Printable CNY Red Packets / Mini Envelopes

BY Wita | 29/01/2013 | Cards & Stationery
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I know that next month’s most anticipated “non-holiday” is Valentine’s Day. It’s a non-holiday because you don’t actually get a day off for Valentine’s. But I’m sure the city will be full of lovey-dovey old and young couples with their roses bouquets and chocolate boxes.

However, some of my lovely readers may not know that on the 10th of next month is actually Chinese New Year day. So thanks to my friend who reminded me that Chinese New Year is actually coming, and that I should create a printable hong bao, or CNY red packets.

CNY red packets printable by Design is Yay

What is the purpose of hong bao or red packet? Some of you might ask.

So during Chinese New Year, married people are supposed to give unmarried people (their kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc) red envelopes that contains money. The money can be in any amount that you’re willing to give.

The purpose of giving these red packets is to wish the a year of prosperity and luck. After all, red is the color that chinese people believe would bring them good luck. So giving red packets is a nice gesture.

Sadly for me and my husband, as a newly married couple who used to be the ones who received those red packets, this year we have to give our niece and nephew red packets, and we won’t be receiving anything for ourselves. *Sob*

CNY red packets printable by Design is Yay

I hope you like my creation of modern red packets. To those of you who are not chinese, there’s something for you too! You can click the second link to download these cute mini envelopes without “Happy Chinese New Year” message on it, and you can write any messages that you want!

CNY red packets printable by Design is Yay

Continue reading for the download links!

CNY red packets printable by Design is Yay



Click the download links above to download Chinese New Year Red Packets or All Purpose Mini Envelopes. Printing result might vary depending on the paper and printer that you use. I printed mine on kodak premium matte paper, using Canon Pixma MG 6250.
For best result, do not print them from Mac Preview. Open with Adobe Reader instead. If you don’t have any you can download it for free here.

After printing them, use paper cutter or scalpel to carefully cut the envelope shape. Score the fold lines carefully with back of the scalpels. Assemble and attach your envelope with double-sided tape.


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