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BY Wita | 04/03/2016 | Blog Biz
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I actually did not know how to title this post, but I thought that using the word bump sounds cuter than the word pregnant. Plus being pregnant does feel like having a figurative bump in my life. There are changes that I have to make in order to continue to be productive and creative while making adjustments to my new experiences. 

Creative Blogger with a Bump | Running a Creative Blog when Expecting | DESIGN IS YAY!

I went into my first pregnancy without any expectations, but one thing I told myself ever since the start of my pregnancy was that I will not abandon my passion in creativity. I’ve seen too many women abandoning their passion and career once they got pregnant (or even married!), and I’d hate to follow that path, because that’s just not who I am. However, I’ve also seen quite a number of women who continue on thriving and succeeding in their passion even after 2, 3 or 4 kids! They’ve inspired me greatly and giving me the confidence in continuing what I do.

My activities as a creative blogger consist of: answering emails, designing printable freebies, writing posts, styling and photographing my printables, styling and photographing my instagram posts (yes they are two different things), planning future posts, and promoting my blog (which includes instagram, pinterest, and submitting to other websites). I don’t necessarily do all of those everyday, but that’s the amount of work need to be done behind this blog. Some days I do 5 hours of printable posts styling and photo shoot, and other days I spend the whole day editing photos and writing posts.

Of course my life isn’t all about working. Some days I have to exercise, grocery shopping, make dinner, relaxing, and do a little bit of house chores. Lucky for me, my husband has been a GREAT help when it comes to doing house chores. Having a supportive life partner is what keeps me going in life, pregnant or not. There are days when I felt so swamped with work that my husband had to come home to a house that resembles a colourful wrecked ship, and no dinner on the stove. He dealt with it, and bought us take-out dinner. Problems solved.

My activities don’t change that much during my pregnancy. I still do all the above, but less on the house chores and cooking part (again, this is where supportive life partner, take-out dinner and cleaning services come in handy). If anything, I have more things to do. Instead of planning and creating a month worth of post within a couple of weeks, I have to do 5 months worth of posts in January so that I don’t have to be silent during my labour and recovery time in April and May. I plan, schedule and re-schedule my printables and photo shoots over and over again. Just when I thought I was done designing printables for the next 5 months, I reviewed them and wasn’t too happy about it. This is one of the things caused by my pregnancy hormones, I kept thinking that things aren’t good enough, and I could have done better or more. So I’ve decided to do more printables and make changes to some that I’ve designed. I know that it sounds crazy, but… why not? As long as my baby and I are both healthy, I don’t see why I should stop.

Designing and coming up with ideas are no challenge for me. Anything that can be done by sitting down on my sofa, in front of my computer or writing on my notebook are easy peasy. My challenges arise when it comes to photo shoots during my third trimester, all thanks to my ever expanding bump and Australian summer heat (it’s 37 degrees celsius as I’m typing this). My physical ability is pretty much limited, I can’t squat, hunch, kneel, and those are the three most common poses I use when photographing. I knew I had to start making adjustments to the way I take photos. I only take photos using a tripod while sitting down on my swivel chair, and I no longer take step-by-step photos. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but for the last few printables, I’ve used my graphic illustration skills in showing you the steps. I don’t take as much photos as I used to, but I make sure that the few that I’ve taken and publish are the good, pinterest-worthy ones. Of course I have to remind myself not to over-tire my body, because at the moment another life is depending on it. I need time to take breaks for water and laying down every now and then.

You need to know your limitations and plan around it. I have been blessed with pretty much problem-free pregnancy, which is why I set my limitations pretty low. I understand that pregnancy is not that smooth-sailing for some women, and that’s when they have to be more cautious. Use your creativity to make the changes you’re supposed to. If I were to put on bed rest by my doctor (touch wood!) and not able to continue taking photos, I might have a smaller studio by my bed and take photos using my iPhone if I have to. I might have to create more digital freebies instead of printable ones.

My next challenge would be having a newborn and still keeping up with this blog. I really do not know what to expect, but since I’m doing a pretty good job during my pregnancy, I’m more confident now than ever that I will be able to work something out when things get tough.




  • Hi, is this the Kikki.K Baby book or Baby notes in the photo, please? Thank you!

  • I LOVED reading this post! thank you. I can totally relate to it at the moment. I am in my third trimester, expecting my third child in November. Moving in any shape or form is proving quite exhausting and in recent months (since the terrible morning sickness settled down) I have been very much enjoying taking this time to try and learn more about Blogging and start to vision where I want to go with it. It has been a welcomed distraction. Though I started 2 yrs ago, I am still very much a beginner blogger, don’t know how I will go with three children though and keeping up with the blogging. The ideas are there. The time factor is my greatest challenge. But I need to keep my family as my primary focus in this season. I love your photos by the way,… Do you have a Post with tips and tricks for Photographing things for a Blog post eg lighting and background/ set up etc? How are you finding life with baby + blogging now?