The Goal Digger Planner by Mi Goals on Kickstarter

BY Wita | 08/09/2017 | Plan & Organise
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The Goal Digger Planner by Migoals | DESIGN IS YAY


Goal setting, for me, is the first step of a planning activity. Our goals will determine the action steps and projects that we are going to do for the rest of the year. Whenever I think about goal planning, I’ll think about Mi Goals. Mi Goals is a Melbourne-based company founded by Adam Jelic and Alex Kach, that has taken the world with their structured and beautifully designed journals, notebooks and planners to help you unlock your potential and live a life of purpose.

This year, we did a review or Mi Goals 2017 Goals Diary. To summarise what I thought about the diary, it was a very well-made and exclusive looking planner. I really liked how it taps into the current states of our life in different aspect, and utilise it as a foundation for our goal setting activities for the coming year. However, what I didn’t quite like about the planner was the lack of continuity throughout the diary as a goal setting and action steps guidance.

Mi Goals is certainly a company who listens to their customer’s voices and concerns. On September 7th this year, they are launching Kickstarter campaign for their new diary, The Goal Digger Planner. The new planner will continue to combine Mi Goals bold, aesthetic and purposeful design that we all know and love, with more guidance throughout the planner to help us with the aspects of our lives that we would sometimes find frustrating and overwhelming. In a way, The Goal Digger planner is almost like your own personal life coach.

Setting goals is the easy part, but consistently working towards achieving them each day is the hard part, which is why we focus on keeping users accountable, by reviewing their progress from the previous month and helping them plan the month ahead like a life coach would. We’ve also incorporated extra space for weekends and compiled the most motivating and inspiring quotes to help people stay on track every day

Adam Jelic, Founder

Continuing with their exclusive minimalism approach when it comes to design, the planner will have a premium, stylish and bold design that will available in black and grey with colour painted edges. With its B5 size (260mm x 130mm), this planner would be spacious enough to be a hybrid of Mi Goals modern stationery loved by many people around the world.

The Goal Digger Planner by Migoals | DESIGN IS YAY

I personally love a weekly planner, and I’m excited to learn that The Goal Digger planner will have sections within their weekly spreads for goal setting and reflections. On the weekly page, we will be able to create new habits, set weekly goals, to do list, notes section and spaces to practice gratitude and weekly wins. At the beginning of the planner, a toolkit is provided to help gain self-awareness and recap the wins and lessons learned in the previous year, as well as a space to mind map our visions for the next year.

What’s more, Mi Goals is donating $1 for every pledge in their Kickstarter campaign to the Reach Foundation. Reach creates workshops to empower and support young people to get the most out of life and helps them develop the self-belief they need to fulfil their potential and dare to dream.

Are you excited about this new diary by Mi Goals? Check out their Kickstarter campaign and start pledging for your 2018 diary.

The Goal Digger Planner by Migoals | DESIGN IS YAY

Mi Goals is a sponsor of our Creative Planning Workshop event in Canberra by The Planner Academy at September 9th 2017