Planners I am using in 2015

BY Wita | 08/01/2015 | Plan & Organise
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Planners I am using in 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!

I have always loved planners & organisers, I just didn’t realised that there was a community of planner lovers, and how amazing personalised planners could be! Ever since I started posting about my planners on instagram, I discovered a lot of other accounts that post pictures of their beautiful planners. When Kikki.K was having a 30% off everything sale, I grabbed my first Kikki K planner, the pink textured leather personal planner. I was contemplating on buying either the pink one or the mint colour. Mint is my favourite colour, but Kikki K’s mint looks pretty light. Plus, the Day Designer planner that I got as a birthday present from my husband is aqua coloured, which is pretty close to mint. So I decided to buy the pink one, and I have no regrets. This planner is absolutely fab!

During the boxing day sale, I also decided to grab the pocket planner from Kikki K, and this time it’s the beautiful lilac one with gold speckles.

Planners I am using in 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!

Let’s take a look at all the planners I am using in 2015!

1. Day Designer by Whitney English

Planners I am using in 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!

I have wanted this planner for a long time. Whitney English’s Day Designer planner is always sold out (in fact it is sold out at the time this post is written), and the shipping price to Australia is pretty steep, probably due to the weight. That’s why on my birthday last September, I told my husband that I want it as a birthday present. Whet it arrived, it was wrapped beautifully with gold polkadots tissue paper and a thank you note. The cover is beautiful, it’s very sturdy. I love the  gold foil letters and gold monthly index, combined with the aqua coloured scallop pattern on the cover. The first few pages of this planner are meant for goal-setting, and the rest are one page a day planner with top three task of the day, hourly schedule and daily to do list. There are also boxes to write what’s due, your dinner, dollars (I am not using this as I’m using a more detailed income/expense worksheets)  and things not to forget. You can also write down what you should download at the bottom, but I’m using mine to write who should I email that day, and your daily gratitude.

Planners I am using in 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!

Overall it is a beautiful planner. However, I’m not going to purchase this again for next year or ever. Other than shipping reason (the shipping to Australia itself cost pretty much the same as the Day Designer!), it’s also because apart from the beautiful sturdy cover that looks very exclusive, the pages are extremely thin. I love to use coloured markers & highlighters when filling in my planner, so this doesn’t leave me a lot of room for creativity. On the photograph above, you can see the red squiggly line I’ve drawn on the other side of the page. Also, I don’t find the goal planners particularly useful. I prefer Secret Bloggers’ Business #blogyeah Blog planner, Kikki K Goals Journal, or my own Colourful Goals Journal.

2. Kikki K Textured Leather Personal Planner 

Planners I am using in 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!

I can’t say this enough, but this planner is absolutely beautiful. The ring binder is very strong, there are lots of pockets for my beautiful planner goodies and I love the saffiano-style textured leather. Again, the built in pages are very thin, and I don’t really like the design or the off-white paper stock that they use. Luckily this planner is meant to be personalised, and I am happy to design and print out my own pages. I even print my own dividers to suit my needs and created my own cover page to make it look more personal.

While I am using the Day Designer as my day-to-day planning, the pink planner is for business planning. I think of this planner as the reflection of my brain. That’s why there are sections for my shop Pippa Paper, Design is Yay, my cash flow and also other personal things like goal-setting and travel planning. This planner leaves a lot of room for creativity and personalisation, that is why I’m not going to share too much here as I’m going to do a separate planner tour for it. Stay tune!

Planners I am using in 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!

3. The newbie – Kikki K Lilac Small Time Planner

Planners I am using in 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!

This cutie hasn’t been modified much because I just bought it on boxing day and I haven’t had much time to do anything with it. But it’s definitely going to be a planner that I bring along with me all the time. The pink planner is too big & heavy for travels!

Planners I am using in 2015 | DESIGN IS YAY!

I don’t have concrete ideas about what to use this planner for just yet, but on the top of my right brain I will definitely have a meal planning section, shopping list, exercise section, birthday list and other informations that I need to use daily.

If you’re wondering what Anna Bond’s Paris illustration is doing there, I bought Rifle Paper Co’s Travel the World Calendar and it came with a preview sheet of all the months. I cut them up and use them as mini calendar, which is perfect for this little planner!


There are so many other planners that I plan to try for the years to come., such as the Hobonichi Techo and Delfonics planners.

What planners are you using for 2015? Are there any planner brands that you like or wish to try? 

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  • I use a small 106 x 165 mm planner that I got from ArtBox Korea. I’ve tried larger planners, but they end up not getting used. I recently read about the Passion Planner. It’s black and white so not too good looking, but I heard the content is what makes it cool. Apparently, it helps you envision your life goals? ;)

    • I LOVE Korean stationery. There is one diary that I really like with cute illustrations on every page. But I get bored really fast and I like to change my layout according to my mood, so binder-style planners work best for me. And yes, I actually backed up the Passion Planner project and got the PDF version of the pages, but I haven’t got around to printing and start using them. I will definitely do a review once I have :)

  • Katie Rosebraugh

    I have been using the Day Designer. I have a pink one. I love the pink and gold together. I like the little drawings on yours. I use the Download section to write a little about my day. I “download” stuff from my brain. :-)

    • Hey, that’s a great idea, Katie! It’s nice to be able to “download” our thoughts at the end of the day.

  • This is not at all helping my addiction to planners! I just bought one, but your convincing me to buy another;)

    • Oh, I know! These things are so addictive. Especially there’s always another diary popping up all the time!

  • Celi

    I am currently using Kikki.K Lilac planner like yours, but in Medium size for daily planning, a hobonichi for daily journaling (try it! you’ll love how the paper is thin yet could take all those colors without bleeding!), and a Kikki.K weekly diary (the cute product range I think) for gratitude journaling :) I wanted to try Midori Traveler’s Notebook this year! :D

    • I heard a lot of great things about Hobonichi, no wonder it’s one of the most popular planner in the world. Plus the size seems to be easy to carry around.

  • Oh wow, HEMA looks really cool too!

  • Kim Alvarez

    I drool over Kikki K’s Stockholm tan leather planner all the time. It’s brown and gold, which is a combination I have been loving lately! This year I’m using a Leuchtturm 1917 dot grid notebook as my Bullet Journal, a junior arc as a planner (along with goals, fitness, food logging and other such stuff), and a martha stewart discbound as a blog planner :) Excited to take on this year! P.S. I just found your blog and am smitten! I have subscribed to you via RSS :D My favorite way to indulge in awesome blogs.

  • C.D. Beatrice Clay

    So cute! Thanks for sharing! I am new to the planner life but I am loving my Kikki K. A5 lilac planner. It’s sunday and I am now in planner heaven getting my pages ready for the week.

    • Planner hobby is so fun! We just need to remember not to break our budget with all those cute planner goodies online :)

  • OMG~ I love these planners.
    The colour are so cute and soft…

    Since I bought my first Filofax last year, I just can’t stoping buying more planners from different brand :D