My Creative Journal – A Collaboration with Officeworks (+ GIVEAWAY!)

BY Wita | 05/02/2016 | Plan & Organise
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My Journalling Style - A Collaboration with Officeworks (+ GIVEAWAY!)

Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up into your brain. Cheap paper is less perishable than gray matter, and lead pencil markings endure longer than memory. – Jack London

You might be reading this blog on your gadgets, but when it comes to planning my blog posts, paper and pencils are my essentials. I find that they are more convenient and personal than typing and sketching on my gadgets. When idea strikes, I can grab my notebook, open a blank page and jot or sketch my ideas down right away.

Other than for convenience reason, keeping a creative journal and notebooks enables me to look back and see how much I’ve grown as a creative, and how much my blog has changed or develop as a business. I still keep notebooks from when I first started this blog and all the ideas that come along the way.

I was more than happy when Officeworks approached me for a collaboration where I can show you how I utilise notebooks and journals for my creative pursuits! Officeworks have always been my go-to store when it comes to office supplies. They have all the basic essentials, as well as premium products that will enhance the look of my creative space. You can find a range of notebook and journal brands, such as Otto, Ampersand, Nathan Ferlazo, Go Stationery, Aquadrops, Colourtag, Miquelrius, White Lines, Clairefontaine, Rhodia and many more. Officeworks also offers a range of FSC accredited notebooks and journals, so that you can be kinder to the environment. It will be more exciting to keep a journal that reflects your personality, work style. Whatever your work style is, you will find notebooks and journals at Officeworks that helps you visualise your ideas!

My Journalling Style - A Collaboration with Officeworks (+ GIVEAWAY!)


When it comes to planning ideas for my blog, one notebook is not enough for me. I have to have one main journal, one carry-along notebook, and a jot pad. Colourful page markers help my notebooks to be more organised.

For the main notebook, I chose an A5-sized spiral-bound Semikolon Journal in navy blue. A5 is a good size for a journal, because it’s not too big to carry around, but there’s enough space for me to draw and sketch inside the notebook.

What I like the most about Semikolon’s hardcover journal is it consists of three different paper style – ruled, grid and blank, separated with clear plastic dividers. As a creative blogger who mostly work with illustrations and colours, grid and blank pages are must-haves.

This journal is quite heavy due to its sturdy hardcover, which is why I prefer to carry a lighter notebook when I’m out, such as these ones by Orla Kiely. The jot pad by Otto comes in handy when I need to create a list.

My Journalling Style - A Collaboration with Officeworks (+ GIVEAWAY!)

At the beginning of the year, I planned where I’m taking this blog for the next 12 months. Every year I like to bring new topics and ideas for my readers. Last year, I introduced my love for planners on this blog, and it was a hit! This year, I’m planning to introduce gift-wrapping and kids-related creative posts.

My Journalling Style - A Collaboration with Officeworks (+ GIVEAWAY!)

If you didn’t know this before, other than the usual Christmas, Valentines and Easter, there are also funny unofficial holidays every month! Some of my favourites are Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day and Popcorn day. Listing them down will help me create a theme for my blog post each month to keep them consistent.

My Journalling Style - A Collaboration with Officeworks (+ GIVEAWAY!)

Most of the pages on my journal are visuals. The image above is an example of how I use the blank pages of my Semikolon journal to plan my printable contents. My choice of drawing materials include Pilot brush pen and Copic markers.

As you know, I like to style my workspace in a way that would inspire me when I work. Orla Kiely’s stationery products always catch my attention. I love the way Orla Kiely combines repetitive simple pattern with bold colours.

My Journalling Style - A Collaboration with Officeworks (+ GIVEAWAY!)

My Officeworks Favourite Picks:

  • Semikolon A5 Mucho Spiral Notebook Marine $9.99 – Click to buy
  • Orla Kiely A5 Pocketbook 3 Pack $19.99 – Click to Buy
  • Orla Kiely Mechanical Pencil Flower Abacus Green $16.99 – Click to Buy
  • Otto Page Markers 10 pack $5.96 – Click to Buy
  • Otto Notebook and Zipper case Modern $12.95 – Click to Buy
  • J Burrows Page Markers 6 pack $5.70 – Click to Buy
  • Orla Kiely Magazine Rack Stem Midnight $22.99 – Click to Buy

This post was sponsored by Officeworks. All opinions are my own. 


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  • Hannah Finch

    Hi! I’m a student of animation and graphic design, so ideas for new and exciting projects pop in my mind at the most random moments but I never remember them later on haha. So I just recently started keeping a blank paged journal and carrying it around with me. I do little sketches next to ideas, write down events happening in the day, put puctures of things that inspire me. Its its fun to just have free range and put flowers, photographs, calendars and stamps in it. I dont know I might have went a little over board! Never realized how much of a personal connection you could get with it in the beginning.
    Hannah F- Thanks for the amazing tips and inspiration. Hope to win the giveaway to add to my other journal since Im about to have to get a new one. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • Hi Wita! Thanks for sharing, what a beautiful range! Planning and being organised is critical in my busy day job but I also have a number of creative hobbies, including making amigurumi designs and patterns. I am constantly sketching and jotting down stitches so I maintain a separate notebooks system which I carry with me everywhere. Plus I’m a chronic doodler from things I see & hear cause you just never know when the next inspiration comes from! My current notebooks have s plastic zipper section where I keep a small ruler and some knitting & crochet notions and a couple of colourful Frixion pens. I always sketch a design and leave at least couple of blank pages before next sketch so I have room to come back to write my pattern. I also maintain a list for pattern design ideas, Facebook page and Instagram posts ideas so I can plan ahead more effectively.

  • Jade Mitchell

    This post has reminded me how important the visual diary is! I currently make notes in my Desk diary or a note in my keep file on my phone – which gives me zero visual clues when I get the time to sit down. I would love a quill A6 art journal to pop in my bag and an a4 version for home on my desk.

  • When I was younger, I used to use blank Aquabee sketchbooks to create my own calendar/agenda. Now I use Nava One Year of Pages to keep a record of what we do every day.

  • Jessica Marinho

    For a long time I had tons of problems with procrastinating. Then I bought a planner because I was just crazy about the instagram pictures about them – kind of like the ones you posted here! It took me a week to completely fall in love with it! Now I am just a post-it-planner-need-all-the-stationary-itens-existents-in-the-world kind of girl! It helped me to get back on track after a lot of struggle with way more than procrastinating. I would look at my colorful planner at the end of the day and I would feel like I’ve accomplished something you know? The colors of my post its and planers brought color back to my world! :D

  • Ruth

    I like to keep a sewing journal where I record all my projects, the fabric I used, who I made it for and any pattern alterations. I also use it to sketch out simple items like bags so I can repeat them later if the need arises. It is lovely to look back on and remember some of the things I’ve made, especially if they’ve been as gifts so they are no longer in my house! It’s also a great record of how much my girls have grown since the last handmade item!
    Thanks for your amazing blog

    • Congratulations, you are the winner of this giveaway! Please email wita (at) designisyay (.) com with your full name and address :)

  • Karen Mitchell

    I’ve been wanting to give bullet journaling a go. There are so many wonderful examples on Instagram and tutorials on YouTube. I think a hard cover Moleskine notebook would be wonderful to try this out. I purchased some triplus markers from Officewords on my last visit, they are lovely to write with and give a nice pop of colour in my current planner.

  • Angela Dang

    Ive never been a journal kinda girl, but ever since I have had my little bub, I have kept a journal for her, everything from daily routines(when she had her nap, when she had her milk and how much) to larger milestones like first tooth and most recently, “what Sophie says”. Its full of photos that inspire my career as a handmade small business owner. She is now 2.5 and about to start my second journal! So yes, my kids are my journal inspiration!

  • Kate Festini

    I use each day of a Planner to make a list of things to do. Nothing is more satisfying than crossing items off the list. This also helps with time management and planning, so I never put an unachievable list together. I also use small an notebooks to jot down ideas, write down never have totes or to brain dump. Especially when irritated. Writing out the frustration just clears your head. Can never have too many notebooks!

  • I’m a notebook lover too. I keep four on the go: one for work nots; one for my to-do list; one for inspirational things I find; one for keeping a gratitude journal each night (I am up to number 2057 – I’ve been keeping it a long, long time). Oh and I also keep a smash book – so good for keeping the memories in one place without too much fuss. I wish I was as cute visually as you though!! x

  • Sue FitzGerald

    If it goes on paper it’s more likely to stay in my memory, I think it’s the whole process of having to get a pen and take the time to write something down that is memorable in itself so what you write is more likely to stay in your head as opposed to a quick note on your phone when we use our phones so much anyway. I love my paper planner for this reason and notebooks for various meetings I attend, and if they are cute stationery then all the better :-)

  • Theresa van Gessel

    I have a collection of notebooks. There is one I carry in my handbag to note the details of all meetings and appointments for my family, one I keep on my bedside table to record the events of our days, and one that I use for my business notes – my to-do lists, my ideas, and my plans. There is another that is the keeper of all the passwords that go with all the screens in our house, and another that keeps my patterns and dimensions for creating recorded so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time I go to make a product. Committing something to paper helps sort my thoughts, prompts my memories and gives clarity that typing onto a screen just can’t quite capture.

  • Aizel R

    I love using my notebooks as a break from staring at my laptop all day, sometimes I just write about what happened in my day, or I will draw little doodles and put speech bubbles in it. I dabble in a variety of crafting hobbies, so I write down little bucket lists of what I want to make in my spare time too (and recording how my projects went), as well as write about my kittens, because they’re growing very fast! I like the freedom of using a plain notebook (esp. the X brand), because I can easily print out pictures to whatever size I want, and just glue it in! I don’t need to baby it, and it’s so much more affordable <3

  • Samantha

    I love bullet journaling, but my main use for my journal is to have a visual collection of the day. This year is my final year of high school and I’ve been filling my pages with so many “last” events – last first assembly, last photo day, last first day of school – and so many more! I love journaling because it feels so much more special than just keeping photos on my phone – it’s also a great stress reliever at the end of a hectic school day. It’s only been a month but my journal is almost 2/3rds full (I wayyy underestimated myself) so I’m probably going to have to restock soon!

  • Christos Vlachos

    I use notebooks to write quotes and ideas for my work. I also take a record of every meal I eat :)