Desktop Wallpaper Calendar : May 2013

BY Wita | 02/05/2013 | Calendars & Planners
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Desktop Wallpaper Calendar May 2013 by Design is Yay!

This morning I woke up, check my phone, and to my surprise, it’s May.

Where did April go?

So here comes my monthly (except for April because I forgot. Sorry) desktop wallpaper calendar for May.

Here in Australia, May means the leaves start turning red and orange, and they start falling. Autumn is really beautiful here, especially in Canberra. I never really appreciated Autumn when I was in Melbourne, because all year round all I saw were gothic buildings and graffitied alleys. I lived, worked and studied in the city of Melbourne, and I hardly went outside the city. I used to dislike road trips. That was why, during my 6 years in Melbourne I had never went to Mt Dandenong, Yarra Valley and many many more. Although to be honest, now that I’ve been to both, I say Mt Dandy is overrated (plus the food there are ridiculously expensive). Yarra Valley is beautiful though
Desktop Wallpaper Calendar May 2013 by Design is Yay!

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  • love that design so much * welcome may (in germany the start of spring & summer-time…..), all the best julia

  • Ok, this is just kismet – I went looking for a little something to cheer up my desktop today and I googled may 2013 desktops and out of the hundred that came up I found this one and just loved it so much I made it my desktop straight away (I was impressed that it was autumn themed and not spring!) – so I decided to have a bit of snoop around your blog (because obviously you’re cool, you’re in australia and your blog is great!) and I came across your post about your new greeting cards and low and behold – I HAVE ONE! I got it in my Mega Craft Day bag from Canberra Creatives – I love it so much that I stuck it straight on my pin board when I got home! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome!!! Don’t move back to Melbourne – Canberra would lose 100 cool points if you went! :) ;) :)

    • Wita

      Hello Angie, it’s nice to *virtually* meet you! I think I’ve seen your blog name (gnomeangel) at Canberra Creatives’ facebook page. Glad you love the desktop and the card. I’ve had a look around your blog and I think it’s great :)
      And about moving back to Melbourne, don’t worry, I think I’m not going to. I wrote that beginning of last year when I just moved here. To be honest I’m starting to feel more comfortable living here. I do miss Melbourne from time to time, but I love the closeness of the people in a smaller (but not that small) city like Canberra. See you around!