Show and Tell Design Market

BY Wita | 18/07/2016 | Events

Show and Tell Design Market | Canberra design market | DESIGN IS YAY!

Canberra is a city that loves markets – from food festivals to pop-up night fairs and fashion extravaganzas. Now a new market is about to launch, which celebrates and promotes independent designers, illustrators and makers from the Canberra region.

Inspired by the success of popular markets in other Australian cities like The Finders Keepers and Supergraph, Show & Tell aims to provide an opportunity for local designers and creatives to showcase their artwork and products at an event that centres around the theme of contemporary design.

The market will feature 28 stallholders selling art prints, t-shirts, greeting cards, stationery, ceramics, furniture, terrariums, kokedamas, jewellery, candles, accessories, original artwork, wall hangings, textiles and more.



Insta-tips: Switching to Instagram Business Profile

BY Wita | 13/07/2016 | Blog Biz

Switching to instagram business profile | Instagram Tips and Tricks for creative business | DESIGN IS YAY!

I recently shared a post regarding the recent algorithm change on Instagram, and it seems that you guys are loving it!

Instagram is going through a lot of changes lately, and most of the changes are actually giving advantages for business owners like us. Ever since the changes are taking place, my followers growth increase more rapidly and I have gotten more likes on my recent posts than before. I was contemplating on whether or not I should share another Instagram tips so close to the previous one, but I’m sure there are lots of business owners with insta accounts need to know how to use their instagram business accounts at its full potential. (more…)


Live Creatively Box Print

BY Wita | 07/07/2016 | Cards & Stationery

Live Creatively Box Print | FREE PRINTABLE BY DESIGN IS YAY for your creative life

If there’s a motto that best describe my passion, it’s Live Creatively. Everyone should live creatively. Yes, everyone, including those who are not creative professionals. Being creative helps us in problem solving and getting what we want in life. If you don’t believe me, you should read Creative Confidence by the Kelley brothers.



Strategies for Instagram Algorithm Change in 2016

BY Wita | 04/07/2016 | Blog Biz

Strategies for Instagram Algorithm Changes 2016 | DESIGN IS YAY!

Sometime last week, when I woke up and checked on my instagram app like I always do every morning, I noticed something was definitely wrong. The first post I was looking at was the same photo I have liked the night before. Then I thought to myself, has everyone stopped instagramming? Is my wi-fi dead? Is my phone broken? Oh, the horror!

When I scrolled down, I noticed that there were more recent photos below the first few. That was when I realised that #instagramchanges has happened. Most of us, including me, freaked out when we first heard the news about the upcoming change, and everyone posted to encourage their followers to turn on notifications. Hours and days later, we realised how silly and annoying it was to have notifications every time someone post a photo.

Now that the change has actually happened, we should start planning our survival strategy (in the insta world) , and stop wasting our time complaining about it. These are the things that I plan to do to overcome the Instagram algorithm change in 2016.




BY Wita | 28/06/2016 | Calendars & Planners

JULY 2016 Design is Yay Calendar Freebies - Desktop, iPad, iPhone & Planners | DESIGN IS YAY!

This month’s BFF Freebies are illustrated by Carmia from Clementine Creative, featuring scattered leaves in Pantone’s Colour of the Year. They are available to download for our monthly freebie club members as desktop & gadget wallpapers and printable planners.

Here’s a short intro from Carmia, the creative behind Clementine Creative:

Hi, my name is Carmia Cronjé and I’m the graphic designer and blogger behind Clementine Creative. My studio is based in sunny South Africa. Clementine Creative is a blog and printable stationery shop where you will find whimsical designs that add joy and beauty to your life!

Want to know more about Clementine Creative and download these cute freebies featuring her design? Join the BFF (Best Freebie Friends) club!

To view more of Carmia’s work and download printables designed by her, visit the website and Etsy shop.



Kitty Teabag Wrapper

BY Wita | 06/06/2016 | Food

Kitty Teabag Wrapper | DESIGN IS YAY!

Anyone who knows me in real life knows how much I love cats and stuff with cute kitties on them. My favourite feline character is Pusheen! So when I realised that I have never created a cat-related printable, I knew I had to do something about it.

If you’re a cat lover like me, you can be sure that this Kitty Teabag Wrapper will be first of the many cat-related printables that I’m going to share. I hope you like them.