shopping easier. Strollers have safety standards too, but there are so many strollers to choose from (although we don’t have as many brands as U.S does), it was almost like choosing a car! I had so much fun researching and trying to find the right stroller for me, my husband, and our baby. All strollers that have been approved by the Australian standard will be good enough for the baby, so it is more important to choose the one that fits your lifestyle (you and your partner). I want our stroller to be cute, practical, light enough and suits my budget of under $1000.

When talking to my friends and researching on the internet about strollers, some of their most common concerns based on each individual lifestyle are: can I jog with it? Will it fit in the trunk of my car? Can I use my baby capsule with it? Does it come with a cot? Can it be used from newborn? Is it light enough to travel with?

My own lifestyle concerns apart from the way it looks and the price are:

  • Is it light enough to bring on the plane (as an extra baggage, not carry on), because I’m going back to Indonesia at least twice a year?
  • Is it practical to fold?
  • Can I use it since the baby is born?
  • Is the handle long enough, because both me and my husband are tall (we’re around 178 cm)?
  • Is it easy to set up?
  • Are the wheels easy to maneuver?

My husband and I live a town centre away from the city, but we spend the weekends and day-offs in the city. We are not joggers or hikers (even if we do those kind of activities, we will NOT bring a stroller and a baby with us), and we don’t really spend too much time strolling in parks and gardens. The pedestrian walks around our house are smooth and flat. So I think that we’re living the practical, urban lifestyle. Also, we’re 98% sure that we’re not having anymore children (I’m the only child, and my husband is the youngest with a huge age gap between him and his siblings, so he’s practically an only child as well, and we think that it’s AWESOME to be the only child), so we don’t need strollers that can turn into a double stroller.

My friend who has similar kind of lifestyle as mine recommended Baby Jogger city mini, and I know that a lot of people in Australia love those baby joggers, but I personally think they’re too sporty for my taste. I also like the idea of having a cot, but after finding out that it will only be used until the baby is 6 months old, I think I could live without it.

Our choices were shortlisted to Bugaboo Bee 3, Stokke Scoot, Mountain Buggy Cosmo and Redsbaby Bounce. If you’re not living in Australia, chances are you might never heard of Redsbaby. Redsbaby is an Australian brand, and I’ve heard so many good things about it. The thing is, I can only get their strollers online, and they don’t have any demo days in Canberra at anytime during my pregnancy. There’s no way I would buy a stroller that I have never tried before.

After trying the other three strollers – The Bee3, The Scoot and The Cosmo, we finally chose The Bee3 because it encompasses everything that we require in a pram. The Bee3 is the lightest of all three (The Cosmo is the heaviest), and it is the easiest to fold. The Bee3 has add-on carrycot for purchase, but I’ve decided not to get it now and see how it goes when the baby arrives. My husband was skeptical when he saw how small the wheels are, but I’ve seen friends travel to Europe and walk their gravel pathways with their child in Bugaboo Bee3!

For the moment, I think I’m happy with my Bugaboo Bee3. But if the wheels and the small size turns out to be a problem in the future, I might consider going to Sydney during Redsbaby’s demo days and give it a try.

Below is a round-up I’ve put together for strollers that are similar to what I’m looking for.

Choosing a Stroller | Round-up of cute & practical strollers | DESIGN IS YAY!

Raspberry by iCandy | Scoot V2 by Stokke | Cosmopolitan by Mountain Buggy | Bee3 by Bugaboo | Bounce by Redsbaby | Blue Cross Comet by BabyBee | Cameleon by Bugaboo | Jive by Redsbaby | City Mini GT by Baby Jogger

What’s your favourite stroller in the market? Let me know in the comments!