BY Wita | 30/05/2016 | Digital

JUNE 2016 Design is Yay Calendar Freebies - Desktop, iPad, iPhone & Planners | DESIGN IS YAY!

This month’s featured illustrator is… *drumroll*… myself! :D

It was caused by myself being disorganised, but here’s a valid excuse: I have a newborn baby. So suddenly I realised it was the end of May, I panicked and picked up a pencil and start drawing what’s on my mind. And of course a corgi came up!



Tuxedo Cup Cosies

BY Wita | 26/05/2016 | Food

Tuxedo Cup Cosies | Father's Day Printable | DESIGN IS YAY!

It’s surely is getting cold here! Brrr…

With these Tuxedo cup cosies that I’ve created, your cup will look dapper and… well, cosy. They’re also perfect for the upcoming Father’s Day! Pick from the three styles I’ve designed, the sweet baby blue and pink, preppy navy and yellow, or classic grey with red bow tie. I also include a few other bow tie colours, so that you can mix and match them as you like!



Creative Blogger with a Baby : The First month

BY Wita | 20/05/2016 | Lifestyle

Creative blogger with a baby - the first month | DESIGN IS YAY!

On the 1st of April 2016, at 8.59 in the evening, I gave birth to my baby boy, Jethro. He arrived 6 days early, but it was a very quick (and very very painful) labour.

My first two weeks with Jethro was confusing, blurry and overwhelming. It was the longest 2 weeks of my life. Everything that I learn about taking care of a newborn was shocking, I did not know it was going to be that difficult, especially in the feeding department. Everything was a mess, and I could not imagine we (me, my husband and Jethro) will made it through those early weeks.



Printable Mr & Mrs French Fries Boxes

BY Wita | 17/05/2016 | Food

Printable French Fries Boxes | DESIGN IS YAY!

French Fries is one of my favourite food, because it’s so fun to eat! Then I thought, it would be even better if it comes in a cute box such as these Mr & Mrs French fries boxes (see what I did there? Hehe).



Printable Paper Plane Card

BY Wita | 10/05/2016 | Cards & Stationery

Printable Paper Plane Get Away Card | DESIGN IS YAY!

Sometimes in life you just need to get away. It doesn’t have to be somewhere far away, it might be a countryside 2 hours drive from where you live. It would be nice to have someone (or more than one) to get away with.



Junk Food Pun Cards

BY Wita | 06/05/2016 | Cards & Stationery

Junk food pun cards | DESIGN IS YAY!

Junk Food + Puns = Double the fun!

I’ve created punny cards featuring three of my fave food, Wanna “Taco” bout it, “Do Nut” worry, and “Franks” a lot. They’re fun to keep in your planners, on your vision board, or share them with your friends.