My month in Indonesia

BY Wita | 23/10/2013 | Travel
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My month in Indonesia via Design is Yay!

I am back in Australia!

For those of you who don’t know, I spent a month in Indonesia. It wasn’t exactly a holiday. I actually did quite a lot of work back there. However, going back there always put me into holiday mood. So I wouldn’t miss the chance to have some fun.

The best thing about my recent trip is I got to spend 10 days in Bali. My best friend was getting married, and I wanted to be there to give some support. Also, I designed her entire Wedding stationery suite, so having me around was good because I could be there for her last minute wedding stationery needs. Plus, it’s fun to have me around :)

These are some instagram photos to highlight my recent trip to Indo.
Each row L-R: 
1. Hawaiian-themed birthday party my friends threw for me in Hawaiian Bistro.
2. Freshly printed promotional Stationery for Wita Puspita Design.
3. A Bridal Shower I designed.
4. My best friend got married! Woohoo!
5. Wedding stationery for my best friend’s wedding.
6. My catty nails.
7. A very beautiful wall mural in Butter Cafe Bali.
8. Chalkboard I hand-drawn for a wedding decoration.
9. Rubber Ducky party stationery set for a Baby Shower. 

For more photos, follow my instagram.