Design is Yay Life Planner A5 Inserts

BY Wita | 13/11/2015 | Plan & Organise
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Design is Yay Life Planner inserts | DESIGN IS YAY!

After using these life planner for my own planning needs for a while, I finally decided that if they work so well for me, they might work well for you too!

The new year is a good time to start getting organised and be clear about your goals and schedules, so I’d like you to have the chance in using them too. I’ve put up new listings on my etsy shop, and you can purchase these Design is Yay Life Planner inserts in PDF files. Which means, you don’t have to wait for my mail to arrive, you can download and print your life planner as many as you like (for personal use only) and start planning your month, week and day, right away!

Design is Yay Life Planner Day Planner insert | DESIGN IS YAY!

Our Day planner is perfect for your day-to-day scheduling. It features hourly schedule from 8 am to 8 pm, to-do list to jot down the most important, call/email list for your networking, social or appointment-making reminder, your meals, note space for anything else that you want to add.

Design is Yay Life Planner Weekly Planner insert | DESIGN IS YAY!

The weekly planner oversees what you need to do during the week. From time to time you’ll need to have a glance through your week, and it’s easier when you have them all in one page. I also include Priorities list for those very urgent tasks, and each day you can write one thing that you’d like to make a habit of under the Good Habit section.

Design is Yay Life Planner Monthly Planner insert | DESIGN IS YAY!

I think that the monthly planner is definitely the essential planner to have for busy freelancers, moms, bloggers, students and small business owners. The ideas/reminder box is to jot down everything that you need to do for the month. For example, bloggers such as myself might use it to write down post ideas for the month. Moms might find it useful to jot down all appointments, playdates and school events happening that month.

The network section is a place where you write down emails or number of people that you’d like to contact, whether it’s for networking, social or appointment-making purposes.

Don’t forget to write down your Top 3 Goals, because if you keep reminding yourself of your goals, the faster you’ll get there.

All of these life planner are undated, so you can use them all year and re-use them for years after. These planners come in A5 paper size (14.8 x 21 cm or 5.8 x 8.2 inches), and they will fit any Kikki K large time planners or personal planners, and Filofax A5 planners. If you don’t have a planner, you can easily use an A5 binder or a clipboard, just like what I did in some of these images.

Design is Yay Life Planner Monthly Planner insert | DESIGN IS YAY!

You can purchase these life planner as a bundle deal, or you can also purchase them individually (monthly, weekly, daily)

And since keeping myself healthy is also an important part of my life planner, I didn’t forget to create weekly meal planner that also includes a shopping list at the bottom. You can purchase the weekly meal planner here.

Design is Yay Life Planner Weekly Meal Planner insert | DESIGN IS YAY!

I hope that these planners will get you more organised in the new year!



  • Celina Mendes

    these are too cute :)
    they only come in a5, or is there a possibility to make them fit a filofax personal?

    • Hi Celina, thank you so much! I will be making personal size soon :)
      Follow @designisyay on instagram or Design is Yay on Facebook so you’ll be informed when they have become available.

  • OMG I love your planner and the insert you designed.