Budgeting Bullet Journal Setup

BY Wita | 09/02/2017 | Plan & Organise
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Budgeting Bullet Journal Setup | DESIGN IS YAY!

One of my goals for this year is to make more money and spend less. To make that happen, I need to keep track of my spending and income, and that’s when a budgeting journal is needed. The planner that I’m using this year doesn’t come with a budgeting pages, and I haven’t been able to find any budgeting journal that’s right for me. I’ve decided to create my own budgeting bullet journal layouts.

Last year, I tried to get into bullet journaling as a weekly planner. It did not go well because I find that a lot of my time was wasted by trying to create the perfect layout for the week. So my Rhodia A5 Webnotebook was abandoned, even though I actually loved that notebook. The paper is buttery soft, and I love the fact that they’re dotted. It certainly is one of the best journals I’ve ever used.

I’ve decided to dusted off the ol’ Rhodia journal and put it into good use. For my budgetting journal, I’ve decided to do monthly layouts so that I only need to create new layout once a month.

Pages in my budgeting bullet journal:

  • Index page (not pictured)
  • Monthly Bills
  • Subscriptions
  • Investment property book keeping (not pictured)
  • Ways to Save & Bad Habits
  • Monthly Income Stream
  • Monthly budgeting layout which includes a calendar, cash flow boxes, no spend habit tracker, budget tracker, weekly income/outcome notes

For certain ‘big’ things like investment property, I need to have a few pages just for itself to keep track on rent income, mortgage outcome and any other cashflow happening for the property. It’s important to lay out pages for monthly bills and subscriptions, so that you know how much you will definitely spend in a month/year, and you can make adjustments to your spending or income.

For my monthly budgeting layout, I use a lot of colour-coding using my Kikki K felt tip pens and Tombow dual brush pen to create a more organised and clear view of my budgets.

Hope you like my budgeting bullet journal setup! If you are a bujo addict, feel free to share your budgeting layout in the comments.