Instagram vs Reality

BY Wita | 06/11/2015 | Blog Biz
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Recently I read a discussion on the internet over how real Instagrammers’ photos are compared to their real life. I’ve decided to uncover the truths behind my own Instagram photos. Now, I’m not one of those famous Instagrammers, nor I have hundred-K’s numbers of followers (that’s the goal, though!). But I do love Instagram. I care about my Instagram account as much as I care about my blog. My photos certainly aren’t the best I could do just yet, but it’s certainly getting a lot better than it used to be.

Some real-life friends who have never seen me work or been to my home have asked me if my Instagram account is really portraying how I live my life. My answer has always been yes and no.

Yes it is, because I only photograph the things that I love, and most of the time they involve pretty stationery, because I do have loads of them. I’m a stationery hoarder! I design the interior of my home as comfortable as I want it to be. I like to live and work at home where I see beautiful things that inspire me.

But no, unlike my Insta photos, my house is not that bright. At least not all the time. I do not own a white table that are wide enough to fit the things in my #flatlay photos. At the end of the day, all photos that I took has to be edited, sometimes heavily. I’m not a good photographer, and I don’t have any photography lessons or degree in my background. However, I spent 3 years learning graphic design, and Photoshop was a part of it. So I might say that I’m good in editing photographs, but not so much in photography.

Take this photograph for example:

Instagram vs Reality | DESIGN IS YAY!

This particular flatlay photograph features the things that are dear to me. My phone with Design is Yay cover custom-made by The Dairy, The totoro plush that I got as a gift from my best friend in Japan, Kikki K Rose gold glass box that I recently purchased and love, my Frends rose gold and white headphone that I use to listen to music almost everyday, my Kikki K planner, a May design notebook for my to do list, notepad by Rifle paper co which is my number one favourite stationery brand, and my gold stripes Kikki K pen.

However, as you can see, my table is quite small, I use white background to reflect lights and you can see my tiles, sandals and blinds on the background. Before getting this one image that I like, I had to change the styling 5 times and took around 10-20 images each time. I also had to take this photo during certain time of the day because they are easier to be edited that way. And if you visit me in my home during my photography session, you’ll see that my workspace is a shipwreck. I have to move fast when grabbing the things in my drawers, otherwise I might lose that perfect natural light or moments.

Here’s the same photograph after editing:

Instagram vs Reality | DESIGN IS YAY!

All of the things that I love are there and they still look the same. But the background is so much more white and bright. Why? Because Instagram is the hub for inspiration and showcasing pretty things that you love, just like a magazine. I personally wouldn’t read a magazine full of unedited images like the first one. Instagram is also a medium to show what a creative talent can do. Whether it’s photography, styling or design of all sorts of things.

Some people uses their Instagram account to capture their unedited daily life, and there’s nothing wrong with that too. But when an opportunity, such as taking your Instagram account to a business level has arise, I’d say you grab it with both hands, and do your best to capture your life at its best!

There are some things that I personally won’t do to maintain the genuineness in my Instagram account:

  • I only post brands or items that I truly love and/or have used before and liking the experience, sponsored or otherwise.
  • I only post items that I am passionate about. For example, I will never post anything that has got to do with camping, because I will never camp.
  • I don’t edit the products on my images, I only edit the brightness, contrast, colour balance and sometimes imperfections in the background.
  • All of my captions shows how I truly feel about the items in the photograph or the photograph itself, and I won’t let anyone put words in my head!

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