Our Favourite 2017 Planners

BY Wita | 15/12/2016 | Plan & Organise
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Our Favourite 2017 Planners | DESIGNISYAY.COM

The New Year is coming real soon, and in a true planner girl/girl boss manner, the first thing that went through my mind was what planner should I use in 2017. With the sudden boom of planners, sometimes it’s hard for a planner addict such as myself to decide on the one planner I’m going to use for the whole year.

Let’s face it, there is no one perfect planner. But maybe with a combination of two or more different planners, you will finally find your planner peace. Let me help you pick the best 2017 planners for your life!



The designer, Emily Ley, doesn’t compromise on luxury and the quality of this planner. It comes in a navy and gold keepsake box, the cover is hard coated and protected with gold corners, and the paper uses Mohawk via, smooth and thick quality paper. The layout of this planner itself is simple, but easy to use for your daily life. No hard-to-read fonts or frilly lines, and very minimal colours. Perfect for those who wish to organise and simplify their busy lives. Buy Simplified Planner here


I really love the word Powersheets, it makes me feel like this planner is going to be a game changer in my life. However, this is not your usual planner, it is actually the planner to accompany your planner. Just like the name, this planner comes with several worksheets with questions that encourage you to dig dipper and find out your goal and purpose. If that sounds too heavy for you, don’t worry because the pages are very colourful and well designed. It feels like you are designing a life – your life– rather than filling in a survey. Perfect for those who are feeling lost and they need to discover, or rediscover, their purpose in life. Buy 2017 Powersheets here


Ban.do agendas are so popular, it’s almost like a cult. Planner addicts signed up to be on the list to find out as soon as the agenda becomes available. This is a feel-good planner. This is the planner if you don’t feel like you need mind-drilling self discovery questions, and you just want a planner that makes you feel good, and makes you feel like you’re having fun. You will find fun artwork and funny compliments throughout the agenda, such as “you make all the champagne bottles pop”, and their monthly calendar reminds you of fun holidays that are coming up. Buy Ban.Do agendas here


This planner is actually on my to-buy list. Just like what the name suggests, this planner gets you to get to work. This is the planner for those who already know what your purpose and goals are, and you are ready to get to work. Their layout is easy on the eyes and doesn’t distract you from what you really need to do. It still comes with pages to reflect and review your goals, because you know you’ll need to check back on your goals every once in short while. What I really like about this planner is the project breakdown pages, perfect for someone with lots of personal projects and ideas, such as small business owners and bloggers! Buy Get To Work Book here


A life planner, or life designer, is a planner that actually keeps information and plan the important things in your life. Amelia Lane Life Planner is a product by Chanel White, a Sydney based paper goods studio targeted for women. This planner comes in 2 beautiful hard cover designs with gold protective edges, delivered to you in a navy keepsake box, and for Australian readers, this planner is locally designed! There are pages for goal-setting, health and budget tracking, weekly meal and exercise planners, as well as login and password keeping. This is the all-round planner that everyone will find a good use of. Buy Amelia Lane Life Designer here


This Mi Goals 2017 diary is the one I’ve already owned and love. I haven’t get to use much of it yet, but I’ve already filled up most of the goal-setting pages. The first reason, although not the most important, for purchasing this planner was because the cover doesn’t come with big titles that screams “I AM SETTING MY GOALS”. It simply writes 2017 in gold foil on the cover; and “Goals Diary 2017”, also in gold foils, on the spine. They are very subtly placed, in a glance you would think it’s just a plain journal. The inside of the diary is very easy on the eyes, straight forward and I really like the goal setting pages. I will write a more comprehensive review on this diary, so stay tune! Buy MiGoals 2017 diary here


If you are familiar with Rifle Paper Co, you will know that the owner/head designer, Anna Bond, is simply the most amazing illustrator ever. This beautifully designed planner features Anna’s illustration on the cover, and it is the perfect gift on Christmas. Without all the bells and whistles of the other planners, it simply features planning section suitable for everyone and every needs. Buy Rifle Paper co Agendas here 


Erin Condren LifePlanner is one of the most popular planners within the planner community. They are popular for their Vertical weekly layout design. A lot of independent designers are selling stickers and decorations specific to this layout. The best thing about this planner is that you can customise it, and there are so many covers to choose from.

I have to admit that I actually have never seen this planner in person, because the shipping cost to Australia is quite hefty. However, I enjoyed playing with their Life Planner customiser, where I could choose the cover design, personalise with my name, the colour of the coil binder (rose gold is def my fave!), and you can customise the inserts as well! Buy EC LifePlanner here


This is the life organiser that you need if you prefer to have only one planner for all your life affairs. Other than monthly, weekly and daily planning pages, they also include pages to plan your holidays, projects, vacations, financial, meals health; and of course goal planner and tracker. This planner would be perfect for a stay at home mom with a small business. Buy Start Planner Hustle daily planner here

Which planner do you like the best?
  • I have been using the Get To Work Book (the 2016/17 version) and I love it! Great for pinpointing the most important tasks to do each day. Great layout, plenty of space for planning and also reflection. Looks really good too and fun to add in your own colours/stickers etc.

  • Chanel White

    Ohh thank you SO much for including the 2017 Amelia Lane Life Designer! Sitting in some good company there! :) Chanel xx