Passion Workbook by Doodlesdo – A complete goal planning system

BY Wita | 23/12/2016 | Girlboss
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Passion Workbook by Doodlesdo - A Complete goal planning system | DESIGN IS YAY!

Passion Workbook by Doodlesdo - A Complete goal planning system | DESIGN IS YAY!

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For someone who’s very passionate about planners and planning, and having the ability (and qualification) to design, it is about time that I produce a planner. But this is not just another planner with pretty design, I’m designing a planning system to find our purpose and passion, set goals, and actually follow through.

Introducing Passion Workbook, your yearly companion in turning your passion into a career that you actually love.


A Background Story

I’ll tell you little crazy background story about how this planner came about, this planner was just created less than a week ago. I have always wanted to design a planner, and I knew that when I finally do, there are certain things that I definitely want in the planner. Basically, this is a planner created out of years of using a few different planners without being able to find my planner peace.

End of year holiday for me means sitting down with my 2017 planner and start planning what I’d like to do or create next year. 2016 was one hell of a crazy year for me; being pregnant, giving birth and being a first time mom. So in 2017 I finally want to get back up and do something. I seriously do not know how mothers with newborns and older kids are able to produce anything at all. 2016 was the least productive year I’ve had in my career life.

‘Designing my own planner’ is one of my 2017 big goals. But I know myself, I know that if I don’t challenge myself into doing more than what I’m capable of, this planner dream would stay as a dream. With my husband being on 2 weeks holiday break, I saw this as an opportunity to do as much as I could. I started jotting down what I like and don’t like in a planner, and what this dream planner of mine would be like. Of course I want my planner to be professionally printed on a luxurious thick paper, with rose gold coil and hardcover with foil details, delivered to my customers in a keepsake box. But this is a challenge, remember? I feel like I have to, no, I need to do something now.

From the notes that I gathered, and sketches of what this planner should look like, Passion Workbook was born.

Passion Workbook by Doodlesdo - A Complete goal planning system | DESIGN IS YAY!

Around 3 days ago I was looking at the planner design and decided it was not exciting at all. It was really plain. I guess I was really focusing on the planning system rather than the visual attributes of the planner. The system looked great, but without any visual attributes, it wasn’t the kind of planner I’d use myself. Plus, by not having those rose gold coil, hardcover, foil detailing and the keepsake box, I need the pages to look attractive. But not just any kind of attractive, I would like to inject my personal style into this planner. I started to doodle some symbols and hand lettering in true doodlesdo style, and when they were put together with the plain planning pages I’ve already done, it actually look better than I thought it would be.

Passion Workbook by Doodlesdo - A Complete goal planning system | DESIGN IS YAY!

The Goal Planning System

The planning system itself is actually quite simple. The first few pages are dedicated to define, or redefine, your purpose and passion. I find that to be able to know the next steps of my life, I’ll need to check and reflect on where I am at the moment. The first page of your Passion Workbook is all about your life, today. Celebrating your life wins, realising your strength, and also things that you feel like you need to work on. I won’t call them your weaknesses. A weakness is a personal attribute that you don’t want to develop, ever. But when you have the cognition to work on it, one day it might even be your strength.

Passion Workbook by Doodlesdo - A Complete goal planning system | DESIGN IS YAY!

Purpose and Passion are a series of questions to discover your passion. Whenever I come across these type of questions in a goal planner, I always wanted to skip it. My passion has always been in design, and there’s nothing that could change that. However, whenever I take time to answer these questions, I always discover a thing or two about myself. With the purpose and passion questions in Passion Workbook (yes, I actually did a trial run on this planner myself), I finally understood why I ended up being a design blogger rather than a graphic designer. I find this great satisfaction when I get to recommend things that I like to people around me, and that’s what blogging is mainly about!

The next page, Life Timeline, is my favourite page in the Passion Workbook. I don’t think I have ever seen this style in other planners before. Rather than using the Mind Map or Questions method to get you dreaming and write down what you’d like to achieve in the next x years, it has a timeline for you to write when you’d like to achieve/own/produce those dreams. Every new year, you’ll look into it again and you’ll be reminded of what you need to work on that year to be able to achieve those dreams. On this page, you’ll need to dream big. Write every dreams down, and don’t be realistic. After all, you’ll need to challenge yourself to do more that what you’re capable of when it comes to your goals.

Passion Workbook by Doodlesdo - A Complete goal planning system | DESIGN IS YAY!

From all the things that you’ve discovered in the Purpose and Passion pages, you’re now ready to set your goals. Each goal section consists of two pages. You’ll have your ‘what’ (what your goal is and the time frame), the ‘why’ (why is this goal important for you) and ‘how’ (how will you work into achieving this goal). On the key milestones section, you can write down 5 things that marks your achievements. They are supposed to be the 5 biggest things within the goal. For example, if your goal is to buy a house, your 5 key milestones could be: 1. Finding a job with good pay (let’s just say you’re in a non-employed position), 2. Saving enough money for the deposit, 3. Finding the suitable home, 4. Getting your loan approved, 5. Owning the house!
Instead of having a to-do list for this goal, what you’ll have next is Project Breakdown. Because let’s face it, 18 lines of to-do list won’t be suffice for some of your goals. We’ll come back to to-do list later. But for now, Break each Key Milestone into projects. For example, key milestone numero uno, Finding a job with good pay breaks into a few projects: 1. Project of improving your portfolio or resume, 2. Project of training yourself to be irresistible during interviews, and 3. Project of searching for the jobs. You can of course have more than 3 projects for each key milestone. However, you will realise that for each project you’ll again have a gazillion of to-do list. Where do they go?

Passion Workbook by Doodlesdo - A Complete goal planning system | DESIGN IS YAY!

Your Passion Workbook comes with Month on 2 pages and Weekly Vertical on 2 pages planners. More often than not, a planner would have really awesome goal planning pages, just to discover that when it comes to monthly and weekly planning they don’t really provide the features to follow through your goals.

In Passion Workbook, the most important thing is not just to find your purpose and passion, or to set your goals, but you need to keep following through your goals and challenging yourself into doing them on time, or even sooner.

Based on the goal setting pages that you have worked on, You will pick the main projects to do each month. Be aware that for some of your big goals and dreams, you will not have time for more than 3 projects each month. However, if you think that you’re capable to do more than three, feel free to use the empty note space on the right page.

On the Week on 2 pages, there is a space for important dates (this is for birthdays, events, due dates, appointments, etc) and Key Milestone due dates. If you look back to your goal setting pages again, you were supposed to write down due dates for each of your key milestones. This section in the weekly page is to remind you of any due dates coming up, so that you can plan your days or weeks around them. This is very useful when you have more than one goals to kick at the same time. You will not remember all of your key milestones.

Now, you can write down your to do list on the top of each day’s vertical boxes. If four bullet points are not enough, feel free to continue on underneath the first four.

On the bottom of the weekly pages, you will find This Week’s projects. You can have a totally new project that the one you’ve written on your monthly page, but you can also use this section as a reminder of the ongoing projects. The habits section is also a favourite of mine. Some goals will require you to make a habit of doing something everyday, or every few days. This is particularly helpful for goals such as losing weight, then your daily habit could be going for a 20 minutes run everyday.

There are two extra pages that hasn’t been pictured in details here, but you can see it in the video or the second photo on top: Goal Tracker and Monthly reflection pages. Goal tracker is a page from my good ol’ goals journal that I created a few years back. A lot of people has given me positive feedbacks on this particular page, and that’s why I’ve decided to include it in the Passion Workbook. It’s basically a 12 month grid to track… anything you want. There are boxes on the side where you can write down the description of what you’re tracking. At the beginning or end of every month, write down the numbers, and over the years you can see whether the number has gone up or down.

Monthly reflection page is pretty similar to the “My life. Today” page. I just thought it would be nice to be able to check and reflect on the state of your goals every month.

Next Step

So that’s what Passion Workbook is all about. It may not be a planner to plan meals, or for you to be more spiritual, but it is a companion for your passion and to follow through your goals. Purchase the planner here.

In a year or two, who knows, my dream Passion Workbook with the rose gold coils and keepsake box might actually come true :)

Passion Workbook by Doodlesdo - A Complete goal planning system | DESIGN IS YAY!


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Passion Workbook by Doodlesdo

With producing high quality physical planner still the biggest goal of mine, I intend to keep improving the Passion Workbook over the year. I will appreciate any feedbacks for the pages that you’ve purchased by emailing me at I will also send updates and special offers on Passion Workbook to our mailing list, so don’t forget to sign up!

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