Insta-Tips: Maintaining Brand Consistency on Instagram

BY Wita | 19/08/2016 | Blog Biz
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Maintaining Brand Consistency on Insta | Instagram Tips and Tricks for creative business | DESIGN IS YAY!

These are the days when Instagram is no longer the extension of your brand’s website. When it comes to promoting your brand, instagram is actually the place to be found by your potential audience or customer.

In my previous insta-tips posts I kept mentioning about the importance of consistency. Just like your logo, website, and everything else created for your brand, your instagram account needs to have a clear message to attract your target audience and other brands who could potentially work with you.


Branding that goes beyond the logo

Colours, typography, pattern, photography style and copy write determines your business branding. So you need to brainstorm and make a clear vision of what your target audience is like and design a whole branding suite based on them, or talk to someone who is an expert in branding.

Incorporating your brand theme into your insta account

If your target audience are minimalist fashionistas, choosing black, white and neutrals for your instagram branding might be the best way to go. If your blog is all about parties, fun holidays and quirky fashion, go ahead and take photos with bright coloured backgrounds, find colour walls for your outfit of the day pics, and create a fun ambience in your photo shoots.
Some instagrammers decides on a brand colour and base their photographs strictly on it. You could do that if you want, but I find it to be a bit too restrictive. You can still pick a main colour, and a few other complimentary colours. Or you can also base your instagram branding on a particular ambience or mood instead of colours. If you think that your target audience love pastel hues and soft colours, then you should steer clear of having neon coloured backgrounds or contrast editing.

Determine your audience first before deciding on who you should work with

It’s easy to feel tempted into working with every businesses who approach you to work together, especially when they’re willing to pay good money to work with you. Everybody makes mistakes, and I’m sure even the most succesful instagram accounts worked with the ‘wrong’ brand at some point in their career. But if you keep making these mistakes, your audience will start to realise it and think that you’re there for the money, and not for their benefits. During your target audience brainstorming, write down what they like in terms of food, products, places to go and anything else that resonates with them. You can imagine them in these type of situations: if they go to a supermarket to pick up a chocolate bar, which brand will they pick? Do they prefer MnMs because they are fun, cheerful, and comes in different colours and fillings? Will they appreciate Lindt chocolate balls because of their high end quality and packaging? Or maybe they’re happy with Kit Kat bars because they’re casual and straight forward people.
Once your audience has been established, busineses who targets the same audience as you do will come along.

Instagram is not only for photographs

Maybe it was intended for sharing photos, but you no longer have to stick with just that. Put up quotes, illustrations or even memes if you think your audience will respond well to it. Some intagrammers like to alternate between photos and quotes. They even have a template designed specifically for quotes with their logo or website name underneath, so that when someone regram their image, others would know which account made that clever statement in the first place.
For those of you who are not familiar with design softwares such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, you can use softwares such as Canva to create images for your instagram. I personally have never used Canva (although I’ve heard people raving about it), just because I am very fluent in Adobe Illustrator, and using Canva means that I have to learn a new software.

Styling your photos for instagram

So you understands what you brand is all about. But what about styling photos that resonates with your brand? How to utilise props and things around you to make your photography look consistent? Stay tune for more insta-tips from Design is Yay!




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