Holiday Gift Wrapping 2015

BY Wita | 17/12/2015 | Creative Life
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Christmas Gift Wrapping 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!I don’t know if it’s because of the Holidays, but I’m very into wrapping gifts lately. I even challenge myself into buying odd-shaped or cylinder gifts, just to find creative ways to wrap them.

As a foreigner living in Australia, I don’t have a lot of people I should give gifts to. Plus, it’s not customary for Chinese Indonesians to exchange gifts during Christmas, as we tend to have bigger celebration on Chinese New Year. Of course I wouldn’t want to miss out on the gift-exchanging festivities! This year, I’ve decided to participate in online gift-swaps hosted by some of my favourite online influencers.

In Australia, we have Samantha from Dunne with Style who is hosting #TheCreativeExchange. I really like the concept of this particular gift swap, because instead of exchanging ready-made gifts, we are supposed to give our secret gift recipient crafty products or supplies to make and create something. This is my first year taking part in this gift-swap, and my secret giftee in Melbourne (not so secret anymore as of now) have received a box full of creative goodies, including kits to make her own Mini Christmas Wreaths and Paper Pom Pom Trees.

Christmas Gift Wrapping 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!

For the wrapping part, I went with black and gold confetti wrapping from Vandoros as my ‘base’, paired with colourful gift wrapping from Kikki.K’s Mountain collection. Christmas Gift Wrapping 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!

One online gift-swap is not enough for me, I have to jump into the second one, Goody Goody Gift Swap hosted by Jenna Cantagalo, a designer from Brooklyn. I took part in GGGS last year, and I had the pleasure of exchanging gifts with Eling from Migration Goods in the U.S.

This year, my gift swap buddy is another creative from the U.S, Lindsey from The Hive Studio, who is an amazing calligrapher!

I’m yet to send out my gifts to Lindsey, so I’m not going to tell you what’s inside. All I can tell you is that I’ve picked some locally made products that I bought from Handmade Canberra, to ensure that Lindsey wouldn’t be able to find them in the U.S!

For the gift wrapping, I chose the black, white and gold theme from Kikki.K. I also use some gift tags and buntings from Kikki.K’s Christmas Paper Lover’s book to complete the whole look.

Christmas Gift Wrapping 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!

For my Sister in law’s family of 4, I have decided to use two different wrapping styles. For the two kids, they are getting bigger presents and stocking stuffers. I went with the same black & gold confetti, but this time it’s paired with triangle red and blue pattern paper, both from Vandoros. I also play with different types of ribbons to make them look more cheerful. The gold bow is actually created using washi tape!

Christmas Gift Wrapping 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!

The parents are getting smaller presents (good things come in small packages, right?). I am actually sad that I didn’t get to use more of this beautiful wrapping paper that I bought from Inky Co. I just love the navy blue colour so much! I really recommend Inky Co’s wrapping paper, because they have a very good range of design and colour, and the quality is superb!

Christmas Gift Wrapping 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!

If you like what you’ve seen so far, here are some of my gift-wrapping tips:

  • To select different types of wrapping paper that could work together, you must choose one base design, and one or more wrapping paper with contrasting element.For example, if the base is a plain or one coloured paper, then you may want something more colourful with busier pattern for the contrasting elements. If the base has smaller pattern just like the black & gold confetti design, then the contrasting element should be something with large pattern with brighter colours, like the mountain collection or the blue and red triangles.
  • Wrapping paper is not cheap! If you have a lot of presents, or bigger presents to wrap, have a roll of kraft brown paper handy. They could act as an extender to your wrapping paper. Use them as the base wrapping paper, and they will go with almost any other contrasting wrapping paper that you have. Other times, you just don’t have enough of the wrapping paper that you’d like to use. That’s when the kraft paper could come in handy as well.
  • The best way to wrap odd shaped gifts is to place them in boxes. However, you can also make a goodie bag style gift wrapping and add embellishments to make them look more like gifts and less like stuff you just bought from a gift store.
  • My favourite embellishments are ribbons, gift tags and twines, so I tend to stock up on these items. I have a few different colours of ribbons and twines, and use them according to my wrapping paper design.
  • Paper books is a good start for having a range of gift tags and embellishments. I recommend Kikki.K’s Paper Lover’s Books, and Flow magazine’s Paper Books.
  • Don’t be afraid to use embellishments that are not common for gift wrapping, such as mini buntings or pom pom balls. I believe that gift wrapping is art, so your gift wrapping should truly reflect your style!
What’s your gift wrapping essentials? Share them in the comments below!