Modern Holiday Table Styling 2015

BY Wita | 21/12/2015 | Creative Life
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If you’re planning on having a Christmas dinner at your house, there are so many things that you’ll need to prepare in order to make the dinner an eventful one. From the food that you’re serving, activities or entertainment, and the most important thing of all, your decoration.

As someone who loves modern Christmas, I prefer my table styling for Christmas to be anything but traditional. Before showing you the different looks that I’m doing, these are a few tips on styling Christmas dinner table, the modern way:

  • Refrain from using too much red. There are so much red on Christmas food, so you can pick colours that will complement the colours of your food
  • Rather than buying expensive table wares (although it’s totally okay if you want to!), use wrapping paper as table runner, placemat and maybe napkin ring. It is even better if you use the same wrapping paper as the one you’ve used to wrap your presents. That way, your whole Christmas soiree is on theme, and you’re not wasting your rolls of wrapping paper!
  • Refrain from using tablewares with Christmas design on them. Santas and reindeers don’t belong on your plates!
  • Use clipboards as menu base. I bought mine from Kikki.K
  • Give your guests an element of surprise. Maybe little fruit mince pies are waiting on each plate to greet them on the table, or you can place gold stars on each plate with conversation starters at the back
  • For the centerpiece, look for decorations that are not too high, because you don’t want them to be in the middle of guests’ conversations. Look for decorations made from light coloured or white washed wood, or colourful ones if fun is more your theme. Don’t forget the candles!

Let me show you two modern christmas table styling looks that I’ve put together.

Modern Elegance

Modern Christmas Table Styling | DESIGN IS YAY

If you prefer a more elegant look for your Christmas party, try Indigo and silver colour palette. Silver wrapping paper is used as the table runner, and indigo Blue with silver twinkle pattern wrapping paper is used as place mat and napkin ring. Cherries are great for snacking and to give the table touches of red. Instead of coasters, I use round log cuts for the drink glasses. White and gold star-shaped cards are placed on each plate with conversation starter on the back, a great idea for parties where not everyone knows one another! Clipboards are used as menu bases, and the menu is hand-written to make them more personal. Give the table touches of Gold to complete the look of modern elegance.

Items seen here, from top left corner, clockwise: glass – Ikea | round wood log – local florist or similar | dip bowl – Country Road | chalky small vase – Morgan & Finch via Bed, Bath and Table | Clipboard – Kikki.K | Dimple Dinner Plate and Side Plate –  Heritage via Myer | napkin – Wheel & Barrow | twinkle indigo wrapping paper as placemat – Inky & Co | silver wrapping paper as table runner – Vandoros Fine Packaging

Modern Christmas Table Styling | DESIGN IS YAY

Modern Christmas Table Styling | DESIGN IS YAY

Fun and Cheerful

Modern Christmas Table Styling | DESIGN IS YAY

Fun & cheerful themes don’t have to mean loud and overly cute. When it’s done in modern way, they can look simple and pretty. I choose the colour theme gold, baby blue and a touches of red. I really like using triangles in Christmas styling, because they resemble christmas trees without having to look like one. Pattern play could be fun, but remember the base-and-contrast elements rule that I’ve explained in the Christmas Gift Wrapping 2015 post: Choose one wrapping paper with less or subtler colour and smaller pattern as your base element, and pair that with contrasting element with brighter colours and bigger pattern. Shown in the table styling below, I’ve used stripe gold wrapping paper as the base element, and baby blue and red triangle pattern as the contrasting element.

Let your inner DIY-er shine! Create something on your own, or you can also download the templates for DIY Paper Trees with pom poms or mini DIY Christmas Wreath from Design is Yay as place card of conversation card.

Instead of classic lattice christmas pie as the welcome snack, you might want to choose something more fun, just like this cherry-embossed pie that I found in local supermarket.

With this theme, you can also start using the pages of your Christmas paper book, if you have one. Put random card cutouts here and there to decorate and cheer up the table, and use fun ribbons as your napkin ring.

Items seen here, from top left corner, clockwise:c halky small vase – Morgan & Finch via Bed, Bath and Table | dip bowl – Country Road | glass – Ikea | Dimple Dinner Plate and Side Plate –  Heritage via Myer | napkin – Wheel & Barrow | Merry Xmas Ribbon – Typo | Pom Pom Christmas Tree – Design is Yay template | Gold stripes wrapping paper as table runner – Kikki.K | Triangle wrapping paper as placemat – Vandoros Fine Packaging

Modern Christmas Table Styling | DESIGN IS YAY

Modern Christmas Table Styling | DESIGN IS YAY

I hope you are now feeling inspired to create your own Christmas table looks. Share with us in the comments if you have additional tips in decorating Christmas table in modern way. Have a wonderful Christmas celebration!