My Journalling Style - A Collaboration with Officeworks (+ GIVEAWAY!)

Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up into your brain. Cheap paper is less perishable than gray matter, and lead pencil markings endure longer than memory. – Jack London

You might be reading this blog on your gadgets, but when it comes to planning my blog posts, paper and pencils are my essentials. I find that they are more convenient and personal than typing and sketching on my gadgets. When idea strikes, I can grab my notebook, open a blank page and jot or sketch my ideas down right away.

Other than for convenience reason, keeping a creative journal and notebooks enables me to look back and see how much I’ve grown as a creative, and how much my blog has changed or develop as a business. I still keep notebooks from when I first started this blog and all the ideas that come along the way.

I was more than happy when Officeworks approached me for a collaboration where I can show you how I utilise notebooks and journals for my creative pursuits! Officeworks have always been my go-to store when it comes to office supplies. They have all the basic essentials, as well as premium products that will enhance the look of my creative space. You can find a range of notebook and journal brands, such as Otto, Ampersand, Nathan Ferlazo, Go Stationery, Aquadrops, Colourtag, Miquelrius, White Lines, Clairefontaine, Rhodia and many more. Officeworks also offers a range of FSC accredited notebooks and journals, so that you can be kinder to the environment. It will be more exciting to keep a journal that reflects your personality, work style. Whatever your work style is, you will find notebooks and journals at Officeworks that helps you visualise your ideas!

My Journalling Style - A Collaboration with Officeworks (+ GIVEAWAY!)


When it comes to planning ideas for my blog, one notebook is not enough for me. I have to have one main journal, one carry-along notebook, and a jot pad. Colourful page markers help my notebooks to be more organised.

For the main notebook, I chose an A5-sized spiral-bound Semikolon Journal in navy blue. A5 is a good size for a journal, because it’s not too big to carry around, but there’s enough space for me to draw and sketch inside the notebook.

What I like the most about Semikolon’s hardcover journal is it consists of three different paper style – ruled, grid and blank, separated with clear plastic dividers. As a creative blogger who mostly work with illustrations and colours, grid and blank pages are must-haves.

This journal is quite heavy due to its sturdy hardcover, which is why I prefer to carry a lighter notebook when I’m out, such as these ones by Orla Kiely. The jot pad by Otto comes in handy when I need to create a list.

My Journalling Style - A Collaboration with Officeworks (+ GIVEAWAY!)

At the beginning of the year, I planned where I’m taking this blog for the next 12 months. Every year I like to bring new topics and ideas for my readers. Last year, I introduced my love for planners on this blog, and it was a hit! This year, I’m planning to introduce gift-wrapping and kids-related creative posts.

My Journalling Style - A Collaboration with Officeworks (+ GIVEAWAY!)

If you didn’t know this before, other than the usual Christmas, Valentines and Easter, there are also funny unofficial holidays every month! Some of my favourites are Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day and Popcorn day. Listing them down will help me create a theme for my blog post each month to keep them consistent.

My Journalling Style - A Collaboration with Officeworks (+ GIVEAWAY!)

Most of the pages on my journal are visuals. The image above is an example of how I use the blank pages of my Semikolon journal to plan my printable contents. My choice of drawing materials include Pilot brush pen and Copic markers.

As you know, I like to style my workspace in a way that would inspire me when I work. Orla Kiely’s stationery products always catch my attention. I love the way Orla Kiely combines repetitive simple pattern with bold colours.

My Journalling Style - A Collaboration with Officeworks (+ GIVEAWAY!)

My Officeworks Favourite Picks:

  • Semikolon A5 Mucho Spiral Notebook Marine $9.99 – Click to buy
  • Orla Kiely A5 Pocketbook 3 Pack $19.99 – Click to Buy
  • Orla Kiely Mechanical Pencil Flower Abacus Green $16.99 – Click to Buy
  • Otto Page Markers 10 pack $5.96 – Click to Buy
  • Otto Notebook and Zipper case Modern $12.95 – Click to Buy
  • J Burrows Page Markers 6 pack $5.70 – Click to Buy
  • Orla Kiely Magazine Rack Stem Midnight $22.99 – Click to Buy

This post was sponsored by Officeworks. All opinions are my own. 


The awesome team at Officeworks is giving you a chance to win a prize pack worth $100!

All you need to do is leave a comment below, sharing examples of how you embrace your notebook or journal for your own creative pursuits. To help you feel more inspired, you might want to browse the range of notebook and journal style that Officeworks has to offer on their website.

Competition ends on Friday, 12th of February 2016 at midnight AEST. Winners will be announced via email and also on this blog post. Only one entry per person, and we will pick the most creative answer as the winner. Opens to Australian residents only.





Kikki.K Planner Giveaway + Personalised Planner Kit | DESIGN IS YAY!January is actually Design is Yay’s birthday month. Since I started blogging under Design is Yay on the 1st of January two years ago, it makes it difficult to host a birthday giveaway right before/after the actual birthday because of the holidays. So I thought, it doesn’t matter when I start the giveaway, as long as it’s still in the month of January. We are cutting it short here with only 3 days left of January (how time flies!). But I just want to make sure that I’m giving away the best stuff.


I’m very excited to announce that Personalised Printable Planner Kits are now available from my Etsy shop! I have created three design themes for you to choose from; Elegant Floral, Cute Watermelon and Adorable Owl. They are available for all three Filofax/Kikki.K planner sizes.

One lucky winner will receive:
1x Brand New Kikki.K Mint Leather Pocket Planner (with all the original inserts)
1x Pocket-sized personalised planner kit of your choice
1x Pack of 6 sheets stickers

Two lucky winners will receive:
2x Personalised Planner Kit in the size and design of your choice.

The personalised planner kits will be printed, cut & hole-punched by me!

This Giveaway is open to all residents worldwide.

PLANNER GIVEAWAY - Floral Personalised Planner Kit | DESIGN IS YAY!

Floral Personalised Planner Kit

PLANNER GIVEAWAY - Owl Personalised Planner Kit | DESIGN IS YAY!

Owl Personalised Planner Kit

PLANNER GIVEAWAY - Watermelon Personalised Planner Kit | DESIGN IS YAY!

Watermelon Personalised Planner Kit

Ready for the giveaway?

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Design is Yay is ONE. YAY!

Design is Yay has given me so much this year – new things to learn, new friends and some opportunities. I’m so happy to say that we are definitely evolving! But I wouldn’t have done all of this without the support of my wonderful readers. So, Thank you so much!

As a token of my appreciation, I’ve decided to host a special birthday giveaway. This giveaway is sponsored by some of my favourite designers/shops around the world.

Design is Yay! First Birthday Giveaway

One Lucky winner will receive:

1x 2014 Calendar by Toodles Noodles (NZ)

1x Haha Velveteen Fabric Cushion Cover  by Lorna Love (NZ)

1x Greeting Card from An April Idea (AU)

1x Letterpress Greeting Card featuring artwork by Juliette Dudley (AU)

1x $25 Voucher from Peachy Box (NZ)

4x Paper Fridge Magnet from Paper Jet Design (South Africa)

1x Red Party in a Box Set by Pepita De Chocolate (Portugal)

And Two lucky runner-ups will receive a greeting cards pack featuring designs by Juliette Dudley, An April Idea, Paper Jet and Wita Puspita Design.

Giveaway is open to residents worldwide :)

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Souvenirs from Indonesia Giveaway by Design is Yay!

I’m feeling very generous, so I’ve decided to giveaway some souvenirs I bought during my trip to Indonesia. No, they are not your typical keychains and fridge magnets souvenirs you usually get from your not-so-close colleagues. These souvenirs are handpicked and selected from some of Indonesia’s best independent designers.

Just a note, this giveaway is NOT sponsored by any of the shops. I just thought it will be a great giveaway for you readers, a great way to promote these independent designers, and I hope to bring even more readers to my blog. Win-win! :)

I have 4 gifts to giveaway.

Monkey Plushie by Cemprut Giveaway by Design is Yay!Giveaway 1: Monkey Plushie by Cemprut Indie Craft

The woman behind Cemprut, Aphrodita, handmade awesome and cute plushies that you can “adopt” from their facebook page. They use the term adopt instead of buy to create a personal connection between you and the cute creatures you adopted. Each plushie is unique. They might sell lots of other monkey plushies, but they might have different fabrics and colours. So the monkey I’m giving away to you is called Alvodapo.

Rickshaw Tissue Cover Giveaway by Design is Yay!

Giveaway 2: Rickshaw Tissue Cover by Canvas Living

I discovered Canvas Living during my visit to an independent shops market in Jakarta. Canvas Living was created by Harry & Sally (When Harry meet Sally? :P). They use natural canvas to create lifestyle products such as Tissue Cover, Jewellery box, pouches, bags, sandals and many more. The item I’m giving away is a Rickshaw patterned Tissue Cover. Rickshaw is originally called Bajaj in Indonesian. It’s a mode of transport at certain areas in Jakarta.
Facebook Page

Batik Pouch Giveaway by Design is Yay!

Giveaway 3: Batik Pouch by Batik Keris

Okay, Batik Keris is not exactly independent. I bet if you have ever been to Indonesia, you have seen Batik Keris. But, there has got to be a Batik item in this giveaway! And this pouch is cute.

Hand-illustrated Notebook by Koolastuffa Giveaway by Design is Yay!

Giveaway 4: Hand-Illustrated Notebook by Koolastuffa

Remember that Art Festival I went to in Jakarta? I posted a photo of Koolastuffa stall. So you know the kind of stuff they sell. I’m giving away a hand-illustrated small notebook. Check out more of Koolastuffa’s awesome products and illustrations in their blog.

How to Enter:
Do ALL of the following things:

  • Like Design is Yay page on Facebook, if you haven’t yet
  • Like and share this post on facebook (each “like” counts as one entry, each “share” counts as second entry. So if you share, you’ll get double chance of winning :) )
  • Be my loyal and supportive reader :)

Who Can Enter:

Anyone from all over the world. Prizes will be shipped internationally.


  • I will pick the winners randomly from the people who like and share the facebook post.
  • Each person can only like and share the post once.
  • You can’t choose which gift you are going to get. They are all nice.

Closing date: Monday 3rd of June 2013 at 12 midnight Sydney time
FOUR Winners will be announced and contacted via facebook on the 5th of June. So make sure you check your facebook.

Good Luck!