Florals for the workspace with Peony and Pearl

BY Wita | 03/10/2016 | Creative Life

Florals for Workspace | DESIGN IS YAY!

I might be missing out on Australian spring season this year in exchange for my tropical holiday in Jakarta, but I can’t help to celebrate Spring on the blog and instagram. I have collaborated with Fionna Tamin from Peony and Pearl, an Australia-based floral creative, to bring you tips on florals for the workspace.

Fionna is an award winning florist based in Canberra, Australia. Some of her earlier achievements include winning the Smithers-Oasis Designz Cup at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, second prize winner of the 2013 Floriade festival ‘Passion for Fashion’, and winner of the 2015 RAW Awards for Canberra Accessories Designer of the Year category (as Fenon design, as her brand was previously known).

One sunny afternoon, I invited Fionna over to my home for some floral styling fun in my own creative workspace. I can’t help but to have a chat with Fionna about her career in floristry, and get some expert tips on florals for the workspace!

Florals for Workspace | DESIGN IS YAY!



Packing for a 6 weeks holiday in Jakarta

BY Wita | 16/09/2016 | Lifestyle

Packing for a 6 weeks holiday in Jakarta | DESIGN IS YAY!

Instead of a holiday I should call this trip a Home-liday. What’s a home-liday? It’s a holiday back in your hometown or country when you’re living overseas.

It’s pretty common for young Indonesians to live overseas, and some of the most popular countries where Indonesians choose to reside away from their home are Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and U.S.A. The main reason for us to live abroad was for college, and then some of us, like myself, decided to stay put and build a life or raise a family overseas. No matter how long we have lived away from home, most of us still go back to Indonesia regularly, mainly because we still have family and close friends back home. Another reason is because even though life in Indonesia could be crazy and chaotic, but life is good and easy (or at least that’s how I feel). Whenever I feel sick and tired of having to do everything on my own in Australia, I like to take a break in Indo where I don’t have to drive, do housework, cook, and I am even going to have a full-time nanny for baby Jet during my time over there! That way I could focus on spending my 6 weeks home-liday in Jakarta catching up with my best friends and my parents, trying new cafes and restaurants, introducing baby Jet to my relatives who haven’t met him yet, getting pampered in beauty salons (this is my absolute must!) and of course, shopping!



The Eden Experience at Canberra Centre: Candle making Masterclass

BY Wita | 12/09/2016 | Creative Life

The Eden Experience at Canberra Centre : Candle making Masterclass with Maison Balzac | DESIGN IS YAY!

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the first candle making masterclass as part of Canberra Centre’s Eden experience. The masterclass was taught by Elise Pioch, an Australia-based fashion buyer from Southern France who jumped into entrepreneurship and have her own luxurious candle brand, Maison Balzac.

Read more about Eden and my candle making experience after the jump!




BY Wita | 29/08/2016 | Calendars & Planners

SEPTEMBER 2016 Design is Yay Calendar Freebies - Desktop, iPad, iPhone & Planners | DESIGN IS YAY!

This month, we have the pleasure of having Missy Messy of Glorious Mess to illustrate our monthly freebies with these cute Autumn-y Japanese dolls. They are available to download for our monthly freebie club members as desktop & gadget wallpapers and printable planners.

Here’s a short intro from Missy Messy of Glorious Mess:

Hi, my name is Amy, but I go by the moniker of Missy Messy because I’m one of those people that are constantly in the state of organized chaos. I’d like to think that my work is about illustrating happiness. Not just the big grand events in life, but perhaps more importantly, the little everyday joys in life that are so often missed or forgotten.

Want to know more about Glorious Mess and download these cute freebies featuring her design? Join the BFF (Best Freebie Friends) club!

To view more of Missy Messy’s work and shop her products, visit the website and Etsy shop.



Insta-Tips: Maintaining Brand Consistency on Instagram

BY Wita | 19/08/2016 | Blog Biz

Maintaining Brand Consistency on Insta | Instagram Tips and Tricks for creative business | DESIGN IS YAY!

These are the days when Instagram is no longer the extension of your brand’s website. When it comes to promoting your brand, instagram is actually the place to be found by your potential audience or customer.

In my previous insta-tips posts I kept mentioning about the importance of consistency. Just like your logo, website, and everything else created for your brand, your instagram account needs to have a clear message to attract your target audience and other brands who could potentially work with you.



Summertime Christmas Office Party

BY Wita | 10/08/2016 | Creative Life

Summertime Christmas Office Party | DESIGN IS YAY!

For someone living in Australia, spending christmas time in the heat of summertime is the norm. My christmas memories ever since I moved here is full of bbq, icy sodas and beaches. It is a far cry from the winter wonderland theme I’ve been dreaming about since I was little!

It seems like christmas in summertime intrigues people from the other side of the world too, hence the popularity of Christmas in July parties. After all, who wouldn’t want to celebrate Christmas twice in a year? Double the party, double the fun.

In this blog post, I have imagined what it would be like if I could have a Design is Yay summertime christmas office party! We are definitely having lots of pink flamingos, icy punches, popcorn and gold confettis!