My Kikki K Personal Planner Setup

BY Wita | 15/01/2015 | Plan & Organise
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Kikki K has always been my go-to shop for weekly diaries over the years. This year, I decided to go with their famous leather planner in personal size (A5 size). I bought the pink one because I really like the saffiano textured leather and the grey and white slanted stripes on the inside. The planner came in a cute box with multi-colour polkadots. I’ve always loved the way Kikki K packaged their products, it’s like they really think about how the buyers should feel when opening them. I have no regrets in buying this planner, because I just realised how fun it is to have a planner that’s totally customisable. It’s fun to see how other #planneraddict setup theirs too!

My Kikki K Pink Personal Planner Setup | DESIGN IS YAY

As I’ve mentioned before, this year I am also using Day Designer planner for my day-to-day planning. Therefore, I’m using this Kikki K planner for my business and personal planning. The first thing I did when setting up this planner was to design the dividers. The planner came with colourful dividers. They are beautiful, but I prefer to design them to suit my preferences. I have dividers for Pippa Paper (my custom portrait illustration business), Design is Yay’s blog book, Personal planning, Cash Flow, and Food & Health.

My Kikki K Pink Personal Planner Setup | DESIGN IS YAY

This is how I design my cover. It has my name, email and the year. Just in case I leave it somewhere (which I really hope that I won’t), I hope that whoever finds it would be kind enough to email me. On the left compartment, I have some adhesive notes from Kikki K’s cute collection, Bunny page markers, cat paper clips from Officeworks, mini cutout Rifle Paper Co calendar and some stickers.

My Kikki K Pink Personal Planner Setup | DESIGN IS YAY

I also have more page markers and sticky notes on the planner dashboard. On the right side you can see some “daily habit reminders” of mine.

My Kikki K Pink Personal Planner Setup | DESIGN IS YAY

For the Cash Flow tab, I bought some pages from Mockeri. I use them to keep track of my earnings and expenses for both of my etsy shops. Mockeri has a lot of cute pages to complete your planner. So if you are in the process of setting up your planner, you should check out their shop and blog.

My Kikki K Pink Personal Planner Setup | DESIGN IS YAY

Last but not least, I replaced Kikki K’s notepad with this Busy B**** notepad from Julie Ann Art. I fell in love with this notepad straight away when I saw it. I also love the fact that the colour of this notepad really compliments the planner’s colour scheme.

So, what do you think of my Kikki K personal planner setup?

Do you have one of Kikki K’s planner, and how do you set them up?

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This post is not sponsored by Kikki K at all. I  write good things about Kikki K a lot because I really, really, really, really love them. And I do think they are that great :)

  • Ah this is such a happy setup ♥

  • Hi Shu Ling,
    I use 1 hole puncher that I bought from Officeworks. 2 holes puncher doesn’t seem to work (wrong positioning), and so far I have not find any 6 holes puncher in Canberra.

  • Thank you so much Monique! I’m glad you like them :)

  • *er interior design

    Hope they are shipping to Italy as well ❤️❤️❤️

  • I love it!!! Love seeing my printable planners in use!! Thanks so much Wita! :)

    • Glad you like it Mel :) It is also featured on IheartPlanners blog (search for Planner Peek: Wita), just in case you don’t know. She mentioned your store too.

  • I just found out about kikki.k from this post and end up spending wayyy more money that I should have on their estore! you really should have affiliate links!! :)

    • I should! Unfortunately Kikki.K doesn’t offer affiliation :( I hope they will soon!