January 2013, and Good Things to Come

BY Wita | 31/01/2013 | Blog Biz
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Handwritten lettering by Minna May

I use Fellow Fellow’s Printable Blog Planner to plan and organize my blog posts for the whole month in January. Today I have finished my January sheet and moving on to February! Yay!

It’s been a month since I started blogging daily (except Sunday). Here’s what I learn so far:

  • Blogging is a real job and it’s a job for the hard-workers. It takes up a lot of your time and effort. I have to create my weekly printables/DIY/downloads, and so far I manage to post 2 printables/DIY/downloads each week. Then print, cut and assemble, take pictures, and create the post. Apart from that I still have to keep up with design-related news, and coming up with interesting posts. It is a full time job. However, I spend most of my time online and looking at design-related stuff anyway. So I don’t really look at it as a job, but more like sharing what I find online with others. And I really love creating my printables/DIY/downloads.
  • Linking is caring. Blogging community so far seems like a supportive community. Bloggers support each other, not try to pull each other down. I love supporting other bloggers and designers by featuring and linking them. Some wonderful bloggers have linked to my posts (thank you!), and I find that they boost my viewership. I hope I could do the same for them too.
  • Craftgawker is awesome. My printables and DIY posts won’t be discovered by so many readers if it’s not because of Craftgawker. They are awesome. A lot of people compare them to Pinterest, but I do not agree. Pinterest is the place where people pin stuff they see from Craftgawker. So if you have never heard of craftgawker, you should check it out.

So will I continue blogging? Yes. Absolutely Yes. This is the first “job” I have ever been so interested in. This is the first time in my life I hardly procrastinate. I love being able to create what I like and share them with you.
Changes and improvements I’d like to make for Design is Yay:

  • Finding my voice. That is harder than I think. Look, I’m not someone with the best people-skill. I have been rejected by hospitality and customer-service based businesses for not being “passionate enough about customer service”. I’m a pretty straight-forward person. I don’t greet people with excitement, I hardly make small talks, I don’t have interesting things to talk about all the time…. well, you get my point. Those behavior doesn’t translate well online. So honestly, when blogging, sometimes I try to sound cheery and excited (or exciting). To be honest that annoys me. But I also hate to sound like as if this blog is written by some robot. I’d like to try to sound more like myself here. After all my writing isn’t the most important thing for this blog. Design is.
  • Consistency. I am yet to find the right visual consistency (my collages, fonts, color, etc). Probably it’s because I’m still on experimental phase with this blog. The initial design of Design is Yay was mostly black and white, with hints of yellow. I experimented with the light pale pink background, and I think it works. So I began to incorporate more pink. However, I’m not a girly girl in real life, so I don’t want Design is Yay to have an overly girly vibe.
  • Opinions & Advices. I’m a newbie blogger, I guess I shouldn’t be giving advices. But, wouldn’t it be nice to hear from someone who is not an established blogger, who hasn’t make a cent out of his/her blog (oh well, I made 6 dollars this month from AdSense)? Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear about the ups and downs of blogging/freelance designer life, and the trials and errors? I don’t know about you, but I’d love that. So I’m going to start recurring posts about my experiences, opinions, advices and trial and errors in blogging and in working as freelance designer. What do you think it should be called? Any ideas?
  • Travel posts. I did write in my about me that I’d share my travel experiences. So far I have not. Don’t worry, it is still in my plan. I’d love to write more about Canberra, because most people who doesn’t know Canberra think that there is absolutely nothing here. Some of them were surprised that we have Myer and David Jones here. Okay, Canberra is no Melbourne. If I have the opportunity to move back to Melbourne, I WILL MOVE BACK IN A FLASH. I’m sorry, no offense to Canberra, but who can say no to living in Melbourne, the best city in the world? I love Melbourne as much as Carrie Bradshaw loves Manhattan.  But… (gosh, for a second there I forgot I was talking about Canberra) Canberra is not that bad. We have interesting places and events here, and I promise I’ll show it to you.
  • Last but not least, and I bet many would agree, improve my English writing skills. So, grammar and vocab nazis out there, I apologize for my writing mess. English is not my first language. I learned simple english when I was six. I began to use it daily when I lived in Singapore at eleven years old. I started using real english (no offense to Singaporeans, but you know it’s true) when I was sixteen and moved to Australia. So, I hope it’s understandable that I make grammar and vocab mistakes here and there. I’m trying to improve, believe me.

Wow. That was the most wordy post in this blog so far, I think? Hope you enjoy reading it. If you have any good ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism for me and this blog, feel free to leave a comment, or contact me directly! I’d love to hear them.


  • Congrats on being able to program all those posts! Really your blog is great and a great place where to get inspiration and courage to continue blogging. I am a newbie in the blog world too and English is not my native language but I would have never thought that is your case.
    Your work is great, your blog is wonderful and I just love it and wanted you to know.
    Thanks for all the tips, freebies and inspiration!
    Hugs from Valencia, Spain!

    • Wita

      Hi Sunny, I’ve visited your blog before and I’m loving it! We have very similar taste in illustrations and cute things. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words. It’s nice to hear from you!