Printable Weekly Blog Planner

BY Wita | 02/04/2014 | Calendars & Planners
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Blogging is fun, but it could get a little overwhelming sometimes. Most of the time, blogging is not someone’s full time job (only a few lucky ones get to do that *sob*). So when you’re still balancing between blogging and doing your full time job, it helps to plan your blog posts in advance.

I have created for you a Printable Weekly Blog Planner. It’s a pretty straight forward planner where you put the date, posts that you’ve planned for each day of the week, and your to-do list (anyone you need to contact? any DIY you need to create? any products you need to photograph?). For each day when your post is up, you’ll also get a reminder to share it on three main social medias: facebook, twitter & pinterest.

With this blog planner, your blogging will be more organized and fun! I am also using it for my own blog too :)
Download the planner from the download link at the end of this post

Printable Weekly Blog Planner | DESIGN IS YAY!

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Download Here | DESIGN IS YAY!