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Happy 101st Birthday, Canberra! Canberra is the capital city of Australia. For years, the poor thing have been dissed and dismissed by other cities in Australia for being boring. Ever since its centenary birthday last year, Canberra is trying to prove otherwise. They even came up with a brand new logo to proof that they are CBR (Confident, Bold, Ready). After living in Canberra for the past two years, I have to say this city has a lot of hidden surprises. This city certainly has a number of awesome designers, a lot of great art & design related events and you can definitely find GREAT coffee when you’re in town.

Here are some of my favourite Canberra design picks, including Canberra-related cards, prints, tea towel, cushion cover and a cook book!


Canberra Design Picks | DESIGN IS YAY!

1. Supertrooper Studio ; 2. Ink and Weave ; 3 & 7. Newcastle Productions ; 4. Capital Cookbook ; 5 & 6. Able and Game

Gift Ideas 03 - Small & Stylish | DESIGN IS YAY

It’s difficult to find a gift for someone who lives far away. One of the reasons is because shipping could be more expensive than the goods itself. Here are some stylish gifts that can fit inside a mailbox.

1. A [ Luggage Tag ] is a great gift for someone who loves to travel. Or better yet, someone who you’re hoping to visit you someday | Sportscraft
2. These cute little [ Pinback Buttons ] are perfect for customising totes and shirts | Okapi Illustration
3. If your loved one is a clean freak, he/she will surely love a set of stylish and light-weight [ Felt Coasters ] | Cotton & Flax
4. Stay in style, even when snoozing with this [ Linen Cat Sleep Mask ] | Julia Wine
5. Letterpress printed [ Shopping List Notepad ] will definitely come in handy | Arminho

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas | DESIGN IS YAY!

Not everyone will be excited to receive pots and pans or egyptian gazillion thread sheets for their wedding gifts. Etsy has been the go-to website for people who prefers one of a kind things that cannot be bought in a department store. Here are my Etsy finds for unique wedding gifts:

1. There are so many awesome illustrators out there who offers the service of creating custom portrait illustrations. Pick your favourite illustration style and request them to do an illustration of the happy couple.
2. These fragrant dolls will be a cute and good-smelling addition to their new abode.
3. An Address stamp is a must have for any new couple. They will need it for sending those Thank You cards, or for any other mail-sending occasions.
4. This fabric-printed hoop art will be perfect for those couple who love adventures.
5. Man and Woman tea towel pair that they will NOT want to use for the kitchen!

custom portrait | fragrant dolls | address stamp | hoop art | tea towel pair