Kikki K Planner + Planner Kit Giveaway

BY Wita | 28/01/2015 | Plan & Organise
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Kikki.K Planner Giveaway + Personalised Planner Kit | DESIGN IS YAY!January is actually Design is Yay’s birthday month. Since I started blogging under Design is Yay on the 1st of January two years ago, it makes it difficult to host a birthday giveaway right before/after the actual birthday because of the holidays. So I thought, it doesn’t matter when I start the giveaway, as long as it’s still in the month of January. We are cutting it short here with only 3 days left of January (how time flies!). But I just want to make sure that I’m giving away the best stuff.


I’m very excited to announce that Personalised Printable Planner Kits are now available from my Etsy shop! I have created three design themes for you to choose from; Elegant Floral, Cute Watermelon and Adorable Owl. They are available for all three Filofax/Kikki.K planner sizes.

One lucky winner will receive:
1x Brand New Kikki.K Mint Leather Pocket Planner (with all the original inserts)
1x Pocket-sized personalised planner kit of your choice
1x Pack of 6 sheets stickers

Two lucky winners will receive:
2x Personalised Planner Kit in the size and design of your choice.

The personalised planner kits will be printed, cut & hole-punched by me!

This Giveaway is open to all residents worldwide.

PLANNER GIVEAWAY - Floral Personalised Planner Kit | DESIGN IS YAY!

Floral Personalised Planner Kit

PLANNER GIVEAWAY - Owl Personalised Planner Kit | DESIGN IS YAY!

Owl Personalised Planner Kit

PLANNER GIVEAWAY - Watermelon Personalised Planner Kit | DESIGN IS YAY!

Watermelon Personalised Planner Kit

Ready for the giveaway?

Follow the instructions below and good luck!

Terms and Conditions of this giveaway:
This Giveaway is not sponsored by Kikki.K or any other businesses.
Giveaway starts on January 28th 2015 at 10 am and ends on February 11th 2015 at 11.59 pm AEST.
Giveaway winner will be officially announced before February 15th 2015 on our Instagram and Facebook page, so make sure you follow/like both accounts.
All decisions are final.

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  • Juliesdreams

    Oh I just love the floral kit! Perfect for starting into a wonderful year! :-)

  • Your planner kits are so cute! I love the floral one and the colors of the owl kit are beautiful! Lovely!

  • How could I go pass the cute Owl planner kit! So gorgeous x

  • Jessica Crossley

    I love the floral kit. Such beautiful colours

  • Rosanna

    The owls are SO cute!! Love the color combinations as well!

  • Tel Roxanne Marree Vidler

    Loving the floral, the Owls colour are great and very different it also sets of the night time kind of mood…LOVE IT!!

  • Gina Smith

    So cute! The watermelon one is adorable!

  • Sammy Nguyen

    I love the owls & the floral kits!

  • Thalita Carvalho

    The Owl planner kit is the most beautiful of all! It’s so cute!

  • Wanyu Chong

    Owl is my favourite!

  • Thanks for the fantastic giveaway, Wita! I am new to the planner community, so this would be a fantastic introduction. My favourite planner kit is the watermelon one.

  • Oh the Owl.. I fell in Love.. Madly, badly!

  • Anita Bionda

    I love the floral set! It’s gorgeous

  • Ann L.

    I love them all!!

  • Buttercup

    I love the owl one. The colors look great together. I’ve been fascinated with owls ever since I found one in my living room one morning. It flew in during the night. Amazing and a little scary.

  • Jolie Herrera-Bognot

    i love this! so cute.. <3

  • aarika

    Why, yes, I always need a new cute planner :) Annnd I always go for a design with owls.

  • Nurul Izzah

    i love the owl design.. it’s so cute..

  • Blair Mirth

    Owl personal <3

  • Stacey

    They are all so cute!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jenna Young

    Oh my gosh… i love it all..

  • Heather Bester Perry

    So pretty I love them.

  • Caroline

    I love the Floral set – it’s so feminine and totally inspires me to get creative and organised

  • Danika Locey

    The floral set is SO CUTE! I love all of the colors and the delicate feel of it!

  • Kate Goldsby

    the owl design is my favourite

  • Melody Snook

    I like the owl :)

  • Jennie

    The watermelon is my favourite.

  • I LOVE the Owls!! (**)

  • yongji

    I love the Flora Set. Love the colors <3

  • ReeBee

    I’m loving the owl <3

  • Kelly G

    Great style! Love the owls!,

  • Dana Ford

    I love the floral set!

  • Heather Pegram

    The owls are definitely my favorite. I love the colors, but would love it more if the owls were coffee cups! Mmmm coffee!

  • linda

    The owl set is my favourite!!!!!<3 <3

  • Anastasia Valentino

    Floral is my favourite! Thanks for such an amazing giveaway- best I’ve ever entered I think! Xx

  • Geraldine Vivier Johnston

    The watermelon set is my favourite!

  • Owl set is my fave ^_~ thank you for a chance :)

  • PG

    The owl set is really adorable~~ I love it!

  • Oh wow, awesome giveaway, I’d love a kikki k planner, they are gorgeous! Happy birthday! Also, my fave is the watermelon kit, so fun!

  • amira_littlemushroomcap

    Awesome sets!!! I love the watermelon and floral….

  • Courtney Willard

    i love the floral set! Thank you for the oppurtunity to win!

  • Sheree Milne

    oh love these designs so clever …love the owl one the most… thanks for the giveaway…

  • Wendy Sutcliffe

    They are all lovely, but I LOVE owls, so they are my favourite!

  • Kristie Tatton

    Oh I really love the owls and the watermelon, but if i was pushed for a favourite it would be the owls!! (perhaps in the watermelon colourway!)

  • ycalendar private

    Owls for sure with the color scheme – love!

  • Sue FitzGerald

    I’m a bit of an owl lover so I would have to go that way. Coincidently I just went on the kikki k site looking for this exact planner but they had sold out, fingers crossed :-)

  • lea brunette

    I love all of them but the colors of the Floral Kit are my favorite. Amazing job!

  • I love the navy and pink colours of the owl set :)

  • Ruth

    Amazing, this is the best! I love the floral kit. So perfect for my new organised year!

  • Krisz Toth

    I would love one of these! I’ve been eyeing off the mint planner so long! It would be so awesome to win.

  • Lina M

    The watermelon set is the cutest! Loving the pastel colours!

  • Zarah S P

    Wow. Chosing just ONE? Tricky! I think I will have to go with the Floral, which is saying a lot (I LOVE owls and watermelons!) because it has such lovely, soothing colours and I think I would need a soothing planner. :) Thank you so much for the chance to win! :D

  • Chloe Wang

    the floral set is soo pretty and i would love to get it but my printer is not working :(

  • Midori Nagaoka

    OMG, I really love them, but If I need choice one (something hard¬¬) I will choose watermelon, recently I made my own planner but isn’t professional so I really want win this giveaway^^

  • Magdalena Alvarez Harris

    I think the owl is adorable! It would be amazing to win this! The whole prize is amazing!

  • Julieta Paganini

    I love the Owl Planner! :D

  • I love the Owl planner. The dark gray is my favorite :)

  • Thais Y.

    i love the colours on the floral set :)

  • Caroline Niziol

    Love the floral!!

  • Erica Sharpe

    I loooove the Floral Kit…though all three of them are adorable :)

  • lovey

    I love the Owl Kit

  • So hard to choose, but I think I’d go with Flora because of the mint green.

  • Kelly

    I ♡ the Owl!!! It is so pretty and it would look fabulous in the mint green planner!!! I think they are all beautiful but yes, the owl one….I ♡Owls!

  • Woohoo this is awesome! Happy Birthday Design is Yay and thanks for this awesome giveaway!! The owl is gorgeous!!

  • Fernanda Campestrini

    I’m from Brazil, where we can’t find any good planners, so I want it so bad! Thanks for sharing!

  • Aditi Mukherjee

    Such cute kits!

  • Coco

    I absolutely adore the owl planner kit!!!! So cute and the navy, pink, and yellow color scheme works so well!!

  • Noam Sharabi

    OMG the Floral is absolutely adorable!

  • Evelynddra

    So cute!

  • Olga Shelest

    Ohhh… It’s amazing;) I like owl planner kit;)

  • Brooke

    I love the Floral!!

  • Joanne Davies

    I love all 3

  • Sandra Bettencourt

    Never “touched” a Kikki planner. I’d love to have the opportunity! And the floral kit is beautiful :)

  • Noushin

    The Owl Personalised Planner Kit is my favorite! <3

  • Heather Louise

    Floral Personalised Planner Kit is beautiful! <3

  • Amy

    That Floral kit is stunning!

  • petra

    been desperate for a kikki k planner! would help a ton in college! :)

  • Nicolle

    Love the floral kit

  • JP Neil

    Gotta go with the owl!

  • The owls are so adorable, but I’d have to say floral!

  • Madeline Baker

    The Owl Personalized Planner Kit is by far my favorite! Owls are absolutely my favorite animal! Hoot Hoot!!

  • I heart the Watermelon Personalised Planner Kit! Because first, I love watermelly!! ^__^ and second, I love how I can put MY name on it! Hope I get picked!

  • Ally

    I love the Florals because I love the pastels! They are so calming and pleasing to the eye :) I also love the owl because it’s super cute ^-^ If I had to choose, I would go for the florals. Also, I love your site! It’s so cute :D

  • Judith Alegado

    I love the floral planner kit! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity :)

  • Nicola Meyer

    Love the Owl planner kit

  • I really like the floral one, as all the extra papers are delightful. Thanks for a fun competition!

  • Tina Tintenklecks

    i love the floral one, but the others are very cute too!

  • DeborahJoyDesigns

    All three are planners are lovely, but I think the watermelon is my favorite.

  • Gaby D.

    I love the watermelon planner! So cute!

  • Nancy Comelab

    I am totally smitten with the Owl planner kit – the colours are superb! I can totally see myself sporting the mint green planner with the owl dividers! :) Thank you for this great give-away, Wita! You are YAY!

  • Corinna Blugel

    They’re all so beautifully coordinated, but I think Floral fits my taste the best!

  • Kim Irvine

    Awesome giveaway! Your planner kits are so nice, unique & great colour choices. I can’t decide if the floral or owl is my fave.

  • RiotPunchette

    This is so generous, and I love the printables…

  • cutieissa

    Without a doubt, my favorite is the Adorable Owl planner kit! <3 I love all things owl so it's a no-brainer choice for me, hihi!

  • Alannah

    Such a wonderful giveaway :) The owls are my fav!

  • Donna Ling

    The owl planner kit is my FAV!!! :)

  • Crystal Livesay

    Love the owls sooo much! Thanks for the chamce!

  • Francesca Rosini

    My fav is the floral planner kit! Nice and super cute design :)

  • Tanja Badanjak

    Owl kit is <3

  • Alejandra Pazos

    I love the owl kit! <3

  • Guest

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Sabrina C Fotografie

    owl kit!!

  • Awesome giveaway! I love the owl personalized planner kit. Aww! Thoooose big eyes! Soooo adorable. I began collecting owl stuffs since I laid my eyes on.

  • i was torn between the watermelon and owl, but the owl one is my favorite. i love navy blue and how the owl pattern looks on navy! the watermelon is very refreshing looking too, and the flower is classy. they are all adorable. the one who gets them must be so lucky

  • I love the elegant floral kit – just lovely :)

  • Rossella Giordano

    Hi! I’m from Italy (Sicily) and I love the watermelon pocket kit! It’s yay!!

  • Katrin Mikk

    It have to be the watermelon kit, it is just so lovely:)

  • Definitely the Watermelon kit is my favourite. Love the colours of the Owl but definitely the Watermelon. :) Creative lady!

  • Happy Birthday!
    That Watermelon kit is ADORABLE!!!

  • Mary Kasparian

    I absolutely adore the Owl planner kit, so adorable and the colors are stunning! So lovely. Thank you so much for this opportunity :)

  • I love floral kit. The color is soft and everlasting, the pattern is super cute too.

  • Pina Aprea

    The floral one is the best! I love it *_*

  • Jure Mejialand

    Wow it’s so hard to choose one, but the watermelon theme is the best.

  • Kikki K are so adorable!

  • Christine A

    I love the Owl planner kit.

  • Jasmine Hodges

    I love the floral planner.. So sweet and girlie :)

  • Kat

    They are all so adorable, but the colors in the OWL planner kit are just to die for!

  • Love the owl planner!

  • lilacdust

    I love anything floral!

  • Larissa Koike

    I just loveeeddd the Owl panner Design!! Very cute and really matches with me !!!

  • LyraSilver11

    I love the Owl planner kit. Soo cute! Thank you for the chance to win your giveaway!

  • Amy Abelein

    I’m a floral girl all the way! I’d love to win an awesome planner kit!

  • Victoria Solis Pauwels

    I love the colors of the Owl Planner kit, It’s awesome!!

  • The Floral Planner Kit is super cute! It also has the ideal color scheme!

  • The Owl kit is my favourite, what a lovely giveaway. Thanks x

  • Malia Young

    They’re all so cute but the Floral is my favorite!

  • July

    Love the Owl Kit! It’s my favorite

  • Ines Saltares

    I ADORE the Floral Personalized Planner Kit! It’s so adorable and delicate looking <3

  • Claude Campeau

    I love the Owl kit! The navy and bright pink look so good together!

  • Jazmin Perez

    I couldn’t choose between the owl and the watermelon, but i think the owl won me over!

  • Michelle

    The owl kit is adorable and so well designed! Owls *are* YAY! Definitely a fave :)

  • Hi Jess,
    both your comments went through, don’t worry :) Thanks for entering!

  • SL

    I love the color scheme of the owl kit. It’s very vivid.

  • Sumaiya

    Definitely the Owl kit and judging from the comments below, I think it’s the most popoular one as well!

  • Anna

    Love the owl kit, it’s so cute!!!

  • So excited the owl is so cute!

  • Azka Ivana

    I’m one of your big fan kak Wita Puspita! I’m always share about this blog to my friends. And we do some printable, and that’s fun. Baik sekali kak Wita mau berbagi karyanya kepada seluruh pembaca blognya, saya bangga. Kak Wita menjadi inspirasi saya sebagai sesama seniman, teruslah berkarya ka!

  • amandasummons

    Love your stuff – the owl is definitely my favourite!

  • ronaram

    Wish I can have it all! But the Owl Personalized Kit is the cutest for me!

  • Sofia D

    Okay my favorite is the owl one because I love the boldness of it but I seriously love all of them!

  • It is so cute :D I hope i could win it . Im always find about planner but I wish I can have it . Thank you giving me a chance . You are my inspiration , Every day , I open you blog :D Its very awesome and adorable Kikki.K And your blog too :D

  • My fave set is the watermelon set! Aside from the fact that watermelons are awesome (who doesn’t love watermelon’s juiciness?), watermelons are the ultimate summer fruit and I’m a summer girl! So the set will always remind me of my favorite season – summer. Don’t even get me started on how the colors just pop.

  • Kerimaya

    What a great giveaway :-D My favorite Set is the Floral Set. It is the perfect mixture between elegant and cute. I really like this one :)

  • Kate Festini

    Awesome giveaway! I love the Watermelon set – mainly because of the colours. It is also very Summer-y.

  • Kirsten

    Such a lovely giveaway! The floral set is my favourite although the owls is coming a close second.

  • Agnetha

    What a amazing giveaway!! I love the owl set :-)

  • Glady de la Cruz

    I love everything you post! My favourite is the floral set ^^

  • Andri

    My favorite fruit is watermelon ! :D so also my favorite set is the watermelon one <3

  • Carol W.

    My favorite is the Owl Personalized Planner Kit. I love owls – favorite animal too! Fabulous products – Thank ~ Carol W.

  • Juliana Thiemi

    I love the owl set! so cute! Greetings from Brazil!

  • Stephanie Tardy Duimstra

    Watermelon all the way!

  • Meyrissa Irawan

    I really like the Owl design. So bold and nice :)

  • Srijita Pal

    What a useful giveaway! I love the floral set!

  • Denee

    I really like the owl design, the color palette is the most attractive of all of them.

  • Celi

    Just knew about this giveaway! everything is amazing, I hope I could win this (although the chance might be small bcs there are so many participants) haha ;p

  • Jessica Witjaksana

    Loveee the floral sett! Always have a thing for flowers, so it’s a no brainer! :)

  • Lara Burriesci

    Wow! I really love the Floral Kit!

  • Alison Daniels

    I love the Owls! So cute! Thank you for the wonderful contest!

  • Amalina Mar’atus

    Awesome planner. I love Owl Planner. Simple but looks really good. I think I will enjoy more my days with that planner. Keep designing and keep being awesome. ^^

  • Katie Allan

    Love the owl designs, and mint is one of my favourite colours, soooo cute! :D

  • Francine

    Gorgeous! Love the floral kit :)

  • Love the owl design :)

  • Nicole Morrison

    I absolutely love the Owls design!

  • Carmen Pastor Vidal

    So cute all three of them! I really like the floral one, but the owl one is kinda cute because the colors go really well together! My favourite is the ona with the watermelons ♥ I just have a thing for watermelons, I cant help it!

  • meganngu

    I love the watermelon one!

  • Carmen Arocena

    I really like your designs. they are so fresh and cute. I would like to have the talent you have. You are blessed…lol… keep it up… even I don’t win, I love your designs especially the flower one, and the watermelon set is so cute… I love both.. Thank you

  • Maelle Verbaere

    The floral kit is too cute for words !

  • Tasheena

    The owl one is my favorite because I love owls! They’re so cute!

  • Kee

    The owl one is my favourite! It’s so adorable and cute.

  • Miauli

    The owl is my favourite, it’s just so pretty!
    I discovered this blog a month ago and I love it! Congratulations, it’s really cool!

  • Caroline

    Hard to choose but I’d have to say the Floral Personalised Planner Kit is my favourite x

  • Karen

    The floral personalized planner kit is so cute! I love the pattern and the colour scheme :)

  • I love them all but the Watermelon Personalised Planner Kit is definitely my favorite! :) Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  • KC Kasem

    I like the Floral Personalized Planner Kit best. I love floral patterns and the colours are so light and breezy!

  • Daniela Calcagno

    I simply adore the Owl personalised Planner Kit – what more could a person need?

  • Mariaty

    I like the owl best. Always love anything about owl and this planner very cute.

  • Ilaria

    Wow!! This Giveaway is just amazing :) My fave kit is the Floral one. I’m in love with pastel colours!!!!

  • Grace

    Honestly that’s a really hard decision because they’re all adorable! Think I love the Owl one best though.

  • Krista Lane Trott

    The colors on the owl set stand out more to me but all of the sets are very well done

  • Cristina Feregrino

    Really like your desings, but the owl is just amazing!!

  • Danielle Thomas

    They’re all so cute! I love the owl the most though! :)

  • Soooo cute! My favorite is the Floral Personalised Planner Kit. I love the colors and the pattern <3

  • Your designs are adorable. They make me smile. :)

  • The Goals Planner rocks! I just set up a new Arc junior and the colors on your Goals Planner are going to match perfectly! Thank you.

  • Taty Shikura

    My favorite planner kit is the owl one <3 is so cute!

  • Sally

    looove the owl one! woot woot >,<

  • Anastasiya

    My favorite is the floral kit so cute :)

  • It’s a great idea Vanessa! I’m just thinking about the pricing, because it would be more pricey considering the portrait itself is a custom work. But that would be awesome!

  • the colors combination in the owl kit is amazing! even better match it out with the Kikki K mint giveaway! :D

  • Kristen Bright

    These look wonderful!

  • Martina Mihetec

    I absolutely love the floral one. It’s fabulous and happy at the same time :3

  • Lucía M DL G

    I’m sooo in love with the owl one ! all the things you do are so pretty !!!

  • Carolina Zúñiga García

    I love the watermelon planner kit!! it’s so beautiful

  • Carolina Zúñiga García

    Me encanta el watermelon planner kit, los colores son muy lindos además acá en Chile estamos en verano y tener ese planificador sería una magnífica forma de empezar el año

  • Kim Crickett Hugues

    The owl kit is wonderful!!!

  • émilie

    OMG the Owl Kit is amazing! i love it, it’s sooo cute!

  • Casi Moore

    The owl planner kit is so cute!

  • Kim Alvarez

    The owl is too cute! I love owls :D

  • Connie

    I love the owl one!

  • jenny

    nneed this!

  • Amelia

    The watermelon one is my favorite! so cute.

  • Jay Louise

    The watermelon is so cute <3

  • sandybms

    I love the floral one, would look great in my filofax!

  • I looooove the floral kit!!

  • Loné Dann

    I love the little owl ♥

  • Yaj Huab

    Fingers crossed.

  • Foxy Boxy

    Absolutely loving the owl planner! Owls have always been my favourite bird. :)

  • Angela Beaumont

    These are gorgeous!! I love the floral one :-)

  • Amanda Boerst

    The owl set is adorable!