Ready to Pop Baby Shower Ideas

BY Wita | 18/01/2016 | Lifestyle
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Ready to Pop Baby Shower Ideas | DESIGN IS YAY!

As I’m currently on my third trimester, it is time for me to plan a fun celebration, my baby shower. I’ve always loved planning for my own celebrations. I planned my own bridal shower, wedding, and now my baby shower.

I’ve chosen the theme Ready to Pop, inspired by these Popcorn Snack Boxes I’ve created.

The difference between planning for my bridal shower and my baby shower is that I can’t really be too perfectionist for my baby shower, because I’m pregnant and I’m in no condition to make everything ideal. I just want to keep it simple & fun!

As with any of my parties, the first thing that I’ve created is the invite. Once the invite is ready, I can move on to designing other things for the party.

These are the things that are on my checklist for my baby shower:

Ready to Pop Baby Shower | DESIGN IS YAY!

Activity | My guests are crafty bunch (or curious crafters at the very least), so my baby shower has to have a simple but fun craft activities to start with. We’re going to have a onesie applique activity hosted by the venue, The Makers’ Hub, but I like the idea of having something that my guests could create for themselves. I really like this DIY Iron Transfer Tote that I saw on The Crafted Life blog.

Favor | Since this shower is inspired by these Printable Popcorn Snack Box that I’ve created, what could be better than having them with my favourite popcorn flavour inside (Lightly Sweet, Slightly Salted popcorn by Cobs)?

Table | The plates will be these Memphis Mint Lunch Plates from Lark Store, because the design matches the popcorn boxes. As for the centrepieces, I’m thinking of creating illustration cut outs of baby related things (milk bottle, dummy, teddy bear, etc), stick them on lollipop sticks, and put them inside little milk bottles I already have from my wedding.

Eat | Other than some gourmet finger food from my favourite cafe, I’ve ordered some cake pops in the shape of baby boys and blue rattle with polkadots. Image via link.

Drink | I’m not drinking, but it doesn’t mean that my guests can’t. Plus, champagne is sort of on theme with Ready to Pop baby shower. Love this champagne bottle labels by Label with Love on Etsy