Blog Business Goals in 2016

BY Wita | 06/01/2016 | Blog Biz
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Blog Business Goals in 2016 | DESIGN IS YAY!Sometime last year, I realised how much I love Design is Yay. I was thinking about my true love, and while my husband is a serious contender, but this blog is my baby. It’s something that I’ve nurtured from the start, and watching it go towards the direction I’ve always wanted is priceless. You can’t expect that from human beings. 

I’m up to a point where all of my goals are connected to this blog in some way. When I glance through my goals journal worksheets, 80% of my long term goals are blog related, and 20% are things that I can own or purchase from the business income, such as a nicer home to live in and owning properties to turn into AirBnBs (dream big!).  The only personal goal that I have is going back to my normal weight after pregnancy (because it’s not a goal journal if it doesn’t have losing weight in it. haha!). 

I no longer need new year resolutions such as trying out new activities or learning something new. I know what I love to do (blogging, designing, creating, nurturing my business, online courses, drinking coffee, handbags and shoes – don’t we all, work trips and admiring mountains from far away), and what I hate to do (camping, hiking, not doing anything for too long, boot camps, deep-frying). I also would rather improve on things that I’m already able to do, rather than learning totally new things. Although, I wouldn’t mind learning more about the art of gift wrapping and flower arranging, because they will be useful for my, again, blogging needs. 

On to my 2016 blog business goals…
  • My new blog design is finally underway. I like having a local web developer whose office is 10 minutes drive away from my home! Web developers are like shrinks to bloggers like me (who is fussy about layouts & design but not tech-savvy), we need them close by and reachable, just in case something breaks down.
  • With my new blog design, I’m hoping that it’s easier for you to navigate printables. I realised that a lot of older printables are forgotten, even by me! With the new layout, I’m hoping that they’re easier to find and attract.
  • I want to have all my printables planned way ahead, and this is actually one thing I could tick off my list. During the December holiday I did exactly this and I’ve even designed and photographed some of them.
  • I want to improve on the frequency and quality of my instagram posts. I realise that ever since I post once a day every day, the number of followers have increased rapidly. I’ve now realised what my instagram followers like to see and don’t. Planners, styled stationery, paper-related crafts and printables are the favourite topics. I lost a lot of followers posting food and travel photos. My photography & styling skills have definitely shown improvements, but there is room for more. Which is why I’m thinking of enrolling to Emily Quinton’s Makelight photography online course, because her photos & styling is AH-MA-ZING. I’m also kinda wishing that my favourite Australian photographer & stylist Me Oh My Girl is willing to share her wisdom in a form of a workshop.
  • Enriching my skills and knowledge with online courses and books. I have set up a Good Reads account to find books that I’d like to read. You can follow my reading journey over there.
  • I want to collaborate more. I want to work with creatives who have the skills that I don’t. I’ve spoken to a friend who’s ace in making crochet dolls, and hoping that we can work together in bringing you crochet tutorials and products. I also would like to work with more bloggers in creating printables for them. Collaborating with brands is of course the main goal of this blog, because it means that I have sponsorships for goods to give away and income to keep this blog (and my life) running.
  • Producing new things – more printable inserts for the etsy shop and kids-related printables and DIY crafts for the blog (I was actually thinking of e-magazine with lots of printable activities for children, not sure if that would be feasible). I also would like to host a workshop sometime this year, gift wrapping workshop prior to christmas maybe? And also, hosting a gift-exchange for stationery lovers. I think that would be fun!
What else would you like to see on Design is Yay, or like us to do for next year? Suggestions are welcome in the comments.