Printable Spoon Soldiers

BY Wita | 22/12/2014 | Food
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Printable Spoon Soldiers | DESIGN IS YAY

Just before the long awaited christmas break, I have decided to create last minute printable for last minute christmas party idea. Christmas feasts will be incomplete without desserts, and dessert spoon needs to be as sweet as the food itself. If you have some wooden spoon handy, these spoon soldiers are perfect for them. But you can also paste them onto ice cream sticks and use them as decorations or… well, eating ice cream. If these soldiers are reminding you of the Nutcrackers, that’s because I love Nutcrackers and they are my inspiration when creating these soldiers!

Printable Spoon Soldiers | DESIGN IS YAY

I’m not hosting my own christmas party, but there are few events that I’m excited for: my wedding anniversary (my husband and I got married on Christmas Eve!), my niece’s birthday celebration and of course our family’s annual christmas lunch where we stuff ourselves silly with roast pork and sinful desserts.

This year I decided to take part on Goody Goody Gift Swap, a gift swapping event with creatives all over the world. My gift-swap-mate is Eling from Migration Goods. The stuff that she makes is super adorable, I cannot wait to receive what she has wrapped up for me. Here is my gift for Eling, wrapped using Country Road’s gingham wrapping paper (extra point for recycling?), tied up with Kikki.K red and white twine that I’ve had for ages (and I always buy a new roll every boxing day each year), and decorated with the printable soldiers. The options on what to do with these soldiers are endless!

Printable Spoon Soldiers | DESIGN IS YAY


What do you have planned for Christmas eve and Christmas day? Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy this joyful day. Merry Christmas everyone!

Get your spoon soldiers from the download link below.

Printable Spoon Soldiers | DESIGN IS YAY

Download Here | DESIGN IS YAY!

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