As a designer, I know how difficult it is to keep my workspace neat and tidy all the time. I do have a nice workspace. However, when work lines up, I find my things are all over the place, and I don’t even have the time to clean it up! When I was approached to do a workspace makeover sponsored by Officeworks, I jumped at the opportunity right away. What better way to start the new Financial Year than having a workspace refresh? The great news is, you can enter to win $100 gift voucher giveaway from Officeworks (GIVEAWAY CLOSED, THANK YOU)! Details are at the end of this post.

Let’s take a look at some before pictures…

Officeworks Master Your Workspace & Giveaway (Before) | DESIGN IS YAY!

This is how my workspace looks on a typical busy day. Sketchbook and notebooks everywhere, stacks of invoices and bills, drawing tools, and I don’t even own proper storage for my things. I normally re-use paper boxes from my paper supplier. Sometimes it’s hard for me to do things on my computer with all of those things around me.
Beside my main computer desk, there’s a smaller desk where I put my wireless printer and store my art and craft supplies. Underneath that desk was where I stored my stacks of printing paper, packaging supplies and some books and magazines. With all those things on the desk, I had no more space to comfortably do my work. They also look very messy and uninspiring. So I figured, what I need are some proper storage units to tidy them up.

Officeworks Master Your Workspace & Giveaway (Before) | DESIGN IS YAY!



Officeworks Master Your Workspace & Giveaway | DESIGN IS YAY!

My main computer desk is looking much better now for sure, where did all the mess disappear to?

Officeworks Master Your Workspace & Giveaway | DESIGN IS YAY!

I’m so pleased that now I have my main computer desk, AND a work station on the side to do my printing, cutting and packaging orders for shipment. How neat are those Monday to Friday A4 Folders? I also picked up some clear hooks to hang those folders using paper clips. The idea is to put the documents that need to be looked at on each day of the week in them. I also got my packaging supplies some proper storage boxes: A Large Stackable Drawer that’s big enough for my bigger-than-A4 tough mailing bags and brown wrapper roll, and an A4 box for the smaller things, such as twines, scissors and stickers. I also found this cute expanding file with a lot of compartments to store mails, bills, invoices, product warranties… you know how difficult they are to find when you really need them. It comes in 4 beautiful colour to match your workspace interior.

Officeworks Master Your Workspace & Giveaway | DESIGN IS YAY!

As a stationery fan, I couldn’t miss the chance to pick up some cool stationery from Officeworks’ X collections. I bought those cool mechanical pencils that kinda look like led pencils, B5 Spiral Notebook with PVC Zip Lock Cover where I can stash my stationery and drawing tools for when I’m doing work outside (and the dotted sheets is so convenient for sketching!), a pack of 36 Mini Coloured Pencils and it’s no surprise that I just had to have these cat paper clips. How adorable!

I also bought an A5 binder for my blog planner and a magnetic white board to stick my general to do list and some images that inspire me :)

Officeworks Master Your Workspace & Giveaway | DESIGN IS YAY!

One of Officeworks’ services that I use quite frequently is their Print & Copy service. They can print your documents/artwork instantly (unless they are really really busy) without a minimum order. I also find that their printing quality is great and they have a wide range of paper to choose from. That custom portrait illustration of me and my husband was printed by Officeworks Print & Copy, and I also didn’t forget to pick up a white frame for it. Also, if you’re not in a rush to get your printing done, you can order your prints online and have them delivered to your house.

Now, if you’re still wondering where all those messy things disappeared to, here’s my favourite purchase from Officeworks – Spencer 10 Drawer Cabinet with wheels in Aqua. The drawers might look small to you, but they are actually very spacious and able to contain a lot of things. I always love having things around my workspace with wheels, as I tend to move things around when I work. The Spencer 10 Drawer Cabinet also comes in other colours. Now, who says that a workspace needs to be colourless and boring? Officeworks has a range of colourful furnitures and stationery to match the theme of your workspace.

In this drawer cabinet, I finally get to neatly store my stacks of printing paper, my greeting cards collection, some art supplies, my writing tools, and I organised my stationery using a clear drawer tidy, which fits perfectly inside the drawer cabinet.

Officeworks Master Your Workspace & Giveaway | DESIGN IS YAY!

As I was strolling down the aisles in Officeworks, I couldn’t help but notice there are a lot of things that I need (or want!). From HP Pavilion Notebook in Red to this beautiful Hampton Trestle Desk, Officeworks have everything we need to create an organised yet attractive and inspiring workspace.

And even when you don’t feel like going out to your nearest Officeworks to pick up things that you need, you can browse the widest range of office supplies tech and furniture at the lowest prices 24/7 in the comfort of your own home at They will also deliver your goods for free on orders over $55.

Here are my favourite picks from Officeworks for your workspace:

Master Your Workspace - Officeworks picks | DESIGN IS YAY!

From top left, clockwise:
Never forget a task by jotting them down on [ X Slimline Notepad ]
Cool [ Mechanical Pencils ] that looks like your good ol’ led pencils, come in Black and White
If you’re not up to having a 10 drawer cabinet, there is also [ Spencer 5 Drawer Cabinet ] for your desktop
Having a meeting outside? Bring with you this [ Notebook with PVC Zip Pouch ] and you can keep all your stationery inside the pouch
Pack of 36 coloured pencils ] for your colourful ideas (and they are great for kids too!)
Organise your documents inside these [ A4 Weekly Folders ]
Cat Paper Clips ]. Need I say more? (They also have other shapes such as butterfly, car, peace fingers and helicopters)
I might not get the chance to get an [ Antrim Mesh Task Chair in Green ] this time around, but it’s definitely going onto my wishlist. I just love the colour; it’s so fresh!
Expandable File Folder ] to organise your mail, documents, bills, invoices and product warranties.



After seeing my workspace makeover, don’t you feel like doing the same with yours? Well, you might be able to! I have a $100 gift card to giveaway to one lucky reader. Simply comment below, answering the question:


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Giveaway ends on Tuesday 26th of August. Read Terms and Conditions here. The winner will be announced on our Facebook Page (so don’t forget to like!). For more ideas on how to master your workspace, check out this video by Officeworks on How to organise your workspace. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #mastermyworkspace when sharing your workspace or workspace inspiration online.

This sponsored post is brought to you by Officeworks. All images are by me, Wita Puspita for Design is Yay. All words and opinions are my own. 

Design is Yay is ONE. YAY!

Design is Yay has given me so much this year – new things to learn, new friends and some opportunities. I’m so happy to say that we are definitely evolving! But I wouldn’t have done all of this without the support of my wonderful readers. So, Thank you so much!

As a token of my appreciation, I’ve decided to host a special birthday giveaway. This giveaway is sponsored by some of my favourite designers/shops around the world.

Design is Yay! First Birthday Giveaway

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Souvenirs from Indonesia Giveaway by Design is Yay!

I’m feeling very generous, so I’ve decided to giveaway some souvenirs I bought during my trip to Indonesia. No, they are not your typical keychains and fridge magnets souvenirs you usually get from your not-so-close colleagues. These souvenirs are handpicked and selected from some of Indonesia’s best independent designers.

Just a note, this giveaway is NOT sponsored by any of the shops. I just thought it will be a great giveaway for you readers, a great way to promote these independent designers, and I hope to bring even more readers to my blog. Win-win! :)

I have 4 gifts to giveaway.

Monkey Plushie by Cemprut Giveaway by Design is Yay!Giveaway 1: Monkey Plushie by Cemprut Indie Craft

The woman behind Cemprut, Aphrodita, handmade awesome and cute plushies that you can “adopt” from their facebook page. They use the term adopt instead of buy to create a personal connection between you and the cute creatures you adopted. Each plushie is unique. They might sell lots of other monkey plushies, but they might have different fabrics and colours. So the monkey I’m giving away to you is called Alvodapo.

Rickshaw Tissue Cover Giveaway by Design is Yay!

Giveaway 2: Rickshaw Tissue Cover by Canvas Living

I discovered Canvas Living during my visit to an independent shops market in Jakarta. Canvas Living was created by Harry & Sally (When Harry meet Sally? :P). They use natural canvas to create lifestyle products such as Tissue Cover, Jewellery box, pouches, bags, sandals and many more. The item I’m giving away is a Rickshaw patterned Tissue Cover. Rickshaw is originally called Bajaj in Indonesian. It’s a mode of transport at certain areas in Jakarta.
Facebook Page

Batik Pouch Giveaway by Design is Yay!

Giveaway 3: Batik Pouch by Batik Keris

Okay, Batik Keris is not exactly independent. I bet if you have ever been to Indonesia, you have seen Batik Keris. But, there has got to be a Batik item in this giveaway! And this pouch is cute.

Hand-illustrated Notebook by Koolastuffa Giveaway by Design is Yay!

Giveaway 4: Hand-Illustrated Notebook by Koolastuffa

Remember that Art Festival I went to in Jakarta? I posted a photo of Koolastuffa stall. So you know the kind of stuff they sell. I’m giving away a hand-illustrated small notebook. Check out more of Koolastuffa’s awesome products and illustrations in their blog.

How to Enter:
Do ALL of the following things:

  • Like Design is Yay page on Facebook, if you haven’t yet
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Who Can Enter:

Anyone from all over the world. Prizes will be shipped internationally.


  • I will pick the winners randomly from the people who like and share the facebook post.
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  • You can’t choose which gift you are going to get. They are all nice.

Closing date: Monday 3rd of June 2013 at 12 midnight Sydney time
FOUR Winners will be announced and contacted via facebook on the 5th of June. So make sure you check your facebook.

Good Luck!