Souvenirs from Indonesia Giveaway

BY Wita | 13/05/2013 | Uncategorized
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Souvenirs from Indonesia Giveaway by Design is Yay!

I’m feeling very generous, so I’ve decided to giveaway some souvenirs I bought during my trip to Indonesia. No, they are not your typical keychains and fridge magnets souvenirs you usually get from your not-so-close colleagues. These souvenirs are handpicked and selected from some of Indonesia’s best independent designers.

Just a note, this giveaway is NOT sponsored by any of the shops. I just thought it will be a great giveaway for you readers, a great way to promote these independent designers, and I hope to bring even more readers to my blog. Win-win! :)

I have 4 gifts to giveaway.

Monkey Plushie by Cemprut Giveaway by Design is Yay!Giveaway 1: Monkey Plushie by Cemprut Indie Craft

The woman behind Cemprut, Aphrodita, handmade awesome and cute plushies that you can “adopt” from their facebook page. They use the term adopt instead of buy to create a personal connection between you and the cute creatures you adopted. Each plushie is unique. They might sell lots of other monkey plushies, but they might have different fabrics and colours. So the monkey I’m giving away to you is called Alvodapo.

Rickshaw Tissue Cover Giveaway by Design is Yay!

Giveaway 2: Rickshaw Tissue Cover by Canvas Living

I discovered Canvas Living during my visit to an independent shops market in Jakarta. Canvas Living was created by Harry & Sally (When Harry meet Sally? :P). They use natural canvas to create lifestyle products such as Tissue Cover, Jewellery box, pouches, bags, sandals and many more. The item I’m giving away is a Rickshaw patterned Tissue Cover. Rickshaw is originally called Bajaj in Indonesian. It’s a mode of transport at certain areas in Jakarta.
Facebook Page

Batik Pouch Giveaway by Design is Yay!

Giveaway 3: Batik Pouch by Batik Keris

Okay, Batik Keris is not exactly independent. I bet if you have ever been to Indonesia, you have seen Batik Keris. But, there has got to be a Batik item in this giveaway! And this pouch is cute.

Hand-illustrated Notebook by Koolastuffa Giveaway by Design is Yay!

Giveaway 4: Hand-Illustrated Notebook by Koolastuffa

Remember that Art Festival I went to in Jakarta? I posted a photo of Koolastuffa stall. So you know the kind of stuff they sell. I’m giving away a hand-illustrated small notebook. Check out more of Koolastuffa’s awesome products and illustrations in their blog.

How to Enter:
Do ALL of the following things:

  • Like Design is Yay page on Facebook, if you haven’t yet
  • Like and share this post on facebook (each “like” counts as one entry, each “share” counts as second entry. So if you share, you’ll get double chance of winning :) )
  • Be my loyal and supportive reader :)

Who Can Enter:

Anyone from all over the world. Prizes will be shipped internationally.


  • I will pick the winners randomly from the people who like and share the facebook post.
  • Each person can only like and share the post once.
  • You can’t choose which gift you are going to get. They are all nice.

Closing date: Monday 3rd of June 2013 at 12 midnight Sydney time
FOUR Winners will be announced and contacted via facebook on the 5th of June. So make sure you check your facebook.

Good Luck!

  • Thanks for the chance to win. These goodies are pretty awesome!

  • yippeah! such great giveaways and although I’m very far away from you (and indonesia) I have a chance to win .. yeah!
    I like the souvenirs and the stories behind very much and send you all the best * julia