BY Wita | 04/03/2014 | Calendars & Planners
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I’m FOUR days behind on this month’s wallpaper. But better late than never? :)

So I just came back from my recent trip to Washington DC, and NYC (and stayed in Manassas VA while visiting DC). When I was in New York, I realised that not too long ago I was wondering when will I be able to go to New York. Then suddenly my childhood good friend invited me to her wedding in Virginia, and there I was! Being in New York was magical. I’ve never been a fairy tale princess kind of girl, but being in New York was probably the closest I have ever felt in reaching that “being in a fairy tale” moment. Of course, unlike the usual Fairy Tale standard, my visit to New York wasn’t full of luxury parties in ballrooms and horse carriages . It was more about… eating hot and delicious middle eastern food from food trucks after spending 2 hours freezing on the top of double decker night tour bus, going into a very disgusting looking subway station and laughing my ass off watching “Book of Mormon” on broadway. I guess everyone has different ideas on Fairy Tale, but I like mine! And being in the middle of Times Square at night was super magical. I was lucky enough to be able to book a decent-priced hotel room right in the middle of Times Square, so I got to enjoy those amazing mega-bright billboards every night.

This month, enjoy having a cute and happy mermaid on your gadgets!


WITH CALENDAR: 1920 x 1080 | 1856 x 1161 | iPad

WITHOUT CALENDAR: 1920×1080 | 1856 x 1161 | iPhone

TIPS for iPhone and iPad users:

Its easier to download them straight to your iPhone / iPad.

1. On your iPhone/iPad, open your browser and go to and find this post.
2. Click on the download link of the wallpaper you wish to download. Once the image is fully downloaded on your browser, tap + hold the image until a menu comes up. Click “Save Image”.
3. Open the “Photos” app and go to “Camera Roll”. Select the Wallpaper that you want to use, click on the bottom left arrow icon and select “Use as Wallpaper”. Your iPhone / iPad will ‘guide’ you through the rest of the steps.

If you have ios 7:
ios7 has the tendency to “zoom” images used for wallpaper. If this happens to your phone, go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > ACCESSIBILITY > REDUCE MOTION and turn ON Reduce Motion (the button thing should turn green). Then follow step number 3 again.

  • lovestar

    hello i think there are problems with the links, just pointing it out.

    • Wita

      it’s fixed :) please refresh and try to download again

  • I look forward to every month’s wallpaper. Thank you so much!

  • Chris

    Any chance you’d like to re-post your pretty chalkboard March wallpaper as a 2014 version? :)

  • Huyen Le

    Thank you for this cute wallpaper ! :)

  • Kinz

    ADORABLE! Thank you very much!