BY Wita | 01/05/2014 | Uncategorized
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Mother's Day 2014 Gift Ideas | DESIGN IS YAY!

Mothers drive us crazy sometimes with their unreasonable worrying, nagging and making our littlest wrong-doings seem catastrophic. But being the person who takes care of us even before we existed, that’s makes them very special ladies. Here are some gift ideas for that second most special day of the year for mothers (first one being her birthday. Birthdays are much more special).

1. Perpetuate mom’s favourite recipes in this wooden [ Heirloom Recipe Box ] by Little Low.
2. No matter how old she is, mom will look super stylish in Kate Spade New York‘s [ Espadrille Maise Bag ].
3. [ Custom Illustration Print ] of your mom with this special floral layout by Pippa Paper is definitely the perfect and affordable gift for Mother’s Day (or any other days).
4. The colour of this Bodum [ Chambord Teapot ] is so cute! via Peter of Kensington
5. How beautiful is this Polkadot Posy [ Melamine Cup ]! Mom will love it because they’re unbreakable. via Lark.

  • Rayra

    I’m missing the calendar of this month ):

    • Wita

      sorry… I’m too busy to create this month’s. Maybe next month!