Printable Meal Planner

BY Wita | 06/05/2013 | Calendars & Planners

Printable Weekly Meal Planner by Design is Yay!

Mother’s day is around the corner (12 May!). What do mothers do best for their family? Cook. Or at least prepare meals, even if they are store-bought. Even though I’m not a mother, but I plan weekly meals for me and my husband. I thought it would be nice to plan our meals on a cute planner. So I’ve decided to create one and share it with you.

Printable Weekly Meal Planner by Design is Yay!

Printable Weekly Meal Planner by Design is Yay!

After planning your meals, list the ingredients you need to buy using Fruity Fresh Market List notepad which you can purchase from my shop. Don’t you think these two items would make a great gift pack for mother’s day?

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Desktop Wallpaper Calendar : May 2013

BY Wita | 02/05/2013 | Calendars & Planners

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar May 2013 by Design is Yay!

This morning I woke up, check my phone, and to my surprise, it’s May.

Where did April go?

So here comes my monthly (except for April because I forgot. Sorry) desktop wallpaper calendar for May.

Here in Australia, May means the leaves start turning red and orange, and they start falling. Autumn is really beautiful here, especially in Canberra. I never really appreciated Autumn when I was in Melbourne, because all year round all I saw were gothic buildings and graffitied alleys. I lived, worked and studied in the city of Melbourne, and I hardly went outside the city. I used to dislike road trips. That was why, during my 6 years in Melbourne I had never went to Mt Dandenong, Yarra Valley and many many more. Although to be honest, now that I’ve been to both, I say Mt Dandy is overrated (plus the food there are ridiculously expensive). Yarra Valley is beautiful though
Desktop Wallpaper Calendar May 2013 by Design is Yay!

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1920 x 1080
1856 x 1161 

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Postcard from Jakarta

BY Wita | 19/04/2013 | Travel

Jakarta Map by Kitkat Pecson via Design is Yay!

Illustrative Jakarta Map by Kitkat Pecson

As you guys know I just came back from Jakarta. Just in case you have no idea where on earth Jakarta is, it’s the capital city of Indonesia, the very same country where Bali’s at.

Jakarta is a very exciting city. Every month people in Jakarta will hear about something new opening. Whether it’s a new mall, cafe, restaurant, nightclub or bar. So every time I go back to Jakarta, I always get my friends to bring me to new places in town. I was so happy when I found out there were three huge and awesome malls that has opened/going to open near my apartment.

Unfortunately, exciting city like Jakarta came with a huge price: the traffic jam. Okay, I don’t know what’s going on in other countries, but have you ever complained about being in a traffic jam in Sydney? I had, and I shouldn’t have. Because the traffic jam in Jakarta is like that times… a hundred. I live in an apartment in the CBD. Sometimes getting OUT of the apartment complex took AT LEAST 30 minutes. I have to say that the traffic jam in Jakarta gets worse and worse each time I visit. So I wouldn’t even want to imagine what it’s going to be like in the next five years.

However, it still doesn’t stop me from going back every so often. It’s nice to take a break from the laid back and peaceful Canberra, and try to win the race of “who’s going to get out of this traffic jam first” in Jakarta.

Postcard from Jakarta by Design is Yay!

What I did back in Jakarta (March-April 2013) : from top left corner, clockwise.

  • Meet friends and had coffee at Djournal Coffee Bar. If you’re bored with having Starbucks coffee (because there are so many Starbucks there), come and sit at Djournal. It’s one of the hippest new coffee place in Jakarta. In fact, I took this picture during their soft opening week.
    Grand Indonesia, West Mall, Ground FloorZ
  • Afternoon cocktail at The Belly Clan. That cute cocktail I had was called Madam Choo, and it was Yum-o!
    Intiland Tower, Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 32, Jakarta
  • Browsing books and goods at Aksara. Aksara has always been, and will always be, one of my favorite shops in Indonesia. It’s a popular shop for designers and artists because of its wide variety of design books.
    Jl. Kemang Raya 8B, Jakarta
  • Wining and dining at Skye. The best time to visit Skye is in the evening. It’s located on the 56th floor, so the city lights at night is pretty amazing. You can view Jakarta’s famous Bunderan HI from up above, directly from the restaurant.
    Menara BCA, Jl MH Thamrin no 1 level 56, Jakarta
  • Social House-ing. This is my favorite place in Jakarta. Despite of all the other hip bars and restaurants appearing around the city, Social House is still the best (for me). They have great food, dessert, cocktails, and I have to say their coffee is the best I’ve ever tasted in Jakarta.
    Grand Indonesia, East Mall, 1st Floor
  • Taste some local culinary dishes in Sate Senayan. They are not the best place to eat Indonesian food. But the best Indonesian dishes are usually cooked and eaten on the side of the streets. They are dirty, unhygienic and you have to eat while standing up or sitting down in the heat. Fortunately, for us Indonesians, we don’t need to have Food Safety Officers to close down all those amazing street-side food stalls and dirty restaurants. In fact, we love them. Look at us, we are still alive! But if your stomach can’t handle the bacteria, go to Sate Senayan. it’s the best safest way to taste some local culinary.
    Jl HOS Cokroaminoto no 78, Menteng
  • Eat some Ramen. Yes, I know, Ramen is not Indonesian food. But Ramen restaurants are in hype at the moment, and some of them are direct franchises from Japan. Plus, Sydney-Jakarta flight ticket is cheaper than Sydney-Tokyo. So if you can’t go all the way to Japan, try Hakata Ikkousha, one of the best Ramen I’ve ever tasted in my life.
    Rukan Crown GolfBukit Golf Mediterania, PIKJakarta Utara
  • Snap cute pics at Benhil Cafe. I just happened to pass by this place after taking my friend to her wedding dress fitting. I thought the interior was really cute. So even though I only took two sips of their coffee, I managed to take some cute pictures of the interior.
    Jl Penjernihan 1, no 1 kav 1, Bendungan Hilir





Easter Printable: Egg Carton Labels and Gift Tags

BY Wita | 20/03/2013 | Gifts & Favors

Printable Easter Egg Carton Label by Design is Yay!

Egg cartons can come in handy during easter as packaging for chocolate eggs or your decorated eggs. Print and paste the label on top and you’ve got someone a beautiful easter gift!

Printable Easter Egg Carton Label by Design is Yay!

Write a message on the insert card and paste it inside the egg carton.

If have another gift idea in mind, you can use these cute gift tags instead.

Printable Easter Gift Tags by Design is Yay!

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Handmade Market Canberra March Edition Part 2

BY Wita | 19/03/2013 | Travel

Ink and Weave at Handmade Market Canberra via Design is Yay!

Ink and Weave was one of the shops in the Handmade Market that caught my attention ever since I came in. They have great display, awesome tea towel designs and friendly stallholder.
Shop these tea towels (and many others) here, or if you’re in Canberra, head down to the Handmade Canberra shop in the city!

Geritom at Handmade Market Canberra via Design is Yay!

I’m sure almost every artists and designers alike own or have ever owned a Moleskin product. Geritom revamp Moleskins and many other paper products, and you can buy them from their etsy shop.

Tango and James at Handmade Market Canberra via Design is Yay!

How cool are these chairs? These are just a few example of other awesome furnitures designed by Tango and James. From foot stools to lamps, they have all the things you need to make your home a prettier place to live in.

Newcastle Productions at Handmade Market Canberra via Design is Yay!

The next time you have an out-of-towner (or overseas guests) come to Canberra and ask “where can I buy Canberra souvenirs to bring home and show my loved ones the awesome time I had in Canberra?”, you can simply point them to Newcastle Productions’ webstore. Mr Trevor Dickinson draw and designed some of Canberra’s icons and they come in cards, tea towels and prints.


Handmade Market Canberra March Edition Part 1

BY Wita | 13/03/2013 | Travel

I went to the Handmade Market Canberra at National Convention Centre last Saturday. I have heard about Handmade Market many times, seen the ads in magazines, but during my one year living in Canberra, I have never been there. So I’m glad this time I did.

Unfortunately, as soon as I took out my iPhone to snap a picture, one of the stallholder approached me and prevent me from taking pictures because I’m not from the Media. Disappointing, but understandable.

However, that doesn’t stop me from posting about my favorite shops! So here are three of my favorite shops at the Handmade Market:

Paper Elephant at Handmade Market Canberra via Design is Yay!

Paper Elephant is a Letterpress Printing company based in Blue Mountain. They offer affordable letterpress printing for your events and personal stationery needs.

I bought the girl with the balloon and hobo man cards which are illustrated by NSW illustrator, Rosa Agostino.

LaDeDah Kids at Handmade Market Canberra via Design is Yay!

I’m not a kid and I have no kids, but I love Ladedah Kids crochet softies! Go to their website for more adorable crochet goodies such as dolls, pram toys, rattles, floor mats and many more.

Damn It Maggie at Handmade Market Canberra via Design is Yay!

Damn it, Maggie ‘s stall at the Handmade Market was super eye catching. All of their goodies are blue, red and white themed, and so retro! Now this is what we call shop with characteristic!

Stay tune for the second part of my favorite shops at Handmade Market Canberra!