Helen Dardik [Illustrations]

BY Wita | 23/01/2013 | Uncategorized
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Helen Dardik is one of my favorite illustrators. But I’m guessing she’s everyone’s favorite, because it is hard not to love her illustrations. I love the quirky shapes of her animal and human characters. I love how she can put many detailed illustrations together and make a pattern.

Helen Dardik is a Ukrainian-born illustrator located in Canada. Her ever growing clients include Hallmark, Nick Jr Magazine and Penguin UK. She also blogs at Orange You Lucky! and sometimes share amazing (seriously, amazing) freebie printables such as these holiday gift tags. I would still buy those gift tags even if they cost real money.

I love collecting prints from artists and illustrators whose work I admire. You can buy Helen’s prints on her etsy store. However, she’s off on holiday at the moment, so you might not find anything right now, but she’ll be back in February!

Meanwhile, here are some of Helen’s prints.


Prints from top left, clockwise: One Cool Kitty, The Bestest Friend, Summer Moment, Henry and June

Helen’s Website

Helen’s Shop

Helen’s Blog

All images from Orange You Lucky!