Printable Texting Card

BY Wita | 17/03/2015 | Cards & Stationery
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Printable Texting Card | DESIGN IS YAY!

When I was in Secondary school, I like passing notes to my BFF in the classroom. Then I imagine what it’s like to be in a classroom these days. Do kids still pass notes, or do they secretly type messages on their phone? Take a break from all the texting and instant messaging, and write your short message on one of these printable texting cards I have created for you. Text less, write more!


Printable Texting Card | DESIGN IS YAY!

Download Here | DESIGN IS YAY!

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  • This is adorable! Would love to receive this paper text message!

  • PG

    It’s really cute! What a great idea <3

  • Such a cute idea!

  • Solbari

    Great idea :)

  • Shelbi Hayes


  • G2W

    Beyond adorable!!! What a great idea!

  • suzannefrees

    So many possibilities! A gift tag with room for a message, a label with room to write contents, an alphabet matching game…and stickers in message area with item name in the “to” space…thank you sooooo much! Time to Play! Blessings from Port Huron, MI, USA