New Creative Workspace & Organising Tips

BY Wita | 15/01/2016 | In the studio
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Our family is expanding, and there will be a new roomie coming into our home sometime in April!

The three bedroom once made up of one master bedroom for us, a guest bedroom, and my creative space. The guest bedroom’s windows are too small for a nursery (my son has to be able to see the world out there very clearly), and I don’t want to have to work there either. So I decided to move my creative space to an extra open space that has never really been used for anything, and I’m so glad that I did!

New Creative Space | DESIGN IS YAY!

My new creative workspace has all the things I’ve been looking for: spacious, full of natural light for photography, a big chunk of plain walls for my vision board and wall planner, and I like the fact that I’m able to look out the window. I love watching people walking by with their dogs or baby prams, stopping to smell the rose plants in front of my home, and the other day one of my neighbour’s cats even paid me a visit. It sat outside my window for a few minutes, watching me work!

New Creative Workspace | DESIGN IS YAY!

New Creative Workspace | DESIGN IS YAY!

If you’re wondering why there’s a christmas tree in my workspace, that’s because I put it up all year long for the last three years. I only change the decorations from time to time. A lot of the toys displayed here were gift from past christmas/birthdays. They came from different places in the world.

New Creative Workspace | DESIGN IS YAY!

My desk isn’t always this neat. But I always try to put everything back into place every other day.

If you’re thinking of venturing into self-entrepreneurship, or if you already are, you really need a space where you can feel inspired. Here are some workspace organising tips for you to get started:

  • Your workspace has to be a space that inspires you. Put up things and images that makes you feel happy when you look at them, and your inspiration will pop up easily.
  • Working on a plain white canvas is always a good idea (white walls, white desk, etc), and you can always brighten them up with colours of your choice. Pick 2-3 main colour theme, and you can refer to them whenever you’re buying stuff for your workspace.
  • I find that having a vision board is essential in a creative workspace. You don’t have to purchase a board if you don’t want to, you can always stick things up on the wall using blue tacks and washi tapes. The point is that you envision how is it that you want your business to be, the type of products you want to create, or work of artists that inspire you. As you can see, mine has the artwork of Anna Bond from Rifle Paper co because I really adore her as an artist as well as creative entrepreneur, but they also shows images of cities that I like, because I love travelling!
  • Storages are very important to keep your workspace neat. My favourite is Raskog trolley from IKEA. I’m sure you’ve seen this trolley shelf a lot on pinterest and instagram accounts. It comes in cute colours, such as the turquoise one that I have, and the wheels at the bottom are very handy to drag around. If you’re a crafter, you’ll definitely love this for your craft supplies. The Spencer drawer cabinet from Officeworks is also great because the shelves are not too deep, so things don’t get lost in there. I use mine to organise my printing paper by each type, as well as stationery such as pen and cutting tools.
  • Containers made of paper or fabric such as the Le Sac en Papier bag or Ferm Living storage baskets are cute for craft or art supplies that you need by your side every so often, or ones that don’t fit the shelves, such as wrapping paper. Plus, you can chuck anything you want it there, and they won’t look messy from the outside