Snapchat : What’s to love and who to follow

BY Wita | 31/03/2016 | Blog Biz
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Snapchat : What's to love and Who to Follow | DESIGN IS YAY!

Facebook is full of politics and depressing news, Instagram is still fun, but apparently it’s changing and we don’t know what the future hold, social media junkies are moving on to shorter, less than perfect and “at the moment” video-watching apps, such as Periscope and Snapchat. I love trying out new social media apps, and figure out what works for me and Design is Yay.

I had Snapchat app a while ago, and followed a few friends and lifestyle bloggers. I didn’t get what was so awesome about it. The app was also quite confusing to navigate. My snapchat was full of people taking selfies, duck faces and food. I wasn’t impressed, so I deleted the app.

Then someone introduced me to Periscope, and I also noticed that some of my favourite creative lifestyle bloggers have created Periscope accounts. It was fun at first, because we get to see behind the scene stuff, and there was no limit on how long the video should take like Snapchat does. I don’t really mind watching Periscopers unboxing their happy mails, doing planners show and tell, or showing us how to do crafty things. Some Periscopers, however, talk… A LOT. Sure, sometimes they’re sharing wisdoms about blogging, business and social media, but I would much rather read them on blogs or listen to podcasts. Another thing I really don’t like about Periscope is that the audiences, or random strangers, get to ask questions live to the Periscopers. It is very distracting when a Periscoper had to stop in the middle of what they’re saying and say hello to friends who just joined in or answer questions from audiences. Not to mention the creeps… there are so many creeps on Periscope. Okay, creeps are everywhere. But I would much prefer to have creeps lurking behind their phones, than to interrupt someone unboxing her stationery parcel on Periscope with “show me your b**bies”. After a while, I decided to delete Periscope for good.

My favourite instagrammers start announcing their Snapchat usernames, and how they’re going to show behind the scenes, events that they’re attending and a little bit of their daily life. I decided to give Snapchat another try. I’m not sure if the user interface has been modified for this app, or if I’m the one getting smarter, but it is way easier to navigate now. After following some creative, travel and beauty bloggers from around the world, I was hooked. Sure, some bloggers still insist on having snapchat as a medium to talk their heart out, but most of them are really cool. I especially love following bloggers from overseas, because I get to see how Amsterdam, Paris, Florence and Rome is at that very moment.

Snapchat is also really cute. Gone are the duck faces and pointless selfies, because Snapchat provides us with face recognition filters that changes quite often. Snapchatters are able to take a selfie or video of themselves with dog, bunny, and other weird face filters (or even face swaps). I really hope that more creative and travel bloggers would jump on the Snapchat bandwagon, so that I have more stories to watch!

If you are on snapchat, or thinking about downloading snapchat after reading my post, but not sure who to follow, here are my favourite 5 snapchatters:

  1. Hello Miss May (snapchat: hellomissmay)
    If you’re a #stationeryaddict, chances are you’re following @hellomissmay on instagram. She is a Sydney-based card designer who has the cutest life. Everything that she posts on instagram or snapchat is very cute; from cats, her neighbourhood, to yummy and visually awesome food. If you’re living on the other side of the world, and have never been to Sydney, you will get to see glimpses of Sydney’s iconic places, such as the Opera house, beaches and Surry Hills on Miss May’s snapchat stories.
  2. Ban.Do (snapchat: snapbando) is a favourite brand to a lot of planner and stationery addicts. Everything about just screams FUN, from their range of lifestyle products to the way they style them. So I find it really inspiring to watch their stories of their team attending events such as SXSW, or a glimpse of their photo shoots. Plus, sometimes they share their success wisdoms in a form of 10 seconds snap text!
  3. Girl in Florence (snapchat: ggnitaly84)
    Florence is one of my favourite city in the world (that I’ve visit), so naturally I looked high and low for bloggers in Florence just to see glimpses of the city, what they’re eating and where they go around Italy and Europe. I’m so glad I found Girl in Florence, because she posts good stories about Florence and its surroundings, and she posts often. If you’re in love with a city that’s too far away from where you live, it’s a good idea to find a snapchatter from that city who likes to show glimpses of her surroundings.
  4. Carin Olsson (snapchat: carin-olsson)
    Carin is @parisinfourmonths on Instagram. If you’ve been stalking this stylish Swedish who lives in Paris enviously on instagram like I do, then you are going to L.O.V.E her snapchat stories. Carin is a photographer, so she has a good eye on how she shoot things. You also get to watch stories of her amazing life, such as the time when she had a staycation at Plaza Athenee (a legendary hotel overlooking the Eiffel tower), and spending her Easter break back in Stockholm.
  5. Bri Emery/Designlovefest (snapchat: designlovefest)
    If you like following Bri’s creative lifestyle around L.A on her blog and instagram @designlovefest, you are in for a treat with her Snapchat stories. Bri shares everything from fashion, food, her holidays and behind the scene from her blog, with her creative and colourful point of view. She lives the ultimate creative lifestyle, and it’s fun to see a bit more of them.

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow… ME! My snapchat user name is designisyay, I share behind the scene of me doing my design work, blog photo shoots, my weekends in Canberra and surroundings, pretty places I go to, my workspace, unboxing of my cute online orders, and other cute and creative things.

Since I am relatively new to Snapchat, I will need recommendations on who to follow. Who do you follow on Snapchat? Tell me about them in the comments. I’m keen on following all kinds of creatives and travellers.