Packing for a 6 weeks holiday in Jakarta

BY Wita | 16/09/2016 | Lifestyle
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Packing for a 6 weeks holiday in Jakarta | DESIGN IS YAY!

Instead of a holiday I should call this trip a Home-liday. What’s a home-liday? It’s a holiday back in your hometown or country when you’re living overseas.

It’s pretty common for young Indonesians to live overseas, and some of the most popular countries where Indonesians choose to reside away from their home are Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and U.S.A. The main reason for us to live abroad was for college, and then some of us, like myself, decided to stay put and build a life or raise a family overseas. No matter how long we have lived away from home, most of us still go back to Indonesia regularly, mainly because we still have family and close friends back home. Another reason is because even though life in Indonesia could be crazy and chaotic, but life is good and easy (or at least that’s how I feel). Whenever I feel sick and tired of having to do everything on my own in Australia, I like to take a break in Indo where I don’t have to drive, do housework, cook, and I am even going to have a full-time nanny for baby Jet during my time over there! That way I could focus on spending my 6 weeks home-liday in Jakarta catching up with my best friends and my parents, trying new cafes and restaurants, introducing baby Jet to my relatives who haven’t met him yet, getting pampered in beauty salons (this is my absolute must!) and of course, shopping!

Packing to go on a home-liday is quite different than when I’m going on a holiday. Mainly because I already know the things that are already available in Indonesia, and the situations and weather I’m going to be in. Here are some of my basic essentials for my 6 weeks home-liday in Jakarta.

Things to wear

Jakarta is the best place to go all fancy with what you wear. If you go to a major shopping centres in Jakarta, such as my favourite Plaza Indonesia, you will see that the girls and women dress up really nicely. High heels is a must for most Indo girls, although I’m quite tall so I stick to my Ferragamo or Balletonet flats. However, you also need to remember that the weather is hot and humid all year long, but they usually crank up the AC in the shopping centres that you’d think it would be 15 degrees celsius when you step outside. Stay away from leather clothings, sweat shirts, turtle necks and boots. I like to wear jeans with stylish but lightweight tops and tunics, just because I don’t like to be too overdressed, but jeans and t-shirts are way too casual for Jakarta fashion scene. I don’t usually bring more than 2 bottoms, 4 tops, 2 pair of shoes and 2 occasion dresses, because Indonesia has so many awesome fashion brands from overseas. They have H&M, Topshop, Zara, Warehouse, Oasis, Gap, Uniqlo, Muji and many many more. I would rather pack light to have an excuse to shop when I’m over there!


Indonesian women love their handbags, and we just cannot have too many handbags. I wish I could bring all my handbag collection back home, but since I’m only there for a home-liday, I will bring two handbags that will serve many purposes. One of them will be my State of Escape freestyle cross-body for my all-round bag, because it’s super light, easy to clean and can contain a lot of things. The other one will be my new Mansur Gavriel mini sun bag for the weekends or fancier events when I don’t need to lug too many items. Also, it’s a birthday present, and as I’m celebrating my 30th in Jakarta, I would definitely want to wear the bag!


I have combination skin, but leaning towards oily in humid weather. I like to keep my skin care regime light while in Indo. Sunblock with SPF and moisturiser is enough during the day, and a lightweight spot corrector cream is suffice in the evening. I’m a huge fan of the brand NARS for my makeup, and unfortunately, even though Indonesia has so many international brands, NARS isn’t one of them. So I tend to bring my favourite NARS products when I go back home, such as the tinted moisturiser, concealer, and blush and bronzer duo. I think that Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is perfect for my combination skin and the humid weather. It is not oily, but it gives a dewy look on my skin. Pony Magic Brow pencil is a must for my eyebrows because it makes them look more defined but natural, and a waterproof black eyeliner and my favourite red Kylie Cosmetics lipkit (shade 22) are must-haves to complete my look.

Since I regularly go to Jakarta, I left a hairdryer and hair straightener just so I don’t have to bring them each time. It’s a good idea to have heavy things that you use all the time in the place that you often visit. If you happen to be staying in a hotel in Jakarta, you won’t need to bring a hairdryer. But if you feel like you prefer your own hair equipments, remember that Indonesia uses two-pin round plugs, just like in Europe. Otherwise, hair salons are relatively cheap in Jakarta, and when I don’t feel like drying my own hair, I often go to a nearby hair salon and ask for a blow out.

Indonesia have so many international brands for beauty and makeups, so I don’t have to bring all my makeup products with me. Sometimes I even use the opportunity of being back in Indo to try new products and brands.

Blogging & Styling Equipments

Being on a home-liday, I don’t feel the need to stop working on my blog or posting photos on instagram. Earlier this year, I’ve abandoned my SLR and purchase an Olympus OM-D EM5 MkII and a 17mm f1.8 lens, and I couldn’t be happier (the camera pictured on the image above is my dad’s Olympus OM-D EM10, because I was using my camera to snap the picture). It’s such an easy camera to use, it’s lightweight (compared to my SLR, that is!), and my photos just got so much better ever since I made the change. It’s so easy to colour-correct using that camera, which is very important for me.

I have also bought some photo backplate from an instagram shop (@alasfotolipat) and have them delivered to my apartment in Jakarta. That way I can still do flatlays and styling while I’m in Indo! I am also bringing my good ol’ MacBook Pro for editing photos and writing blog posts.

I wish that I could bring all my photo props back home. But since it’s not possible, I’m bringing a few key items to keep my instagram photos consistent. I could always print out my own printables as props over there, and I know that I’m going to do some shopping, and who knows I’d be able to score some new stationery and props!


Of course I would bring some stationery, how else would I wind down from all the festivities and fun I’m going to have? ;)
I am bringing my Kate Spade 18 months black and white stripe agenda, my favourite coloured gel pens from Stabilo (Point 88) and Staedtler (tripus fineliner), and some washi tapes for decorations if needed. My Rhodia notepad and Pilot brush pens are essentials for drawing and doodling when inspirations strikes. I will also have a pocket notebook with Delfonics 2016 polkadot cover for taking notes when I’m out and about.

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