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BY Wita | 25/03/2014 | Cards & Stationery
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D.I.Y Pocket Book with Printable Covers | DESIGN IS YAY!

I’m a note-aholic. I have a collection of notebooks in different sizes, materials and thickness. Sometimes I feel guilty when I buy yet another notebook or notepad. But just like a shopaholic, I couldn’t stop. The weird thing is sometimes I don’t really use them. When I’m feeling like everything around me is so bland and boring, I like to look through my pile of notebooks and notepads. They make me feel happy.

My favourite type of notebook is the pocket book. They are cute and easy to bring around. I made three printable pocket book covers for your own D.I.Y Pocket Book. It’s very easy!

D.I.Y Pocket Book with Printable Covers | DESIGN IS YAY!

D.I.Y Pocket Book with Printable Covers | DESIGN IS YAY!

All you need is to download and print the pocketbook covers on thick carton paper (200 gsm and above preferred), plain or lined paper cut into 20.5 x 13.8 cm size for the insert and some twine or staplers. You can find the download link at the end of this post.

D.I.Y Pocket Book with Printable Covers | DESIGN IS YAY!

They will also make an awesome gift!


D.I.Y Pocket Book with Printable Covers | DESIGN IS YAY!

DIY Pocket Book with Printable covers | DESIGN IS YAY!

Please read before you download

  • Pip

    These are so cute! How generous and clever! :) x


    How cute are these?!! Thanks so much for sharing these pretty printables.

  • NannaJo

    These are adorable. My 7 year old granddaughter will love these.

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  • jet

    Cool idea, love it. I made when i was a child allot of those pocket books my self.
    I love as well your gift tag of the cat.
    very pretty design and fun to watch. Thank you for the sharing and the tute;-D

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  • jace

    hi … this paper size is kinda hard to find or cut … can u please make the cover as the size of A4 ?? or maybe A4 paper divided by 2 proportionally because the printout is not proportional

    • Wita

      I’m sorry but I do not alter ANY design I have created on my blog. So far, none of my other readers have complained about the size/proportions. But if I start taking requests for alterations on my FREEBIES, it will take a lot of my time which could be spend on something that would benefit me. Also, you’re getting this printable for free, so what you see is what you get :)
      This pocket book cover is supposed to be a DIY, that means the person who downloads this need to do a bit of work trying to create it. That’s where the fun in creating a DIY is. Thanks.

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  • suraj

    awesome creativity ……….

  • I like it

  • Nice post….. keep it up doing such awesome work….

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  • thank you!

  • Emily

    so cute!!

  • Christel

    Je rêve d’en faire un moi-m^me car je suis aussi une addictive au notebook. Ca me rend dingue parfois, il y en a tant et ils sont si chers! Merci beaucoup.Chris