Make a Wish Birthday Card on A Subtle Revelry

BY Wita | 26/04/2016 | Cards & Stationery

Wish Upon a Star Birthday Card for a Subtle Revelry | DESIGN IS YAY!

It’s time for a really fun Birthday card! Make this Make a Wish birthday card for someone on their special day, and ask them to make a wish while pulling the star out to reveal a Happy Birthday greeting in garland style.

Find the tutorial and the Make a Wish Birthday Card template that I’ve designed for A Subtle Revelry.



Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed Kit

BY Wita | 21/04/2016 | Food

Mom Breakfast in Bed Kit | Mother's day Printable | DESIGN IS YAY!

Treat your mom to a special breakfast in bed on Mother’s day, or any other day! After all, she’s the most special lady in your life. I’m sure mom will be delighted.

I’ve created a kit consisting of greeting/standing card, teabag label, flower wrap/wrapping paper and banners. You can also use the standing card to write down the menu of the day.



Treat Yo Self Gift card Pouches

BY Wita | 12/04/2016 | Cards & Stationery

Treat Yo Self Gift card Pouch | DESIGN IS YAY!

I’m a new mom.

Sorry to start this blog post with an announcement like that, because I’m still in shocked over it. Apparently being 9 months pregnant did not prepare me for what was coming. On my second night with the baby, I was surprised that baby requires feedings every 2-3 hours. I thought they only eat three times a day, just like us!

Now I totally get why Mother’s day is being celebrated. Because mothers are amazing human beings. Regardless of each individual choices when it comes to breastfeeding, sharing children’s photos on social medias, being a working or stay-at-home mom… their duty comes with sacrifices for their children that sometimes go unnoticed. Which is why, I’ve created these gift card pouches that you can give to your mom for mother’s day, or any other days. Because our moms deserve to be treated like a queen!



Makeover Party Kit

BY Wita | 05/04/2016 | Party

Make Over Party Kit | DESIGN IS YAY!

Makeover parties are really fun. If you have sisters, it would be a fun activity to do together with your mom on Mother’s day! Even if you don’t have sisters like myself, a party or two of you and your mom could also be fun. Bring out your favourite makeup tools, have your mom bring over her favourites, and the two of you could have a blast trying on each other’s fave products! You might discover that your mom’s favourite shade of lipstick looks really nice on you, and vice versa.



Snapchat : What’s to love and who to follow

BY Wita | 31/03/2016 | Blog Biz

Snapchat : What's to love and Who to Follow | DESIGN IS YAY!

Facebook is full of politics and depressing news, Instagram is still fun, but apparently it’s changing and we don’t know what the future hold, social media junkies are moving on to shorter, less than perfect and “at the moment” video-watching apps, such as Periscope and Snapchat. I love trying out new social media apps, and figure out what works for me and Design is Yay.

I had Snapchat app a while ago, and followed a few friends and lifestyle bloggers. I didn’t get what was so awesome about it. The app was also quite confusing to navigate. My snapchat was full of people taking selfies, duck faces and food. I wasn’t impressed, so I deleted the app.




BY Wita | 29/03/2016 | Calendars & Planners

APRIL 2016 Design is Yay Calendar Freebies - Desktop, iPad, iPhone & Planners | DESIGN IS YAY!

This month, We have adorable illustration by Rachael Mary of Hello Happy Studio from Brisbane, Australia to spruce up this month’s BFF Freebies.

Here’s a short intro from Rachael: