Desktop Wallpaper Calendar May 2014 (+Updates)

BY Wita | 12/05/2014 | Calendars & Planners
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May 2014 Desktop Wallpaper | DESIGN IS YAY!

I’m posting this from Jakarta, Indonesia! :D

So as some of you might know from my instagram posts (follow me @wita_is_yay on instagram!), I am back in my home country for two months. My bestie is getting married and my dad just opened his hotel, so I figured I should be here for a while to show support for two of the most important people in my life. Plus, going back to Indo is always exciting. This country is changing so fast, I can’t even keep up. Every time I’m home there’s always something new, another mall popping up somewhere, another new restaurant to try, another trend to follow…. I’m also looking at expanding my business, Pippa Paper (my current baby) in Indonesia by getting a partnership with a local digital printing to produce the portrait. And as my father’s (only) daughter… of course I need to learn a thing or two about the new hotel for the future.

I apologize for the lack of posts in Design is Yay , and also for being late in delivering these desktop wallpaper you guys seem to anticipate every month on. Guys, I can’t tell you enough how much I really appreciate your readership and the fact that some of you feel disappointed when there’s no new desktop wallpaper posted on the blog at the beginning of each month. It shows that you are really liking what I post. But you have to understand that I am currently super busy with work. And that’s a good thing. For the past few weeks in Canberra I was always sleeping late and waking up early. I am actually searching for a great under eye concealer to cover up these dark circles under my eyes (if you have great concealer recommendations, let me know in the comments!). Portrait orders for Pippa Paper are flowing in (thank you!), I have to find ways to keep on promoting Pippa Paper, doing photo shoots, creating marketing collaterals and so on. I have such high hopes for Pippa Paper, and honestly I feel that I’m off to a great start. Besides Pippa, I still have my freelance design work to do and of course helping out my dad with online promotion of his new hotel.

Naturally, I am kinda neglecting Design is Yay, because as much as I love blogging and creating freebies, Design is Yay is not my source of income. At the moment I gotta put my sources of income first, because money = allowing me to buy nice things and travel to nice places = feeling happy and inspired (not saying that money buys happiness, but the two are somehow connected). Of course I am not going to stop blogging, but I just don’t want Design is Yay to be something I am pressured to do.

I am actually thinking of somehow incorporating Design is Yay with my daily life, finds and happenings (stationery haul of the week , cute packaging I saw, design-related product reviews, my travel photos, etc). And of course, freebies. Because whenever I look at my google analytics, I thought to myself why do I even bother to post anything else other than freebies because that’s all what most people are here for, apparently hahaha (am I right?)

Anyway, that’s just a little update about my life situation at the moment. I have never been happier. You know when you’re talking to a tired-looking parent of a new born baby, asking them about what is it like to have a baby, and their answer is “it’s tiring, it changes your life, but it’s worth it”? That is exactly what I feel about Pippa (just in case you’re “lost”, Pippa is my custom portrait illustration business and not a real human baby).

Enjoy May 2014 desktop wallpaper – the Queen of Heart. This wallpaper was supposed to be released on the 10th just before Mother’s Day (y’know because Mothers are the queen of our hearts), but then I couldn’t finish it so it has to be today :) I am also loving the iPhone wallpaper which is Kinda different from the desktop design.

May 2014 iPhone Wallpaper | DESIGN IS YAY!

Hopefully I will manage to snap a lot of pictures here in Jakarta (and other cities) and post them here. But for (almost) daily snaps and updates, please follow my instagram!

WITH CALENDAR: 1920 x 1080 | 1856 x 1161

WITHOUT CALENDAR: 1920×1080 | 1856 x 1161 | iPhone


  • Tiara

    Download yaa~
    i love this desktop wallpaper. so cute.
    Terima kasih! :D

  • i just wanted to tell you how much i LOVE these monthly wallpapers! please keep them coming! they are always so cute and fun, and i’m always eagerly waiting for the next month :)

  • Zeni Lestari

    Iam Indonesian too! Salam kenal! XD

    • Wita

      Halo! Salam kenal juga :D