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BY Wita | 06/11/2017 | Uncategorized
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The Planner Academy Workshop-109

I am excited to announce that this is going to be my last post ever on Design is Yay.

Design is Yay was something I started back in 2012 because I needed an outlet for my creative passion. Back then I was still struggling to find what was it that I wanted to do. I have always wanted to sell my own products, especially a line of stationery products that I designed myself. While waiting for my products to take off, I decided to do something else, which was creating free printables and posted them on Design is Yay. But after some time, the printables became my full-time job. Creating printables, taking photographs and assembling all of them into a post was real hard work with little or no monetary benefits at all.

In 2016 I had a baby. Being a new mom was a total game changer. I no longer have the time and energy to do all those things I used to do with Design is Yay anymore. I had to put the blog in hiatus, only posted things once in a while, and I did not feel like posting anymore free printables.

Now that my baby gets older, I actually do have more time and energy to follow my passion. However, I realised that for years I had been giving away my design for free, sometimes feeling stressed out when I couldn’t come up with new printables to post on the blog, and having to meet the ‘deadline’ of those free monthly Calendar desktop freebies. I did all of those with very little benefits for me. Even though I was totally fine with doing all that in the past, now that my time for my business is so limited, I chose to do the things that will also benefit me in some way. Otherwise, my passion and skills would not be put to a good use.

In November last year, my big goal for 2017 was to start an actual business doing what I love. So I started Doodlesdo Stickers, a business selling functional planner stickers created from my own doodles and drawings. Other than Doodlesdo Stickers, my friend Aline and I started The Planner Academy, a source for creative stationery addicts. In fact, we had our first ever Creative Planning workshop in September 2017, and we are already planning for more workshops in 2018. Other than workshops, we will also be sharing tips and tricks to get your life more creative and organised on The Planner Academy website in 2018, so stay tune!

Let’s just say, 2017 was really the year that I worked really hard, and it pays off. I can totally see both Doodlesdo Stickers and The Planner Academy going somewhere really great. Having Aline as my partner in The Planner Academy, means I could share the load when it comes to brainstorming for ideas and organising events. I also think that having a partner in your business just makes it a lot more fun. Aline and I meet almost every weekend to discuss our business, and it doesn’t feel like working at all. We enjoy hanging out with each other!

With all these things going really well for me, Design is Yay and the printables are starting to fade away in the background, and for the past few months I have been thinking about ending this chapter. Today, I am finally doing it :)

Having said all of those, I am actually grateful I started Design is Yay back in 2012. Without Design is Yay, I would not have met the people and friends that I’ve met through the blog or instagram. I did enjoy creating those printables while it lasted, I just don’t think that it was something I would do in the long run.

So, what’s going to happen next?
1. I will keep this website open, for as long as I can. I’ll probably let it stay live for another year or so.
2. If you have been following my instagram account, you will find that I have changed it to @theplannerwit_. The instagram account will still be active. I will still be posting the same things I have been posting in the past year (that was when I stopped posting printables), so if you guys have liked me before, there’s no reason that you won’t like what I’m posting in the future :)
3. I am closing both of my facebook and pinterest accounts
4. If you want to own my designs, you can shop my functional planner stickers (and more things are planned for 2018) at Doodlesdo Stickers
5. Say hello to me and Aline (her instagram is @vipplanner) through our upcoming workshops and posts on The Planner Academy, starting in 2018 :)

Last but not least, I would like to THANK YOU for your support through out the years when Design is Yay was live.

xo, Wita

Photos were taken during Creative Planning Workshop in Canberra by Mavis W Photography

The Planner Academy Workshop-108-edit



  • Sending a big congratulations to you on being able to take your passions to another level! I wish you the best of luck for the future :-)

  • Ariana Reed

    How freaking awesome! I’ve been a fan for years and I’m very happy for you and these great changes! Congratulations and good luck! I’ll continue to be a faithful follower!