BFF FREEBIES: February 2015 Wallpaper Calendar & Planner

BY Wita | 22/01/2015 | Calendars & Planners
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BFF Freebies: February 2015 Wallpaper Calendar Planner | DESIGN IS YAY!

Other than being the month of love (Valentine’s Day), I’ve been informed that February 10th is Umbrella Day! So February 2015 freebies for BFF members reflects on those two themes.

These freebies will be sent out to your inboxes on January 29th, just in time for you to change current month’s wallpapers and planners. Just like the previous freebies, you will be able to download these sizes: desktop (with or without calendar), retina desktop (with or without calendar), iPhone (without calendar), iPhone 6 & 6+ (without calendar), iPad (without calendar), and also printable planner monthly organiser for A5, Personal and Pocket filofaxes (Large, Medium & Small for Kikki K planners). 

Last month, a lot of you signed up for the BFF club after the first email has been sent out. I’ve decided to have a weekly send-out to new subscriber segments. The link to all of the previous months’ freebies will also be included in the following months’ emails. I cannot reply any email asking me for the download links.

BFF Freebies: February 2015 Wallpaper Calendar Planner | DESIGN IS YAY!

BFF Freebies: February 2015 Wallpaper Calendar Planner | DESIGN IS YAY!

I have also added pocket planner printable starting from this month, because I have just bought my pocket planner from Kikki K, and I think it looks really cute!

BFF Freebies: February 2015 Wallpaper Calendar Planner | DESIGN IS YAY!

What is Design is Yay BFFs?

Introducing BEST FREEBIE FRIENDS. This is my way to thank all the lovely and loyal readers who have been supporting and reading this blog, as well as new readers who just discovered and love Design is Yay. Without all of you, Design is Yay will not come this far.

All you need to do (and this is open to everyone, including you) is to join our BFF club here and you will receive an instant download link to our “Live Creatively” print & wallpapers, and also monthly freebies for your desktop, gadgets and planners just like what you’ve seen in this post before the end of each month. I will also throw in a few freebie surprises every now and then, so you will get a lot more freebies from Design is Yay if you join the BFF club!

So don’t wait too long, sign up before January 29th to receive February 2015 freebies in your inbox!

January 2015 BFF Sign up Freebies - Wallpaper calendar for desktop, iphone & ipad and filofax planner | DESIGN IS YAY!




  • Midori Nagaoka

    Why I dont receive your e-mail?

    • Hi, there are a few reasons you might not receive my emails.
      1. you might not have click the subscription confirmation on the email that asked you to
      2. the emails might have gone into your spam mail, so please check your spam mail, and don’t forget to add wita [at] designisyay [.] com to your email address book :)

      • Midori Nagaoka

        Thank you so much, now can I receive your freebies?

  • This is the cutest little rain storm :-)

  • Cath

    hi I tried to join up but it won’t accept me!

    • I don’t understand why that is, but I’ve added your email to the list :)

      • Cath

        thank you it seemed to think i’d already registered


  • Ally

    I also just got a pocket! And it’s so cute!! I love it more than the personal or A5 because I can carry it around everywhere! xD Your designs are super cute, thank you for adding them in the pocket size!

  • Danielle Thomas

    Hi! I just joined your email list! Am I too late to get the February background? Thank you!

    • There will be re-sends each week on Wednesday :)

      • Danielle Thomas

        Wonderful! Thank you!

  • Asy-syifaa

    Mbak Wita, aku udah join BFF tapi yang Februari kok nggak ada ya? Maret juga sih..