Dress My iPhone Pretty

BY Wita | 04/02/2013 | Uncategorized
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iPhone Casing Roundup by Design is Yay!

From Budi Satria Kwan (via Society6): Nowhere Home / Paint Your World
From Yetiland (via Society6): Umbrella Bath Time / Yeti Hearts Bunny Pattern
From Kate Spade: POP! / Harrison Stripes

Sooo… I just got an iPhone! YAY!
This is my first iPhone ever. Before iPhone the only smart phone I owned was Blackberry. Yah I know, lame, right? The thing is, Indonesians are very into Blackberry, and nobody knows why. When Blackberry 9000 just came out it was pretty much like a virus that spreads through out Indonesia. Everybody has to have one. Then, everybody starts to exchange Blackberry Messenger pins instead of phone numbers. So I have more contacts in my BB Messenger than my phone contact itself. Long story short, no Indonesians can live without Blackberry. Whenever I meet people, even for business, they will ask for a BB pin, instead of a phone number.

The thing is… Blackberry is kind of a useless phone. Most apps are designed for Apple products or Android phones. And, I don’t know why, but browsing with blackberry is slo-hohoho-ow. I thought it was just me, but my husband and sis-in-law said the same thing. So it must be true.The only thing good about Blackberry is its messenger.

So in order to still be in contact with my friends and clients in Indonesia, I need to have a blackberry. However, these days almost everyone (even my mum) has a WhatsApp Messenger, which allows them to chat with people who are using iPhones and Androids. So I took a giant step away from Blackberry, and bought an iPhone. It’s only been 3 days, but I’m loving my iPhone already!

One of the great things about iPhone is the accessories. They are so pretty, and there are many to choose from! So now I can buy the iPhone accessories I’ve always wanted but never could because I didn’t have an iPhone!

I’m an illustrative person, so even my iPhone case has to have pretty illustrations on it. I browsed through society6, and fell in love with quite a number of them.

My favorite stationery maker in the whole world, Rifle Paper Co, is offering iPhone cases soon!

Rifle Paper Co iPhone Cases via Design is Yay

I was super-excited when I found out from their instagram. I would love to have Anna Bond’s unique hand-painted illustrations covering my iPhone. However, there’s no news yet on when exactly it’s going to be released, and being in Australia, the shipping cost must be horribly expensive. I don’t think I would be able to wait that long, I need a cover stat!
I really love the New York cover though.

So… which one should I get, guys? Let me know what you think in the comments.