Junk Food Pun Cards

BY Wita | 06/05/2016 | Cards & Stationery

Junk food pun cards | DESIGN IS YAY!

Junk Food + Puns = Double the fun!

I’ve created punny cards featuring three of my fave food, Wanna “Taco” bout it, “Do Nut” worry, and “Franks” a lot. They’re fun to keep in your planners, on your vision board, or share them with your friends.



Pizza Slice Boxes on A Subtle Revelry

BY Wita | 03/05/2016 | Food

Pizza Boxes Printable on A Subtle Revelry | DESIGN IS YAY!

Thinking about having a pizza party? Great. It would be even better if guests could take home leftovers. These boxes are made for that, or they can also hold little sweet things like gummies in them.

Download the printable and find the tutorial of these Pizza Slice Boxes template I’ve designed on A Subtle Revelry!



BY Wita | 29/04/2016 | Calendars & Planners

MAY 2016 Design is Yay Calendar Freebies - Desktop, iPad, iPhone & Planners | DESIGN IS YAY!

This month, Sydney-based tj Stationery & Gifts have kindly created a piece of illustration that will remind us to eat more veggies! They are available to download for our monthly freebie club members as desktop & gadget wallpapers and printable planners.



Coffee and Sprinkles Cup Wrapper

BY Wita | 28/04/2016 | Food

Coffee and Sprinkles Cup Wrapper | DESIGN IS YAY!

Ah… Coffee. Even though the last time I had coffee was 4 weeks ago (one day before Jet was born!), but to me it feels like forever. I love coffee and getting through days without it is HARD. But I vowed not to drink coffee during at least the first 6 weeks of my baby’s life.

What’s good to go with coffee? Donuts. With lots of sprinkles. I’ve designed these Coffee & Sprinkles cup wrapper for you to download. The best thing about fun cup wrappers is that they’re too easy to make, and they’ll cheer up your workspace. Don’t forget to share them with your friends and desk buddies too!



Make a Wish Birthday Card on A Subtle Revelry

BY Wita | 26/04/2016 | Cards & Stationery

Wish Upon a Star Birthday Card for a Subtle Revelry | DESIGN IS YAY!

It’s time for a really fun Birthday card! Make this Make a Wish birthday card for someone on their special day, and ask them to make a wish while pulling the star out to reveal a Happy Birthday greeting in garland style.

Find the tutorial and the Make a Wish Birthday Card template that I’ve designed for A Subtle Revelry.



Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed Kit

BY Wita | 21/04/2016 | Food

Mom Breakfast in Bed Kit | Mother's day Printable | DESIGN IS YAY!

Treat your mom to a special breakfast in bed on Mother’s day, or any other day! After all, she’s the most special lady in your life. I’m sure mom will be delighted.

I’ve created a kit consisting of greeting/standing card, teabag label, flower wrap/wrapping paper and banners. You can also use the standing card to write down the menu of the day.